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Who elects these clowns?

We pretty much don’t approve of anyone we’ve elected.

According to a fresh Quinnipiac Poll, President Obama’s approval rating continues a small, slow recovery from its former depths, but at 44 percent approval and 49 percent disapproval, it remains below water.

On the other hand, these numbers are a ringing endorsement compared to the (dis)approval ratings of both party caucuses in Congress.

Voters disapprove of Democrats in Congress by 30 percent approve and 61 percent disapprove score, but even that looks good compared to a negative 22-69 percent for Republicans in Congress.

Also in the poll, voters favored the tentative agreement with Iran over its nuclear program, but aren’t confident that it will succeed, favor diplomacy over war as a way to restrain Iran and disapprove of the letter to Iran signed by most Senate Republicans, but favor subjecting the agreement to congressional approval.