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Elizabeth Warren takes the Obama pledge

Warren: “I pledge to serve out my term.”

You’ve probably some buzz around the idea that Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) might run for president in 2016 as the sort of “real liberal” challenger to any attempt by Hillary Clinton to triangulate her way to the Oval Office.

As far as I can tell, Warren has done nothing to encourage this and has several times rejected the rumor. But apparently not hard enough or clearly enough to debuzz the rumor so yesterday, as the Boston Globe details, Warren made her strongest statement yet of non-candidacy:

“I am not running for president,” Warren said and, to cut down the wiggle room even further: “I pledge to serve out my term,” which ends at the beginning of 2019.

Ha. Definitive. So shut up, right?

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But National Journal couldn’t help digging up this statement for comparison:

“I will serve out my full six-year term.” — Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, Jan. 22, 2006, on “Meet the Press.