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Democrats seek a message to message

Who remembers when “message” was a noun.

From a story in today’s Washington Post about Democrats longshot hopes of taking back majority control of the House:

“Our message cannot be a bunch of Democrats running around saying we have no message. That’s not a good message,” said Rep. Steve Israel (N.Y.), the caucus’s newly anointed message man. “It’s time to get in a room and do a robust analysis of what message works and just start messaging it.”

With a newly appointed message man messaging like that, the Dems are well on their way. My message is that “message” is a noun and that everyone who uses it as a verb sounds like a self-satirist. I prefer the way Howard Dean put it in his advice to Democrats right after the votes were counted last year: “I think they need to figure out what they stand for and then talk about it.”