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Desperation: Hilariously pitiful rubbish masquerades as Trump poll

The choices for rating the president: great, good, okay, and other.

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President Donald Trump
There’s an old saying for those of us who spend too much time obsessing on politics that fresh poll numbers are “crack cocaine for political junkies.” It’s funny because it’s true.

I’m old enough to remember when there were only a few polling operations and they put out fresh numbers much less often. And even back then, it was silly to make too much of them.

But now that there are so many pollsters and such a constant stream of fresh numbers, it’s even truer, even if the fresh numbers meet the fairly high standards of proper sampling, etc.

But still, a certain rigorous objectivity and careful choice of words in poll questions and in analysis may produce some “crack” that’s worth more than others.

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Then there’s hilariously pitiful rubbish masquerading as polling.

A friend of mine, for reasons that he doesn’t understand, has landed on some of the email lists that are supposed to be reserved for the Trumpiest of Americans. And he forwarded one of those emails to me the other day that at least feeds my belief that the Trumpiest of the Trumpy are increasingly desperate to believe the unbelievable, especially in these dark days, when it’s harder and harder for the Trumpiest to ignore the evidence that the current occupant of the Oval Office might be in some political, legal and moral trouble.

It pretends to be a poll but obviously is more of a desperate plea to the chosen to form a circle, hold hands, and keep repeating that everything is going great, everything is going good, everything is going at least “OK.” (I choose those words advisedly, as they come from a “poll” sent only to Trump supporters, which, makes it something other than a meaningful measure of public opinion.)

I’m pretty sure that a poll that’s supposed to ascertain how the occupant is doing won’t be valid if it’s taken only among those known to support him, and especially if the list of responses to a question about how the president is doing is limited to four: Great, good, okay and other.

Seriously. I hate to be this snotty, but here is the top of the email sent to my friend, labeled “authorized by Trump Headquarters,” and asking recipients to participate in something the authors hilariously labeled as the FIRST Official Presidential Job Performance Poll of the 2020 re-elect campaign!

From the email:

The Mainstream Media continue to release polls showing that the American people do not approve of President Trump’s job performance.

But when the President went from state to state campaigning at rallys this year, he was overwhelmed by the energy and support from American patriots, like you.

That’s why he asked us to launch the FIRST Official Presidential Job Performance Poll of the 2020 re-elect campaign!

Since you will be one of the first to take this poll, your response will have a HUGE impact on the results. Please take the poll below to show the Mainstream Media what Americans really think.

How would you rate President Trump’s Job performance?





Thank you for your input. We’ll be sure to pass it along to President Trump.

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Trump Headquarters