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Poll finds huge racial divide in perceptions of Zimmerman verdict

By 49-30 percent, whites said they were “satisified” with the outcome; by 86-5, blacks were not

It’s a little scary, a lot sad, but not very surprising that a fresh Pew Poll finds huge racial disparities in reactions to the outcome of the trial of George Zimmerman in the killing of Trayvon Martin.

Pew asked a national sample whether they were satisified or dissastisfied with the verdit. The whole sample split fairly evenly:

  • Satisfied:      39%
  • Dissatisfied: 42%
  • Not sure:      19%

But when respondents were separated by race:

  • White:      49-30-21
  • Black:         5-86-9
  • Hispanic: 25-58-17

In a follow-up question, Pew asked whether the issue of race was getting more attention than it deserves in discussion of the case.

  • White:      60-28-12
  • Black:       13-78-8
  • Hispanic: 40-47-13.