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The smartest and dumbest thing said about politics

If it ever occurred, the moment long-since passed when this election (by the way, it’s today, don’t forget to vote) was about anything other than who will win. Likewise, the punditocracy has dropped any pretense of caring about the truth, falsity or relevance to anything real of what’s said by the candidates and their oh-s0-highly probative advertising messages.

We are to that stage (and it feels as if we’ve been there for quite a while now) at which it’s all about guessing  who’s gonna win which race, based mostly on analysis of polls that show every lead in every relevant close race is within the margin of error.

Sunday’s episode of “Meet the Press” began with a short exchange between host Chuck Todd and journalist/analysts in all the key states with close races (Minnesota was not included) about what’s gonna happen on Tuesday.

Political reporter Marc Caputo of the Miami Herald got the assignment to analyze who’s gonna win the close race for governor of Florida. He said:

“The dumbest or smartest thing said in politics is that it’s all about turnout, and it’s all about turnout here… This election will probably be won or lost on Election Day. The question is, by whom?”

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  1. Submitted by RB Holbrook on 11/04/2014 - 02:38 pm.

    Mr. Caputo

    There’s a man who knows how to hedge his bets. No matter what happens today, tomorrow he can boast that he was right.

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