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Donald Trump’s proof that he’s ‘the least racist person’

This information came to light in an interview with Washington Post journalist Marc Fisher.

So it turns out that contrary to what you might think or might have heard, Donald Trump is not a racist. In fact, he is “the least racist person that you’ve ever encountered.”

Trump admitted this himself, although when he said “that you’ve ever encountered,” he didn’t mean you, the person reading this post. He meant Washington Post journalist Marc Fisher, to whom he was talking at the moment. So that leaves open the slight possibility that you might know someone less racist than Donald Trump, but Marc Fisher doesn’t happen to know that person.

Here’s how this information came to light: Fisher was talking to Trump. He mentioned that a cabdriver who recently gave him a ride was thinking about supporting Trump for president, except he (the cabbie) is concerned the Trump might be a racist. That’s when Trump declared himself to be the least racist person Fisher has ever encountered.

As proof, Trump told Fisher that Don King, the boxing promoter with the crazy hair, is supporting him. King, in case you don’t know, is African-American. So that’s the evidence.

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Trump went on to tell Fisher that Barack Obama once called Bill Clinton a racist. Trump said that he, personally, doesn’t think Bill Clinton is a racist. So that just goes to show you.

Fisher, being a journalist, looked into it and concluded that President Obama “did not call former President Bill Clinton a racist.” But that’s just, you know, a fact, and should have no bearing on your accepting Donald Trump’s statement that he, Trump, is the least racist person Fisher has ever encountered.