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The Trump campaign ad touting the administration’s coronavirus response is really something

But it is not, in any way, even close to being honest.

The Trump campaign is running a TV ad touting the administration’s great work in combatting the coronavirus. It contains footage from CNN and elsewhere that is highly edited, snipping words out of context from clips that, if shown in full, give a very different impression. I would call the add highly, deeply and widely deceptive. But I wouldn’t expect anyone to take my word for it, any more than I would expect Trump admirers to agree with that conclusion if God stated it in fiery letters in the sky.

But, for those with open minds, and assuming you’re going to see the ad, I’ll link below to the workup of the ad from the highly-esteemed Washington Post Fact-Checker operation.

If, after reading and watching the Post’s workup, you find the ad within screaming distance of honest, I have some land in Wuhan I’d like to sell you.

The Post’s item, which includes embedded video from the ad, is readable (and viewable) here.

An ad is an ad. Nobody expects it to meet the norms of fairness and accuracy of a news story from a reputable publication. But if you bought a product based on an ad this deceptive, you’d demand a refund.

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