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Approval ratings for Trump rise to 44 percent

His current bad disapproval number, according to the average of many polls maintained and calculated by HuffPost, stands at an average of 51.2 percent.

President Donald Trump
REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

The approval ratings of President Donald Trump are better than they have been for a long time.

They are still bad. They are still under water (meaning more disapprovers than approvers). But his current bad disapproval number, according to the average of many polls maintained and calculated by HuffPost, stands at an average of 51.2 percent.

Obviously, that’s still above 50 percent. Obviously his approval number (per the Huff Post average) is lower and substantially lower (44.1 percent) than his disapproval number. So don’t uncork the champagne yet, oh ye Trump approvers. You are still outnumbered and by seven percentage points, which is more than a little.

Still, I force myself to repeat, Trump’s current disapproval number is the lowest it has been since March of 2017, two months into his presidency and his approval number is the highest since about the same time.

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I say this with a weird sense of pride, in myself, because, unlike the current incumbent, I believe in dealing honestly with facts, even when they are not what I might wish they were.

I am not a huge admirer (nor approver) of Trump for many reasons, including his lying, his egotism, his ignorance, his pettiness, his policies, his hypocrisy, his lack of class or grace, his cruelty toward the less fortunate and, I guess I don’t have to go on but, at the moment, I can’t think of anything much about him that I do admire. And I struggle a bit to understand certain things, including the durability of his appeal to more than 30 percent and – at the moment, according to the HuffPost average — more than 40 percent of Americans of voting age.

Thanks to my current wonderful MinnPost gig (thank you MinnPost readers and members), I am allowed to express my opinions (as I guess I just did above). But I spent most of my adult life as a reporter, and I retain a certain reverence for facts, even for facts that I wish were not facts, such as the fact that Trump’s approval  numbers have been improving recently and are now the best they have been for a year and a half.

So, when I started this little occasional Trump-approval-watch series, I committed to report the numbers honestly, even when I find them a bit strange. There are others who maintain similar averages to HuffPost, and they generally agree within a small range, but my practice has been to rely on HuffPost and to add into each update the weekly Gallup number, because of esteem for Gallup’s long history in the polling game.

So I will add that as of Monday, when Gallup posted its most recent Trump approval number, they found a significant bump up for Trump’s approval number over the past two weekly samples, and he now stands at 51 percent disapproval/44 percent approval, substantially the same as HuffPost.

The full Gallup chart of Trump’s weekly approval ups and downs since the week after his inauguration is viewable here.