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Borowitz satire: McCain concerned we won’t get to bomb bomb bomb Iran

New Yorker magazine-based satirist Andy Borowitz channels his inner John McCain and expresses horror at the possibility that a deal between the U.S.-led coalition and Iran “could greatly limit our ability to bomb it.”

As for President Obama, McCain [in Borowitz’ imagination] added, “Sometimes I think the President cares more about making the Iranians happy than about making the people who want to bomb the Iranians happy.”

(The headline on this post, by the way, derives not from Borowitz but from a real instance in which McCain sang, presumably in jest, to the tune of the Beach Boys hit “Barbara Ann,” thus.)

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  1. Submitted by beryl john-knudson on 04/03/2015 - 09:38 am.

    Fear of terror creates its own terror…another thought

    …hearing the words of McCain leads me to reflect on Pepe Escobar’s words over at the Axis of Logic site…one of his finest; with a prose poem embraced by the skills of an investigative journalist covering a bombed out “Howling In Donetsk” which is a written reflection of what ‘bombing” a people; any people without attempting negotiation does… leaving a nation, any nation with no hope for decent survival…that is what Jonny McC and Bibi propose eh?

    There is a clip of Pepe being interviewed that states the issue of people; their lives destroyed so we can be free from fear…fear itself creates its own inner terrorism…enough here; have a good day…

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