Latest Gallup polling shows Trump approval at 40%

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Gallup’s latest numbers, dated Sunday, show President Donald Trump with 40 percent approval, 57 percent disapproval.

The president is pitiful. His need for approval — enormous public displays of approval — is depthless. And, speaking of approval, this is my monthly review of President Trump’s  approval ratings (and of his poignant truth-defying efforts to convince either himself or the nation that those ratings are better than they are).

His approval ratings, throughout the first year of his presidency, have consistently been the worst of any first-year president. Of course, in an effort to be fair, I must acknowledge that such a generalization can apply to the decades since Franklin D. Roosevelt, the first president whose approval was measured by polls. Still, that’s 13 presidents and Trump’s first year numbers are the worst.

Of course, his detractors may be in some denial about the fact Trump’s approval numbers have never done below about 33 percent, nor have they fallen steadily during his first year. On the contrary, they have stayed within a relatively narrow range. His admirers (starting with himself) may be in denial about the fact that his approval numbers have never gone up much.

Gallup’s latest numbers, dated Sunday, show him with 40 percent approval, 57 percent disapproval. The Huffington Post, which aggregates and averages the approval ratings of a large number of reputable polls, has him at 44.3 percent approval, 54.4 disapproval, as I write this. If you click through to either of those sites, you will see that there have really been no significant or sustained movements of the lines, neither for the better nor the worse, in about a year.

Trump’s disapproval number is always in the mid-to-upper 50s, but never clears 60, except occasionally for a day or two, in his Gallup rating. His approval number has, for months, been a couple of points above or below 40 percent on the blended HuffPost line, and in the mid-to-upper 30s on Gallup.

Trump hasn’t talked about them much over these months, for the obvious reason that they show him more unpopular than popular. Then he suddenly decided to mention his ratings, in one poll, by Rasmussen, the one right-leaning pollster that has generally given him his best numbers.

Tweeted the POTUS:

The poor man. So mistreated by the mean media, and so desperate that he is reduced to tweet-bragging at 6 a.m. about a single, outlying poll result that nonetheless shows him with an approval rating of 49 percent.

(Rasmussen, by the way, uses robo-dialing automated interviews and online-polling that many pollsters frown upon. I express no view of their technology. But when one pollster gets a substantially different result from most of the others, it’s important to keep one’s shirt on. Unless, that is, you are desperate for a better poll number.)

I can’t restrain myself from looking at some of these polls most days, but, barring some big development, I’ll try not to bother you with them again for a month or so. Have a good rest of February. 

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Comments (15)

  1. Submitted by Paul Brandon on 02/06/2018 - 10:01 am.

    As you imply

    The poll changes are mostly within the range of random variability expected with this sort of instrument. The significant conclusion is that most Americans still DISapprove of him. Mutatis mutandi….

  2. Submitted by Ray J Wallin on 02/06/2018 - 12:54 pm.

    Focal point is where?

    So Trump’s approval numbers continue to be twice those of Congress…

  3. Submitted by LK WOODRUFF on 02/06/2018 - 01:19 pm.

    It should be 0% approval,

    all things considered.

    I still, even after all of this time and all of Trump’s very egregious transgressions and audacious and destructive actions, cannot fathom how even one individual can find anything admirable or honorable about him.(?!) What?? How??Why?????????

    • Submitted by Dennis Wagner on 02/06/2018 - 02:21 pm.

      Well LK

      If you are starting a poll, you have agreement from this perspective. For a guy that has it all, to have an insatiable appetite for more, and to destroy everything and anything in his quest, with total disregard for whom and whatever gets in his way, including the division and destruction of the country, gives him a 100% approval rating for one of the most despicable examples of a human being that we have ever encountered!

    • Submitted by Bill Willy on 02/06/2018 - 03:32 pm.

      Amazing, innit?

      To me it’s like taking a poll and asking people if they would be in favor of a grizzly bear and her cubs (or, optionally, a small family of rattle snakes, poisonous bats or rabid kangaroos) moving into their spare bedroom and 30 to 40 percent of those surveyed saying, “You bet!” (because it would really shake things up and show all the idiots in the family what life’s REALLY all about).

    • Submitted by Ilya Gutman on 02/06/2018 - 10:10 pm.

      And so long as people think this way and can’t understand why other people approve his performance, , Trump will be OK.

  4. Submitted by Gordon Whitlock on 02/06/2018 - 02:43 pm.


    You write very angry, my American friend. I am sure you are a nice guy and obviously, you don’t like President Trump. Don’t stress yourself out. Good luck and congratulations on the SPJ Award.

  5. Submitted by Connie Sullivan on 02/06/2018 - 03:11 pm.

    Maybe if the pollsters told everybody they contacted that a “disapprove” vote would get them the label of “un-American” and “treasonous,” they’d change their view.

    Lock ’em up!

  6. Submitted by Ilya Gutman on 02/06/2018 - 10:10 pm.

    “Rasmussen, the one right-leaning pollster that has generally given him his best numbers” and also correctly predicted the results of the last elections… so in this case getting results different from others is good, I guess.

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