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Texas Rep. Randy Weber calls Obama ‘lying’ ‘Socialist dictator’ and ‘Kommandant’

In a tweet from the House before the State of the Union message, U.S. Rep. Randy Weber, R-Tex., tweeted:

Spelling "Kommandant" with a "k," one gathers, is supposed to introduce a Nazi flavor.

It would be unfair and untrue to characterize all of President Obama's critics and political foes by the idiocy of the most ignorant and irresponsible among them. But this is not good.

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Comments (13)

  1. Submitted by Greg Kapphahn on 01/29/2014 - 11:00 am.

    All The Various and Conflicting Kinds of Crazy on Display

    In the Republican Party these days brings to mind this nursery rhyme (apologies to “Mother Goose”),…

    The Grand OLD Party sat on a wall,
    The Grand OLD Party had a great fall (happening right now in slow motion),
    All the king’s horses and all the king’s men (if there even WAS an accepted leader in the GOP, today, which there isn’t),
    Couldn’t put the Raygun coalition together again.

    It’s already mostly gone, but the 17 kinds of crazy that will greet Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for President will finish it off, especially in the minds of the general public.

    • Submitted by Cameron Parkhurst on 01/29/2014 - 01:40 pm.

      Frankly, I think it is good

      when someone states their true opinion. Lets us all know where they stand. I am annoyed with politicians that say something harsh or impolite and then apologize that the comment was not meant for everyone to hear and was off the record.

  2. Submitted by RB Holbrook on 01/29/2014 - 11:28 am.

    Waiting for the inevitable

    Dear conservatives, I will save you the trouble of making your usual comment:

    “What about the mean things people said about President Bush? Why don’t you continue to harp on them?”

    You’re welcome.

    • Submitted by Peder DeFor on 01/29/2014 - 03:58 pm.


      Well, what about them?

      I have no problem whatsoever saying that this type of comment from a sitting Representative is a bad thing. I have no problem saying that an apology should be forthcoming. No problem saying that this should be considered a black mark on the permanent record.
      Will you be willing to say those things the next time that someone on the Dem side goes off the rails like this?

      • Submitted by RB Holbrook on 01/30/2014 - 09:03 am.


        To be clear, we are talking about a member of Congress, not some fringe protester. You can always find people who are given to overstatement; the question is whether the fringe is a person of influence, or someone who is tolerated because we believe in free speech.

        • Submitted by Peder DeFor on 01/30/2014 - 11:38 am.

          Member of Congress

          I’m very ok with limiting this to people of influence such as members of Congress. I’m very tired of someone judging me because of a random sign at a protest. Here is a Congressional example from a few months ago.
          I don’t remember a lot of liberal pushback but maybe I just missed it. I have a dim recollection of Grayson being listed as someone that libs would back if Hillary doesn’t run in 2016.
          Are broadcasters ‘people of influence too? I know that Fox news apparently is a never ending parade of horrible, but somehow I never hear from those same folks about the nightly caricatures from MSNBC. No prizes for guessing why that is.
          I would love, love, love to get beyond the stupid caricatures. Step one towards that is realizing that this isn’t just a failing of your opponents but a universal one. Any progress towards that is very welcome.

    • Submitted by Ron Gotzman on 01/29/2014 - 05:01 pm.

      You’re welcome…

      Mean things about Bush? Are you referencing the “independent press” or the Democrats? Sorry – same thing.

  3. Submitted by Ann Spencer on 01/29/2014 - 02:57 pm.

    What’s most disturbing

    is that this level of disrespect toward the duly-elected President of the United States comes from a member of the House of Representatives and that he’s willing, maybe eager, to associate himself with these comments by name. It sounds more like the online vitriol of a guy in his PJs on his home computer.

  4. Submitted by Tom Lynch on 01/29/2014 - 05:34 pm.

    Randy Weber

    He’s a Republican. He’s from Texas. Enough said.

  5. Submitted by Ray Schoch on 01/29/2014 - 05:58 pm.

    Tom wins

    I’m inclined to go with Tom Lynch on this one, though, as long as we’re using negative stereotypes, Ron Gotzman’s entry is certainly equal. I’ll call it a tie. Unlike Fox News, *this* is fair and balanced!

  6. Submitted by Eric Snyder on 01/30/2014 - 09:41 am.

    It goes way beyond Weber

    Some background context would help explain Weber’s statement. That context is the absurdly over the top, historically illiterate, and extreme rhetoric that seems increasingly commonplace among right-wing thought leaders and in right-wing media. I compiled the following list a couple of months ago using material and links found on There’s much, much more where this came from.

    1) Conservative columnist Erik Rush claims Obama was using the shutdown to “usurp complete power.” He likened Obama’s m.o. to “that of a dictator” like Adolf Hitler.
    2) Religious conservative “ex-gays” claim that they are being persecuted just like the Jews in Nazi Germany.
    3) Another Values Voter Summit speaker, Jim Bob Duggar, claimed that the US is like Nazi Germany during the Holocaust.
    4) Larry Pratt, head of Gun Owners of America, likened gun control laws to… “We are looking at a major assault on the right to keep and bear arms, it is reminiscent of Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, where they used doctors as part of their torture routines and got people sent to the camps for improvement of their mental health.”
    Pratt also believes that Obama is raising a private army to take over the US military. People like this are stopping us from passing reasonable gun legislation.
    5) Religious right activist Matt Staver compared the US with Nazi Germany.
    6) Religious right radio host Bryan Fischer recently said that “Just as the homosexual Stormtroopers for Hitler were to exterminate and eliminate the opposition and beat them into silence,” Fischer stated, “that’s what homosexual activists want to do today.” He also claims that “homofascists” will force Christians to wear patches just like the Nazis did to the Jews.
    7) Right-wing columnist Ellis Washington claims that the Affordable Care Act is…just like Nazi Germany: “Like Hitlercare, Obamacare will inevitably lead to health-care rationing, death panels, millions of uninsured and, eventually, the systematic genocide of the weak, minorities, enfeebled, the elderly and political enemies of the God-state.”
    8) David Smith, exec. dir. of the Illinois Family Institute, compared his fight against gay equality to American troops fighting….Nazi Germany.
    9) The right-wing Judicial Watch founder Larry Klayman likened the US to Nazi German and suggested that anti-Obama forces might need to for “a government in exile” like in WWII.
    10) Pastor Larry Tomczak in Charisma magazine: “It would do us well to recall that in Nazi Germany, only a small percentage of the people were part of the Nazi party. Amid the atrocities, the overwhelming majority were apathetic and afraid to speak up…. Is history repeating itself?”
    11) “Rick Wiles declared on his radio show yesterday that President Obama is the head of a “modern day Nazi regime” and the “Fourth Reich.”
    12) Right-wing Sher Zieve of Renew America writes that Obama is going to turn the US “into full-fledged Marxist Communo-Fascist elitist-ruled Islamo-Drug cartel Narco/Nazi State”
    13) Christina Michas, head of the right-wing Eagle Forum, said that the “ultimate goal” of the supporters of the Common Core education standards, Agenda 21 (a document about environmental sustainability, reducing waste and how science can inform enviro. public policy) and Obamacare was setting up “internment or re-education camps for those that will not comply with their sick agenda.”
    14) Conservative talk show host Janet Mefferd said that she can envision the “day when every Christian who supports real marriage might be made to wear a yellow patch on the sleeve, a ‘badge of shame’ to identify us as ‘anti-gay haters.’ Kind of like the Jews in Nazi Germany.”
    15) “During a speech at the Wetumpka Tea Party, Elois Zeanah of the Alabama Federation of Republican Women compared the adoption of Common Core to the indoctrination of children in Nazi Germany, with President Obama teaching children and imposing an “anti-Christian, anti-capitalism, anti-America…pro-homosexuality, illegal immigration, unions, environmentalism, gun control, feminism and social justice” curriculum.
    16) Right-wing activist David Horowitz talking to a caller on a radio show:
    Caller: I wonder if you share the same opinion that I see the same thing happening in America slowly that happened in Nazi Germany, quickly.
    Horowitz: Yeah, of course I agree with that. They’re the same kind of movement. All these movements: Nazism, communism, socialism, progressivism; they are all substitutes for an authentic religion.
    17) The UN Convention on the Rights of the Disabled isn’t a high-minded attempt to correct system historical wrongs against the disabled, if we’re to believe Glenn Beck. In reality, part of it is “really Orwellian or, quite honestly, fascistic from the Nazi days.”

  7. Submitted by Paul Udstrand on 01/30/2014 - 10:44 am.

    Filled with sociopaths and damaged personalities

    It’s interesting, this “Nazi” theme is appearing more frequently amongst Republicans. A letter to the Wall Street Journal argued that American progressives are about to launch a Kristallnacht on the 1%. And a Republican from New York threatened to kill a reporter because he asked a question the Republican didn’t like, in fact, he came back after walking away just to threaten the reporter:

    This is beyond simply being inappropriate or losing ones temper. And these instances are multiplying.

    For one thing, these instances are displays of the collapse of Conservative intellect in the US. One thing it is to be a little confused about socialism, but communism is pretty clear cut and there’s no excuse for being confused about what a Nazi is.

    Somewhere along the line the Republican party actually became a magnet for sociopaths and damaged personalities and now it looks like getting completely out of control.

    Did you the AZ Republican part actually censured John McCain for not being a conservative?

    This is all good news for those who want the Republican party’s collapse. But it’s bad news for anyone who thinks that intelligent, knowledgeable, and thoughtful conservative voices are an essential part of any political landscape.

  8. Submitted by Paul Barr on 03/22/2014 - 09:41 pm.

    Randy Weber Loses to:

    You people need to face your music. This woman makes Randy Weber look good. Can anyone who has posted make a legitimate excuse for electing this woman?

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