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Would any one of the 10 Democratic nominees be an improvement over Trump?

Though I don’t claim to know who is the most electable one.

I suppose it won’t surprise any regular readers of this space that I am not the biggest admirer of the current occupant of the Oval Office, and that I hope his tenure in that capacity will not last more than one term.

I haven’t settled on a clear personal favorite among the Democrats running for the nomination. Settling into watch the (very long) 10-way debate Thursday night, I assumed I would taking copious notes on their issue differences and small distinctions on how they were coming across. The usual nonsense.

But, almost from the beginning, I had a single recurring impression so powerful in my heart and soul and brain and kidneys and knees and toes (knees and toes) so I’ve decided to keep my reaction very short and just express that impression as simply as this:

Any one of those ten potential nominees would be fine with me and would, without any shadow of a doubt in my (biased) mind be vast improvement over the current incumbent. 

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I don’t claim to know who is the most electable one. If that becomes clear, I hope that one will be nominated, but it’s not really knowable. I would be happy and, especially, relieved about the future of our country and our world if any one of them takes the oath office 14 months from now. 

In the interests of equal time, I will pass along a short e-mail that a friend of mine, who is on the email list of the Trump committee, sent me. The message was sent in advance of the debate. In its entirely, it read: 

We can’t wait for tonight. The Top 10 Corrupt Liberals will take the stage at 8 PM tonight and debate on which of their plans would ruin our country the most.

Here’s a list of the top things we expect to hear the Democrats debate tonight:

Banning plastic straws;

Destroying all fossil fuels;

Banning fracking everywhere;

Raising your taxes to pay for illegal criminals;

No more offshore drilling – taking jobs away from tens of thousands of people;

Light bulb ban;

And, no more cheeseburgers!

We wish we were joking, but these are the Liberal’s top ten candidates for President of the United States.