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Has Biden set a new vice presidential high?

Joel Goldstein, a leading observer of matters vice presidential, makes the case in the Huff Post that Joe Biden “has taken the office to a new level.”

Goldstein cites three ways Biden has made a difference. By publicly indicating his support for same-sex marriage before that was the Obama Administration position, he broke the logjam. Recently, Biden has served as the administration’s point person on gun control and continues to pushthe issue even after the opposition to any significant gun law change seems to have prevailed. And Biden has established himself with an ability to continue working across the aisle even in the face of partisan gridlock. Write Goldstein:

“House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, who doesn’t routinely praise Democrats, recently wrote in Time magazine of Biden’s unparalleled interest in, and ability at, building bridges across wide partisan gaps to enable future collaboration.”

Goldstein mentions Walter Mondale as the breakthrough figure who created the modern institution of the modern relevant vice presidency, but he doesn’t mention Dick Cheney, whom many view as a figure of towering importance in the first term of George W. Bush.

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