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Koch Brothers may sit out the Republican primary campaign

“I have no plans to support anybody in the primary now,” Charles Koch told USA TODAY.

Charles Koch, one of the two Koch brothers who have used their wealth to promote Republicans in recent years, tells USA Today that he is not backing any candidate in the current presidential field and has no plans to do so until after the primary campaign is over.

The Kochs had previously identified a list of several Republican contenders whom they were considering, and at an earlier stage many political money-watchers believed the Kochs were getting behind Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, but Walker fizzled and is now out of the race.

Koch said he would need more than words from one of the candidates to get involved. USA Today quoted him as saying:

“If they start saying things we think are beneficial overall and will change the trajectory of the country, then that would be good, but we have to believe also they’ll follow through on it, and by and large, candidates don’t do that.”

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Koch did add that he likely will help the Republican nominee in the fall campaign.