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Frank Rich on the ‘bloviocracy’

Former New York Timesman Frank Rich is hilariously candid about calling out political hype.

In a regular q-and-a that he does for New York magazine, former NY Timesman Frank Rich is hilariously candid about calling out the hype. In this case, it’s Rich’s reply to the opening question about whether that special election for a U.S. House seat, won by the nominee David Jolly and universally declared a serious harbinger of a bad year ahead for the Dems, is really such a bellwether of November’s results (if you can forgive using both “harbinger” and “bellwether” in the same sentence):

This race was a bellwether to be sure — not of what’s going to happen in November, but of the true idiocy of our political culture. A ludicrous $12 million in campaign spending was poured into this single district in which fewer than 200,000 people voted. Much of the bloviocracy hyped the race before and after as a battle akin to Ali-Frazier or, perhaps given the Florida setting, Bush vs. Gore, and as a decisive verdict on the political valence of Obamacare. And now both sides are overreading meaning into an election decided by less than 2 percent of the vote (under 4,000 votes) in a race where a third-party Libertarian candidate received almost 5 percent of the vote.

Bloviocracy! Ha.

By the way, despite mocking the harbingerosity of the race, Rich does expect Repubs have a very good November, not because of the dreaded Obamacare issue, but because of the difference in the number and kind of voters who turn out for midterms.