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Polls in 11 states considered ‘in play’ indicate some Trump weakness

President Donald Trump
REUTERS/Erin Scott
President Donald Trump
It’s way too soon to start overreacting to polls of November match-ups between the incumbent president and his likeliest Democratic opponents. But I just spent a couple of hours looking at such polls and was pretty dang surprised at how dire things look for President Trump whether he ends up facing Sen. Bernie Sanders or former Vice President Joe Biden.

We were forcefully reminded in 2016 that neither national poll numbers heading into Election Day nor even the final national popular vote numbers matter, compared to the outcome in the relatively few swing states. 

So I spent some time looking at statewide poll numbers, as recorded and adjusted by the obsessive political number-crunchers of, the site founded and run by Nate Silver. I was pretty shocked at how bad the situation looks for Trump. I certainly don’t want to preach complacency, and who knows what tricks he has up his sleeve to change things over the next eight months. But, according to the latest average of state-by-state polls, focusing on an inclusive list of 11 states that are considered to be somewhat “in play” for 2020 — including six that Trump carried fairly narrowly in 2016 and five that he narrowly lost to Hillary Clinton — Biden is currently polling ahead of Trump, some narrowly and some by margins approaching 10 percentage points, in nine of those states, trailing in one, and tied in one.

Sanders is tied in two of the 11 states, trailing in one, and leading in the other by margins ranging from 2 to 10 points.

Here, per, are the actual numbers, although some of them are based on polls that are a tad old. First, in the famous big-three swing states that enabled Trump to shock the world in 2016:

Pennsylvania: Biden is tied with Trump, 47-47 percent. Sanders leads Trump, 49-46.

Michigan: Biden leads Trump, 47-43. Sanders leads 48-41.

Wisconsin: Sanders leads Trump, 48-46. Biden ties Trump at 47 percent.

In Florida, which Trump carried by a little more than 1 percentage point, he now trails Sanders by a whopping 49-40 percent and Biden by an even more whopping 51-40. If Trump loses Florida, which recently passed New York to become the third most populous state, his path to 270 gets a lot harder.

In Ohio, a traditional swing state but one Trump carried by an impressive 8 percentage points in 2016, he trails Biden by 48-46 in the average of recent polls, and is tied with Sanders, 47-47 percent.

In Arizona, which Trump won by 3.5 points in 2016, he trails both top Democratic contenders by 1 point in the 538 averages.

One of the shocks of the 2016 election night was that in Minnesota, which hasn’t voted for a Republican presidential nominee since 1972, Trump came within 1.5 percentage points in 2016. And he is supposedly targeting us as a potential pickup for 2020. According to the 538 averages, that won’t be easy. Biden leads him in the RCP average by a whopping 50-38 percent, and Sanders by 49-40.

Similarly, in Maine, Trump lost narrowly (48-45 percent in 2016), but now trails both Biden and Sanders by identical 52-42 margins, according to

New Hampshire was a squeaker in 2016, with Clinton edging Trump by half a percentage point. The 538 average suggests Trump is tied with Sanders there at present, 46-46 percent, and leads Biden by a within-the-margin-of-error 2 points, 46-44.

Colorado was close in 2016 (Clinton by 5 percentage points) and looks close again, but both Democrats lead Trump, Biden by 46-43, Sanders by 48-43.

Both Democrats are polling ahead of Trump in Nevada, but Sanders by a solid 52-41 percent, Biden by a margin-of-error 44-41.

The general politics website is here.

A caveat about some of the data cited above. relies on and aggregates the most recent reliable polling. States that are generally regarded as key swing states are much more likely to have an updated average based on recent polls. For some of those (like the best state, Minnesota), that are not yet considered major swing states, the averages may not have been updated for weeks or months.

In either case, as the Democrats get closer to a final choice of nominee, Trump will attempt to work his black magic on that candidate’s record, reputation, wardrobe and hairdo. 

One politically smart friend to whom I spoke about this piece warned me that the poll ratings of either Biden or Sanders were subject to change, especially once Trump focuses his attack on that candidate. Of course, now that the field of likely nominees is down to two, Trump might start trying to savage them both or, more likely, focus his attack on the one he would rather not face. I don’t like to assume that many Americans outside the 40 percent who are already Trump loyalists are likely to be persuaded by such nonsense, but it’s possible.

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  1. Submitted by Connor OKeefe on 03/06/2020 - 09:15 am.

    Shocks, squeakers and whopping leads…

    Well, you’ve convinced me. The DNC might as well start planning the fireworks display today; polls don’t lie.

    • Submitted by Pat Berg since 2011 on 03/07/2020 - 07:35 am.

      Oh for pete’s sake. That’s not the point Eric was making and you know it.

    • Submitted by BK Anderson on 03/07/2020 - 10:07 am.

      It’s interesting that Trump supporters now have to confidently rely upon the complete inaccuracy of (scientific) polling.*

      (*reliance upon the electoral college, Putin, and vote suppression tactics goes without saying…)

  2. Submitted by Ray J Wallin on 03/06/2020 - 09:20 am.

    As someone who follows these polls, there are valid polls that show Trump will win and valid polls showing otherwise. The thing is, they change on a monthly basis and absolutely nothing can be drawn from them.

    Only when the race is a one-on-one contest between candidates will we find real data. (and even then we must be careful: the 2016 presidential race predictions weren’t exactly a shining example of how to assess data)

  3. Submitted by William Hunter Duncan on 03/06/2020 - 09:26 am.

    What is truly remarkable about those numbers is the parity between Biden and Bernie.

    A house divided cannot stand? As it stands, Biden and Bernie fans are as estranged from each other as Dem fans are of Trump generally.

    Of course, with Covid 19, a debt bomb reckoning in Fracking, Federal Reserve shadow $100 billion a month QE bailout of the REPO market (since September), $1.5 trillion in student debt, rising seas and raging fire climate change….anything can happen.

  4. Submitted by Bob Barnes on 03/06/2020 - 09:57 am.

    And yet all those polls , esp 538, were completely wrong in 2016. Turnout for Trump is higher than ever and he’s running unopposed. He got more votes in CA than either Bernie or Biden. There is zero chance Trump loses in Nov. The Dems couldn’t field a qualified, decent candidate and their antics in Congress have cemented Trump’s win.

    • Submitted by RB Holbrook on 03/06/2020 - 11:01 am.

      538 is not a poll, it is an aggregator of polls.

      Trump got fewer votes in the 2020 California primary than he did in the 2016 primary.

      “There is zero chance Trump loses in Nov.”

      Zero is a bad number to bandy about like that.

      “The Dems couldn’t field a qualified, decent candidate and their antics in Congress have cemented Trump’s win.”

      I think you don’t understand the dept of disgust most Americans outside the right-wing bubbles feel towards Trump. Polls showed a majority in favor of impeachment, whatever your pals may tell you.

    • Submitted by Harris Goldstein on 03/06/2020 - 11:38 am.

      Republicans (mostly Trump) got about 1.6 million votes in CA. Democrats (mostly Biden and Sanders) go over 3 million votes.

      If you take Biden’s vote, and add only the votes from the 3 candidates who have since dropped out and endorsed Biden, you exceed Trumps vote total.

      • Submitted by Tom Crain on 03/13/2020 - 12:28 pm.

        I don’t think CA was in Trump campaign’s plan to win the EC. Unfortunately, there are only about 5-7 swing states we need to be talking about.

    • Submitted by Frank Phelan on 03/06/2020 - 12:52 pm.

      FivThirtyEight was spot on in 2016. Through the fall, they kept telling us there was a chance Don Trump would win in the EC while losing the popular vote.

    • Submitted by Pat Terry on 03/06/2020 - 12:53 pm.

      Actually 538, which only aggregates other polls, got it exactly right. The final polling averages gave Clinton. 2-3 point lead, which is where it ended up. They gave her about a 70 percent chance of winning, but Trump won very close races in a couple of key states.

    • Submitted by BK Anderson on 03/08/2020 - 12:48 pm.

      The idea that 63 million voters think Donald Trump was (and is) a “qualified” presidential candidate states America’s problem in a nutshell.

      And I doubt if even an enthusiastic Trump supporter such as yourself actually thinks Trump is a “decent” candidate (or person), at least in the moral sense. He is a (demonstrated) serial lawbreaker and pathological liar, as well as being an obvious power-worshiping sadist and (certifiable) malignant narcissist. This is somewhat worse than being a “flawed vessel”…

  5. Submitted by Ray Schoch on 03/06/2020 - 10:25 am.

    “Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics.”

    Indeed, it’s way too early to get too excited about the results of presidential polls, especially when the usual margins of error are factored in. There’s plenty of time for a series of gaffes by Biden that will diminish his support, or a series of statements by Sanders that are even more “crabby old man” than usual. Trump supporters have proven themselves immune to facts and logic, so unless he really does start shooting people on Pennsylvania Avenue, his supporters seem likely to stay with him, and a compliant Senate of professional Republican bootlickers, led by Moscow Mitch McConnell, will enable him to continue indulging his greed and dictatorial instincts at least until next January.

    That neither Democratic candidate leads in any of the polls by, say, 20 points or more, is probably the most depressing part of the whole piece. Mr. Trump has had plenty of opportunities to demonstrate his ongoing thuggishness over the past 3+ years – and continues to do so – so it’s more than just sad to see that he still has substantial support among the electorate.

    • Submitted by Dennis Wagner on 03/06/2020 - 11:42 am.

      Ray your right, a rationale mind would question the validity of Trump, a guy that steals from his own charity, swindles the tax payer, turns profitable business’s into welfare recipients, lies 60%+ of the time, and claims hunches are better than science and on and on and on…………… Begs the question, what are the moral, ethical values etc. of those that support him?

    • Submitted by BK Anderson on 03/06/2020 - 12:17 pm.

      I think this gets to the heart of the matter. It’s nice to have some polls showing the potential for the Political Criminal Trump being annihilated not just in the popular vote, which all of his idolators basically acknowledge (except for perhaps Mr Barnes), but also annihilated in the absurd electoral college.

      But the reality is that Dear Leader has the unshakable cultic adherence of around 45% of the failed American electorate, almost entirely white. No amount of misrule, scandal, crime, corruption, abject incompetence or outrage can dim their enthusiasm for the white nationalism of Trump and his compliant American brownshirt party. He and his PACs will unleash a torrent of lies, falsehoods and deep fakes, aided and abetted by his ally Putin, and much it will be out of sight of the media and public, purveyed to its (willing and unwilling) victims via the disastrous rise of “social media”.

      Add in the (now perfectly legal) Jim Crow behavior of states like Texas and Georgia, with their Repub government closing polling places overwhelmingly in nonwhite precincts (and resulting in waits of 4+ hours to cast primary ballots) and a corrupt Repub judiciary which blesses every vote suppression scheme “conservatives” dream up, and you have an election that will be “close” (electoral college speaking) through Trumpian manipulation and perversion.

      Authoritarian nationalist movements operating in a democracy entrench themselves and do not give up power easily or peacefully. Trumpism will not either, and Great Leader has already prepared his cultists for the idea that the only way they can lose is through fraud. The irony that it is (irrefutably) only the Repub party that is attempting to distort the electorate by voting shenanigans is of course lost on them, and just another area for fatal levels of cognitive dissonance.

      • Submitted by Paul Brandon on 03/06/2020 - 02:49 pm.

        As of right now, 538 shows Trumps approval ratings at 53% DISapproving; 43% approval. It’s not clear that all of those 43% would actually vote for him, so that a more reasonable percentage for his hard core is about 35%. Given the vagaries of the EC that could still be enough.
        And the Dems may have learned something in the past three years about overconfidence.

        • Submitted by BK Anderson on 03/07/2020 - 09:38 am.

          I’m sorry to have to disagree, Mr. Brandon, but I would say it is extremely clear that those “approving” of Trump in Feb/March 2020 are going to vote for him (again). Indeed, to continue to publicly proclaim support for Trump[!] after all that has occurred in the past three years would indicate that those 43% of “approving” voters are likely DYING to vote for him again. The idea that Trump won’t receive at least 43% of the vote is somewhat fantastical.

          So that leaves the 3% that voted for him in 2016, but are now willing to tell a pollster that they “disapprove” of him in March 2020. I will bet that their support can be (rather easily) won back through lies that they are ideologically predisposed to believe, as well as their (likely) general hatred of Dem candidates–since to cast even a single presidential ballot for a wholly unqualified, mentally deranged conman indicates extreme antipathy to Dem candidates. And Biden will certainly receive the Trumpist/Putin treatment in spades.

          Once an electorate has shown complete incompetence (not to say brain death), as the American (white) electorate did in 2016, there can never be any guarantees of future good sense, and all one can hope is that–like a watch–the American electorate can now be intermittently “correct”. Like Lady MacBeth, the blood can never be washed off. (And of course this does not take into account the anti-democratic electoral college, which is the absurd mechanism the Trump movement is banking on entirely.)

          So despite Tom Anderson’s rather confident prediction below, ridding the nation of the vile political criminal in the WH (and his horrendous toadies) will take a Herculean national effort; there’s just no way around that, given the complete collapse of all our institutions and the election shenanigans that the Repub party is certain to pull wherever it can. And that still leaves the Gravedigger of Democracy McConnell to deal with.

          The national and constitutional rot has become quite pervasive as a result of the “conservative” movement, there’s no way to sugar coat it. And Biden’s (oft-bleated) belief that removing Trump will materially alter Repub behavior is dark comedy, not to mention an insult to any informed person’s intelligence.

          • Submitted by Paul Brandon on 03/08/2020 - 10:43 am.

            I agree with much of what you’ve said.
            However, it’s much easier to answer a poll than to vote, so it’s not clear how stated preferences will translate to actual voting behavior.
            And of course it’s possible to agree with Trump’s positions while rejecting him as a person and an executive.

  6. Submitted by Hiram Foster on 03/06/2020 - 11:08 am.

    It’s time to start hammering Trump ceaselessly. This is one reason why I am looking to Rep. Omar to shift her support from Sanders to Biden.

    • Submitted by Connie Sullivan on 03/06/2020 - 12:30 pm.

      Too bad Rep. Omar is not politically clever enough to do that!

      The Bloomberg attack on Trump will continue, and if you’ve seen any of Bloomberg’s anti-Trump print or media ads you know that they are absolutely top-notch and very hard-hitting. Bloomberg will also help elect a Democratic Senate and keep the House Democratic. With his hundreds of millions to help down-ballot candidates.

      Biden will reach out to everybody (Sanders doesn’t know how to do that, sadly) and get us all to calm down and stop hating other Americans who don’t toe one or the other political line. He will unite us, in a soft voice that will contrast with Trump’s tantrums and preening at rallies.

      America is ready for domestic peace in our time, and progressive politics without the screaming.

    • Submitted by LK WOODRUFF on 03/06/2020 - 12:42 pm.

      I agree. I remember watching the numbers on tv on election night in 2016. Suddenly about 10 p.m. CST they ALL shifted ever so slightly…in favor of Trump. Close enough to keep viewing interesting–ratings!–but decidedly in favor of Trump. I’ve always noticed ‘patterns’ all of my life; it comes naturally. I sat up dumbfounded. I texted my son saying: “We have all been played.” I shut off all electronics I was do angry. Over time I’ve shared this with a few folks in authority, but let’s face it: even Mueller’s Report was blocked by Barr and the REPs support the most corrupt ‘president’ ever (thanks Putin et al) because they’ve never had this level of power and control before and it took over 40 years and cost Billion$ and they will so not give it up easily! Plus Trump, being the master manipulator he is, no doubt has a dossier on every single congressman of both parties. What’s that saying: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice: shame on me. Do not, America, allow yourselves to be scammed AGAIN in 2020 by these reprehensible types hellbent on destroying all that we hold near and dear: our Constitution, democracy and freedoms and protections.

      • Submitted by Paul Brandon on 03/06/2020 - 07:06 pm.

        Remember that there are demographic patterns in which districts report election results first. This can account for some of the later shifts in voting patterns.
        I’ve seen this in school board elections which are local enough so one can be familiar with which precincts get their results nj first, and how different precincts tend to vote. We know that an early lead can be misleading.

    • Submitted by Tom Anderson on 03/06/2020 - 06:50 pm.

      “It’s time to start hammering Trump ceaselessly”

      The author and most major media have been doing that for three years. No need to worry about the President being defeated, there aren’t enough voters that don’t hate him.

      Women hate him, minorities hate him, college educated people hate him, pro-choice people hate him, anti-gun people hate him, non-religious people hate him, Muslims and other religious groups hate him, environmentalists hate him… This is only a partial list of the people who won’t be voting for the President so everyone calm down and get ready for President Biden to return the country back to normal.

  7. Submitted by joe smith on 03/06/2020 - 11:20 am.

    Take a look at the vote tallies for President Trump, running unopposed, so far in the 2020 primaries. That tells a different story.

    • Submitted by Dennis Wagner on 03/06/2020 - 11:43 am.

      OK Joe what is that story? Please enlighten.

    • Submitted by Rachel Kahler on 03/06/2020 - 12:10 pm.

      What story is that?

    • Submitted by RB Holbrook on 03/06/2020 - 12:27 pm.

      In Minnesota, Trump got 138,136 votes running unopposed (by ukase). Individually, both Biden and Sanders beat that total.

      In fact, counting on my fingers, nearly 3/4 million people voted in the Democratic primary vs. a tad more than 138,000 Republicans.

    • Submitted by LK WOODRUFF on 03/06/2020 - 12:44 pm.

      Running unopposed. In a democracy. This should stop your heart.

      • Submitted by Harris Goldstein on 03/06/2020 - 01:07 pm.

        Running unopposed is not, in and by itself, antithetical to democracy.

        But running unopposed because your state party only allowed one person on the ballot or cancelled the primary altogether – that’s antithetical to democracy.

        Guess which party did that.

  8. Submitted by Joel Stegner on 03/06/2020 - 12:45 pm.

    Here is a point people don’t bring up. Trump is a constant downer – entirely negative. His family makes the situation twice as bad. Defeat him and you will never ever again forced to listen to his nonsense, lies, insults, bragging, bullying or think about who completely vile he is. That alone should be enough for decent people to defeat him in a landslide and start the healing.

    • Submitted by Tom Anderson on 03/07/2020 - 10:57 pm.

      Actually, many people see President Trump as very positive, especially about America and how great a country it is. There are others who are slightly more negative, focusing on the racism, income inequality, coming environmental damage, educational inequity, homelessness, endless war, etc. that they see in America (and have for decades in some instances).

  9. Submitted by Brian Simon on 03/06/2020 - 05:14 pm.

    It is interesting, to me, that the 538 dataset shows Sanders outperforming Biden against Trump. Sure, it’s too soon to make predictions. But it’s not too soon to take stock in the state of the race & point out that, as has been said before, the Dem establishment in particular, & the Dem primary electorate, generally, are out of touch with what the American people want.

    In 2016 Sanders & Trump ran on blowing up the system, while Clinton ran on tweaking around the edges, but leaving the system generally intact. Clinton lost. Supporters blame the Russians, and Comey, and perhaps others like facebook or the media (always the media). The thing is, it shouldn’t have even been close. A dem politician with a bold vision would have mopped the floor with Trump. Instead, we got Climton proposing more of the same transfer of wealth from the 90% to the 1%; stagnant wages for working people; coddling of wall street & big business – so people rolled the dice with Trump, and here we are.

    Back to the 2020 polling, people see the reality of the Trump admin & have realized that’s not the kind of change we need. Biden’s platform; a reversion to Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama mean, has some appeal; but the Sanders vision seemingly has more.

    • Submitted by Tom Crain on 03/13/2020 - 12:55 pm.

      It is the rust belt states that Trump needs to win. His only path to re-election. It is also these same states where a populist message like Sanders’ will beat an establishment message like Washington insider Biden. This is what should concern.
      Middle-class Joe doesn’t even beat Trump in PA or WI according to the 538 # listed in the article. Sanders does, and also shows a more comfortable margin in MI. OH has a lack of polling for some reason.

  10. Submitted by Frank Phelan on 03/06/2020 - 08:58 pm.

    The outcome of this election is very much up in the air.

    • Submitted by Laura Summers on 03/07/2020 - 10:03 am.

      I agree. Exit + entrance polls from last week also indicate that the outcome of our Democratic primary contest is far from certain. There are a couple of statistical points of particular interest to me that show up clearly in our Minnesota primary. There were many more women than men who turned out according to the exit poll, i.e. males, 42% and females 58%). The female vote for the three leading contenders in MN was Biden, 41%; Sanders, 25% and Warren, 19%.

      Female preferences were even more stark in Virginia: Biden, 57%; Sanders, 19%, and Warren, 12%.

      There are wide variations to be noted, however, especially the fact that women in Vermont gave 51% of their votes to Sanders. The super-Tuesday averages for all of the states in which exit or entrance polls were conducted–I couldn’t find any for Arkansas, Utah or Samoa– show Biden winning the female vote by 38% on average; Sanders, 26% and Warren, 15%. As for the average male vote on super-Tuesday, the tally is Biden, 35%; Sanders, 33% and Warren, 10%.

      Of course, I’m ignoring delegate counts here, but exit and entrance polls do give us a preliminary indication of emerging gender preferences.

  11. Submitted by Paul Udstrand on 03/07/2020 - 11:29 am.

    Sander’s has been pointing to these polls for weeks, they shouldn’t surprise anyone.

    It’s important to remember that Trump didn’t win in 2016 as much as Clinton lost. Clinton’s weak performance here wasn’t driven by Trumps popularity, it was driven by Clinton’s unpopularity. As long as Democrats don’t put another Clinton on the ballot they can expect to win MN.

    I’m not saying this to beat on Clinton, it’s just saying that for some reason the media has had a hard time getting their heads around this. Trump didn’t win because he’s a master politician that everyone wanted to vote for, he just lost an unpopularity contest. It’s always been unlikely that that would work for him a second time. The media just can’t resist the urge to pretend than anyone who wins an election but be a great politician.

    I’ve always thought it kind of weird that while Eric has been monitoring Trump’s polling numbers, Eric’s narrative is that Trump’s numbers don’t get worse, and this somehow indicates Trump’s enduring strength. Trump’s numbers have been consistently bad since he got elected, that tells us he’s weak, not strong. Again, I think the problem here is that media analysts can’t get their heads around the fact that a weak and unpopular candidate won the election. As far as I can tell Sanders has polled ahead of Trump for 4 years.

    Of course Biden also polls ahead, but again, this shouldn’t surprise anyone because Trump is in many ways an historically weak and unpopular president.

    • Submitted by Brian Simon on 03/09/2020 - 07:40 am.

      Exactly. The evidence strongly points to a Trump ceiling. The Dem nominee needs to outperform Clinton by a small margin to swing several critical states away from Trump.

  12. Submitted by Paul Udstrand on 03/07/2020 - 11:38 am.

    By the way, Sanders and Warren are the only candidates that beat Trump in every poll taken last month. Sanders’ margins were larger.

    • Submitted by Paul Brandon on 03/08/2020 - 10:51 am.

      Looking at that site I see a whole lot of blue.
      And digging some trends out of it, there are a number of cases where earlier polls show Trump winning, but later ones by the same poller show him losing or tied.

    • Submitted by Paul Brandon on 03/08/2020 - 10:56 am.

      And if you look on the same site for Biden vs. Trump, you’ll see that about 90% of those polls show Biden winning. The most recent ones showing Trump winning were about three weeks ago, before the Biden surge.

    • Submitted by Paul Udstrand on 03/09/2020 - 12:32 pm.

      Yes Paul, we can all go look at the website.. that’s why I provided the link. Yeah, I’m not sure any of the Democrats lose to Trump more than they win, that’s my point- Trump is a weak candidate, let’s stop pretending that MN is in play just because Clinton performed so poorly here in 2016. THAT election was an outlier, it’s very unlikely that the next Democrat will be that unpopular.

      If anyone wants to go and count all of the rest of the polls they can, but the fact remains that Sanders and Warren are the only candidates to best Trump in every poll in the last 30 days.

  13. Submitted by Joe Musich on 03/07/2020 - 08:34 pm.

    Nothing would please me more then to see the current occupant ousted. That being said, there is no way I can absolutely say that if a dem is elected that most people’s lives would be better. For example It has been decades since the minimum wage has been upgraded to the current reality for income expense needs. And then there is the standard of living for poverty. We do not even need to get into the expenses for healthcare, housing etc to know that inequity exits. It seems to me that only some whole scale changes in our sociology economic structure are needed. The current occupant has made it worse. Who can make it better ?

    • Submitted by Paul Udstrand on 03/09/2020 - 12:34 pm.

      Americans can make it better. Sanders and Warren are calling on Americans to step up and do just that. We’ve done it before we can do it again.

  14. Submitted by Henk Tobias on 03/09/2020 - 09:08 am.

    I have property in Northern Wisconsin, lots of MAGA folks live in the area. There is a full on Trumper running for office up that way, I see his ads here on my TeeVee occasionally. In the past I would see campaign sign plastered all over for these kinds of candidates, his signs are there, but not nearly the saturation that I would expect. It might just be that its still early, but it could also be that his/Trump’s kind of politics are getting a little old, even for the red hats in the hinterlands.

    • Submitted by Paul Udstrand on 03/09/2020 - 12:42 pm.

      I suspect that practicality is finally wining the day. For years now these folks have been saying that they don’t like his tweets or his behavior but his policies are solid. Well, turns out his tweets and his behavior ARE his policies and he really is ALL about his own ego. Some rural folk have their foibles but they’re NOT complete idiots at the end of the day.

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