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Gallup has Trump disapproval at 60 percent, a new high

Gallup has Trump disapproval at 60 percent, a new high
REUTERS/Carlos Barria
The latest blended average shows President Donald Trump at 39.7 percent approval/55.6 percent disapproval.

I’ve previously confessed that I check the daily update of Gallup’s approval rating numbers on President Trump most days. I’m not proud of it, and I promised myself I wouldn’t write about them again until they set a new high or low.

In the latest three-day Gallup average, the president’s disapproval number hit 60 percent, a new high. His approval number, 36 percent, is still one point above his all-time low of 35 from late March.

The Gallup trendlines, based on a three-day rolling average, are here.

The Gallup numbers are a bit worse for Trump than several other polls, but they are not the worst. If you prefer a blended average of all reputable polls on the subject, the Huffington Post publishes that. The latest such blended average shows Trump at 39.7 percent approval/55.6 percent disapproval.

As I also mentioned previously, these are not the worst presidential approval/disapproval numbers ever but, on balance, Trump has had the worst ratings during the first five months of his tenure of any president in the history of polling. has added a feature that shows Trump’s trend line versus all other presidents going back to Harry S. Truman.

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an example of a true

an example of a true statesman:

largest US airbase in Middle East is in Qatar--vitally important on any US mission there

a week or so ago, Trump visits Saudi Arabia and is apparently convinced by a glowing orb and a gold necklace that the font of terrorism evil is in Qatar

Trump claims victory in uniting the Middle East in isolating Qatar and their supporter Iran

Trump apparently hears about airbase and offers to mediate the dispute

today, the US agrees to sell Qatar 39 F-15 jets

And in more local news,

Trump calls House healthcare plan "mean" weeks after a very public Rose Garden celebration on the "tremendous" House bill.

He's apparently like Minnesota weather--"changeable".

Accurate polling

Gosh, it is that the same opinion poll that told us dear Hillary was going to win?

Not Necessarily

It may, however, be the same one that tells us Americans are sick of the Trumpistas gloating about it.

She won by three million human votes

Polls sample people, not Electoral votes, which are the product of an arcane process unique to the United States.

Unfit to Serve

I’m amazed, not at the disapproval number, but at the approval number of what Trump is doing or not doing. There is a man in the White House who is only fixated on himself. The 36-39 percent that thinksTrump will ever do anything for them have a long, disappointing wait in front of them. If the President’s cabinet was polled, and if they would give an honest answer, they would not be part of the 36-39 percent. Many in the cabinet have been high-performing members of society and they are now having their actions undercut by a man who is only capable of low-level performance because of his extreme narcissism. The number of people willing to throw their personal credibility right in the trash can, trying to prop Trump up, is absolutely dumbfounding. Foreign leaders quickly found out that Trump’s ego stroking turns the great negotiator into a marshmallow.

Several days ago, I literally found it repulsive watching the cabinet members fawning over Trump in the cabinet meeting in such a disingenuous way. You could tell they were just going through the motions with their very insincere comments, but felt they needed to stroke Trump’s ego to make sure they still had a job or to just perform for the camera. I get the same feeling when I see the North Koreans needing to stroke their leader’s ego just to stay alive. Trump is so unfit for the job I find it disturbing. Unfortunately, if Trump leaves, Pence and his fringe-right thoughts will move in.

Don't be too quick to judgement.

Trump still has plenty of time to raise his disapproval rating significantly.

So. Much. Winning.

Maybe the Russians hacked the polls.

The art of cherry-picking polls

Apparently Trump was trumpeting about some poll that showed his approval rating at 50%. I love this response by 538:

I agree with Tom

To me the fact that 40% still approve is spooky. Remember when Trump said he could shoot a guy on the street and his supporters would still love him? Do we really have THAT many people in this country who are that intellectually and morally incompetent?


The problem is that in our politics, Trump's disapproval numbers don't matter. The fact is, we don't really understand what they mean. What matters are elections, and Republicans win those.