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Blurb for political children’s book has its own kind of hilarity

I received an email promoting a new book designed to explain the current political scene to children. From what I can tell, it does not purport to be accurate, fair or subtle. In fact, it may be propaganda for one political side, aimed at the younger generation.

My kids have grown, so I won’t be ordering the book for them. But I found the blurb so hilarious that I pass it along with no comment or analysis:

A new children’s book casts Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as a gum-popping, bored, selfie-taking amateur while President Trump, donning a MAGA-red superhero cape, swoops in to save an elementary school from the evils of socialism.

“Help! Mom! The Swamp is in My School” written by bestselling author Katharine DeBrecht, is described as a “hilarious and fun way to explain socialism to kids.” DeBrecht, author of the bestseller Help! Mom! There are Liberals Under My Bed! says the book is needed to balance what she believes is institutionalized indoctrination of children by leftists. “Kids are spoon-fed the glories of socialism from the minute they enter public education. By the time they reach college, they are heralding mass murderers such as Che Guevara and Joseph Stalin as heroes and pioneers,” says DeBrecht. She points to a recent study that found 70 percent of millennials would vote for a socialist candidate.

AOC, who is referred to as OIC (Oh…I see!!!) in the book, is only one of a slew of leftists targeted. Others include Speaker Queenosie, Congressman Schifty (whose turtleneck eerily resembles a number two pencil), a one-percenter Senator Bernie sporting a top hat, Senator Pocahontas with a headdress, and Vice President Buyme who digresses to his time at the French Revolution when he told Winston Churchill to “tear down this wall!”

DeBrecht calls the full-color illustrated book a “YUGE lesson in socialism and MAGA.”  The story chronicles brothers Tommy and Lou and other kids from Bradford Plymouth School as they run a bake sale to earn money for their school supplies.  After a series of usual leftist suspects start forcing their socialist policies on their bake sale, the kids turn to Donaldus Magnus (President Trump in his signature blue suit with a red cape) to make the school great again.

Even what DeBrecht calls the “complicit legacy media” is not spared.  Rachel Maddow and Chuck Toddie wear Pravda name tags and the recent row over “fake news” between the satirical site The Babylon Bee and CNN appears in the background in an illustration.

DeBrecht goes further, touching on the recent impeachment trial of President Trump, as Congressman Schifty finds out sixth hand about a phone call overheard by a hamster.  She points out a little kangaroo that appears throughout the book “as a subtle reminder of the kangaroo court that presided over the worst witch hunt and hoax in American history.”

The author, Katharine DeBrecht, is described as “a bestselling author, proud Deplorable and mother of three.”

Comments (23)

  1. Submitted by Roy Everson on 02/27/2020 - 09:02 pm.

    Disinformation is the heart and soul of the right wing in America. Lacking popular ideas this side spends enormous resources to win over people who are prone to believing nonsense. Such as the people who have only recently given up Santa Claus.

    • Submitted by Dennis Tester on 02/28/2020 - 08:25 am.

      It’s ironic that you would invoke Santa Claus, the republican opponent in this and every other election.

      • Submitted by RB Holbrook on 03/02/2020 - 01:13 pm.

        Republicans rely heavily on their own brand of fantasy. Try “tax cuts will stimulate the economy and increase revenue,” for one.

  2. Submitted by Dennis Tester on 02/28/2020 - 07:31 am.

    Who says the Right is humorless? But unfortunately, it’s like a spit in the ocean when the late night comics are all on the DNC payroll.

    • Submitted by BK Anderson on 02/29/2020 - 10:24 am.

      The Trump jokes write themselves, Mr. Tester.

      Declining to mock Trump would be comedy malpractice. His tweets alone can simply be read verbatim to get laughs. The late night comic’s work is done by 10am each day!

      But unfortunately, you can’t laugh a clown off the stage.

    • Submitted by Paul Brandon on 02/29/2020 - 10:56 am.

      With the material that the Right provides for free, comics don’t have to pay.

    • Submitted by chuck turchick on 02/29/2020 - 01:31 pm.

      I don’t think the Right is humorless, but consider the last two U.S. Presidents — probably neither of whom we deserved. Try to picture President Obama directing humor at himself, making a self-deprecating remark. And then try to picture President Trump doing the same thing. Kind of hard to do, isn’t it? I fear that the Right, in recent years, in its unwillingness to question anything Trumpian, may have adopted as well President Trump’s incapacity in this regard.

  3. Submitted by Ron Gotzman on 02/28/2020 - 08:26 am.

    People who publish their writings should avoid these “name-calling” tirades filled with obvious political bias and deliberate hate filled fantasies.

    These writing do not educated but just continue to further degrade media.

    • Submitted by Matt Haas on 02/28/2020 - 11:27 pm.

      I’ll never cease to be amazed at conservative’s astonishment that we liberals feel about them EXACTLY the way they feel about us. It’s as if its never crossed their mind that their words and actions could ever be taken in any manner but complete and subservient acquiescence.

      • Submitted by Charles Holtman on 02/29/2020 - 01:02 pm.

        Matt – Though I don’t consider myself a “liberal” (I’m further to the left, on the conventional scale), I don’t at all agree with your assertion of symmetry between Right and left. Those on the Right (note: not “conservatives,” but nihilists – we on the left are the conservatives) feel an animus toward those not on the Right because, for 50 years, they have been cultivated by the Republican party and its coterie of grifters to be fearful and hateful, and have been told who to fear, and who to hate. I don’t fear or hate those on the Right, I am simply angry toward those who should know better (and therefore are culpable), and regretful toward those who don’t know any better, that they choose to vote, and otherwise fulfill their civic role, in a way that is leading directly and gratuitously to civilizational collapse.

        Further, and crucially, the civic viewpoint of the left is to advance (ordered) liberty and well-being for everyone, while the viewpoint of the Right is to seek to benefit some and injure others. There is no symmetry anywhere.

      • Submitted by RB Holbrook on 03/02/2020 - 09:08 am.

        I’ll never cease to be amazed at conservatives’ indignation that “bias” would appear in an opinion column.

  4. Submitted by Charles Holtman on 02/28/2020 - 09:06 am.

    Why do you surmise that it’s a childrens’ book? It seems aimed directly at the level of the average Trump voter. Indeed, perhaps even Trump will be able to read it, or at least look at the pictures.

    • Submitted by Dennis Wagner on 02/28/2020 - 11:40 am.

      Okay CH that was good, I needed that! What really makes it funny, is that your comment it probably closer to the real truth! Who is going to buy the book for the kid? It speaks volumes, and volumes about open minded vs closed minded thinking.

      • Submitted by Matt Haas on 02/28/2020 - 11:23 pm.

        I have relations that purchased a “Trumpy Bear” (yes a real thing) for their, at the time, 5 year old. It’s why one can never take anything a conservative spouts about “liberal indoctrination” as anything but the utterly unfunny hypocrisy that it is.

  5. Submitted by Dennis Wagner on 02/28/2020 - 10:15 am.

    Too bad that “we the people” stuff and “promote the general welfare” is written into the constitution. should probably just get back to “King” to save us all from being too smart for our own britches! You know 1 mind is better than a bunch working together. As RE says, same old propaganda, because the truth will set you free and the last thing the right wingers want are free people with free thinking minds.

  6. Submitted by RB Holbrook on 02/28/2020 - 10:16 am.

    These people aren’t particularly subtle, are they?

  7. Submitted by BK Anderson on 02/29/2020 - 10:14 am.

    “Josef Stalin as heroes and pioneers”.

    Yes indeed, it’s the American left pining for and enabling the rise of an autocratic strongman as national Great Leader….

    The level of unreality and delusion on the American right is awe-inspiring, but as I’ve said before, one would think the level of cognitive dissonance required to pull this off would be fatal.

    Of course, this absurd tract would be defended as mere comedy and “joke” by our conservative friends, much the same as when Bush Jr repeatedly “joked” about achieving dictator status and how their current democracy-hating president “jokes” (dozens of times) about (somehow) being in the WH for longer than 8 years. Funny how we don’t see such “jokes” from Dem presidents, isn’t it?

    As for AOC, the boundless hatred and terror the white conservative movement has for her is directly in line to the threat they perceive.

  8. Submitted by Pat Berg on 03/02/2020 - 10:53 am.

    Note to DeBrecht: I spent 12 years in public schools and 8 more years in college. Not once was Stalin presented as a hero. But Andrew Jackson, another mass murderer, certainly was.

  9. Submitted by Ray Schoch on 03/02/2020 - 02:51 pm.

    Well, I don’t know her, so I can’t speak to the number of children, or her label (self-label?) as a “best-selling author,” but I will certainly get behind the label of “deplorable.”

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