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The condescension of Donald Trump’s Twitter feed

What is Donald Trump saying about how he views his own followers when he assumes they’ll believe the idea that Tom Steyer thinks the Democrats are going to destroy the economy? 

This would be funny if it weren’t so pitiful — and if it weren’t so dishonest and insulting to the intelligence of anyone who reads Donald Trump’s tweets.

Sarah Dolan Schneider, executive director of America Rising, a Republican super PAC that claims to exist “for the sole purpose of exposing the truth about Democrats through video tracking, research, and strategic communications” tweets out a video of businessman Tom Steyer saying, “Democrats are gonna destroy the economy in 15 minutes if they get in control.” 

That’s the whole clip that she tweeted, although you can see from the clip that Steyer is saying this from the stage of the recent CNN debate of Democratic presidential candidates, which might provide a clue that it’s taken out of context. Seriously, how dumb or willfully self-blinded does a person have to be to believe a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination would tell the nation that his own party, if it has the power to implement its policies, will destroy the U.S. economy. 

But the current incumbent president thinks Steyer sounds pretty smart, so he retweets the video. To make clear that he agrees with Steyer’s prediction, Trump comments with his own thumbs: “I agree with him on this, 100%. But why would anyone vote Democrat?”

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Seems odd, doesn’t it, that Steyer would say such a thing, and do so during the last Democratic debate?

So looked into it. Yes, it’s true, those words in that order came out of Steyer’s mouth, but here’s the full quote, in context: “Look, we know how Donald Trump is gonna run for president. He’s gonna run on the economy. He’s already told Americans, last month, in Florida: ‘You don’t like me, and I don’t like you. But you’re all gonna vote for me, because the Democrats are gonna destroy the economy in 15 minutes if they get in control…’

“So let’s be clear,” continued, “I started a business by myself in one room. I didn’t inherit a penny from my parents. I spent 30- years building that business into a multinational $30 billion international business. Then I walked away from it and took the giving pledge and started organizing coalitions of ordinary Americans to take on unchecked corporate power…

“Whoever is going to take on Mr. Trump is going to have to take him on on the economy. I have the experience and the expertise to show that he’s a fake and a fraud….

“Look, Mayor Pete has three years as an analyst for McKinsey. I have 30 years of international business experience. I can beat Trump on the economy. We’re going to have to take him on on the economy, and I look forward to taking him down on the debate stage.”

Steyer is one of the guys in the Democratic field with the most business experience. Naturally, he wants you to know that, and he wants you to know how he would deploy that experience in a race against Trump. 

So what is Donald Trump saying about his view of the intelligence of his followers that he promotes the idea that Steyer is predicting that the Democrats are going to destroy the economy — and that they’ll believe it?

Here’s a simple guide: If someone tries to sell you something with an argument that insults your intelligence, assume whatever product they’re selling is bad.