Big day for Donald Trump

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has decided to endorse Donald Trump for the Republican Presidential nomination, and will do so publicly Wednesday. People who claim to know such things say Palin is influential with the Tea Party types, a group that one might think would be in play between Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz.

Also Monday, Iowa Republican Gov. Terry Branstad came out against Cruz. He did not endorse Trump or anyone else, and he says he will not. Iowa governors usually stay neutral in the caucuses. But Branstad, who conceded that Cruz is ahead in most polls, said Cruz is the candidate of the oil industry and a leading opponent of renewable fuels (including ethanol, which is made from Iowa grain). Branstad said it would “be a big mistake for Iowa to endorse” Cruz.

Branstad is generally considered a moderate Republican. If he is influential, it might lead some Iowans to support some of the relatively moderate candidates, not necessarily Trump. But if the polls are right, the race in Iowa has been between Cruz and Trump for several weeks, so anything that that hurts Cruz would likely help Trump.

On the other hand, the caucuses are still two weeks off, and — as Democratic Howard Dean demonstrated in 2004 — even a big lead in the polls two weeks out doesn’t guarantee anything.

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Comments (16)

  1. Submitted by Paul Brandon on 01/19/2016 - 05:48 pm.


    Palin might help Trump get the nomination, but in the general election she’d do for him what she did unto Romney.

    • Submitted by Edward Blaise on 01/19/2016 - 09:23 pm.


      That would be Palin unto McCain.

      Not to worry though, if we should get to President Trump it is important to remember his book was not titled “Heart of a Conservative” or “Reagan, Then, Now and Forever”. It was titled “The Art of the Deal” and that is his heart and soul: A deal maker. And what do his deals look like? Big, gaudy, mega deals that stretch things to the breaking point; IE: his 5 bankruptcies. It’s no small ball for the Donald, he will want a legacy of big things and if Nancy Pelosi is a better partner than Paul Ryan we won’t see a moments hesitation. This could be fun…

  2. Submitted by Craig Johnson on 01/19/2016 - 07:23 pm.

    If you ever questioned…

    Trump’s qualifications and capacity to be president, he just got the equivalent of the “bad housekeeping seal of disapproval” Really, with the redoubtable Ms. Palin on your side, what could possibly go wrong?

  3. Submitted by Neal Rovick on 01/20/2016 - 07:42 am.

    My, how awkward for McCain.

    Does “not a hero” attend the inauguration of Trump/Palin to view the rise of his protege?

  4. Submitted by Tim Smith on 01/20/2016 - 09:50 am.

    a vote for Trump

    gets Hillary or Sanders one step closer to being President, that should horrify every Republican. Worst nightmare could come true.

  5. Submitted by RB Holbrook on 01/20/2016 - 09:56 am.


    Does Sarah Palin not realize how toxic she is? Yes, the Tea Party types adore her, but he general electorate–including many Republicans–think she is a figure of derision, at best.

    It speaks volumes about Trump that he would trumpet this endorsement. If this gives him a boost in the polls, it will speak volumes about the Republican Party.

  6. Submitted by Ray Schoch on 01/20/2016 - 11:21 am.

    It’s hard

    …not to agree wholeheartedly with RB Holbrook’s 2nd paragraph. An endorsement by Know-Nothing Sarah Palin ought to be the kiss of death to any campaign. Holbrook’s final sentence, in particular, deserves some reflection. A candidate who thinks he knows everything being endorsed by a failed candidate who has proved she knows nothing at all does not reflect well on the Republican Party.

  7. Submitted by Dennis Litfin on 01/20/2016 - 11:37 am.

    I do not see

    how Trump will gain more voters by having Palin in the fold. Her voter appeal is very limited and Trump already has that element on his ‘side’ so to speak.

    • Submitted by Jim Million on 01/20/2016 - 07:18 pm.

      Sarah Impale ’em

      She may bring support from some of the Cruz contingent….or not.

      [impale (2): display (a coat of arms) side by side with another on the same shield, separated by a vertical line]

  8. Submitted by Mike Worcester on 01/20/2016 - 11:54 am.

    Branstad A Moderate?

    //Branstad is generally considered a moderate Republican.

    Eric, by what measure would you label Gov. Branstad a “moderate”? Beyond the support for ethanol, shared by many if not all farm state-Republicans, his governance has been solidly conservative. Just wondering, thank you.

  9. Submitted by Todd Hintz on 01/21/2016 - 12:15 pm.

    Trump/Palin Ticket

    Is it wrong of me to hope and pray for a Trump/Palin ticket? It worked so well the first time with McCain… What could possibly go wrong?

  10. Submitted by Paul Udstrand on 01/22/2016 - 12:24 pm.

    Big day?

    Not so much.

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