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What are we to think about the motives of Trump, Bolton, GOP senators and Trump’s base?

How stupid are we supposed to be, and are we this stupid?

How stupid are we supposed to be, and are we this stupid?

President Donald Trump is blocking everyone he can block from testifying at the Senate impeachment trial. 

Just doesn’t like Congress? Values his privacy?  Hiding something of which he’s proud but just too modest to want everyone to find out how honest, smart, generous and tough-on-Russia he is? Or hiding something that makes him look bad, look pro-Putin, maybe even look guilty, or maybe even impeachably guilty?

Former National Security Adviser John Bolton —who, according to all the sources who claim to know (and who, according to sources has written as much in his as-yet-unpublished book on the subject) was told by his then-boss Trump that he (Trump) was holding back congressionally appropriated aid that Ukraine needed fairly desperately to help it fight Russian troops who are occupying part of Ukraine — is willing to testify, but only if he is subpoenaed. 

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Shy? Busy grooming his mustache? Hoping to boost advance sales of his book? Likes to be subpoenaed? Or wants to be subpoenaed by Congress so he can tell what he knows without being prosecuted for telling what he knows?

Republicans, who control the Senate and are empowered to issue a subpoena to Bolton, have declined to issue one.

Want to respect Bolton’s desire for privacy? Are afraid to hear what Bolton would testify because it would make it harder for them to not convict Trump of the charges on which he has been impeached?

The roughly 40 percent of the American electorate who consistently say they approve of Trump’s performance, a level of support that has held steady for three years, still support him. 

Don’t know about the impeachment? Don’t want to know? Want Trump to make America even greater than he has already made it?