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Frontline’s ‘The Choice’ tells the Biden, Trump stories

“The Choice,” smart as ever, airs tonight on TPT 2 in the Twin Cities and on other PBS stations everywhere.

Since 1988, which is longer ago than it sounds like to an old man like me, PBS’ great documentary unit called Frontline has aired side by side documentaries about the two major party nominees for president, always titled “The Choice.”

The 2020 version airs tonight (Tuesday, Sept. 22) at 8 on TPT 2. Spoiler alert: In case you hadn’t heard, the two choices are Joe Biden and Donald Trump. I’ve previewed it. It’s solid, as always.

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But, to be frank, the usual effort to be even-handed in presenting ‘the choice” seemed more of a struggle than usual. I sympathize with the filmmakers. Pairing any normal presidential nominee, which I would say pretty much describes Joe Biden, with Donald Trump, and trying to come across as what the objectivity nerds call “even handed” is a particular challenge. 

Nonetheless, Frontline, sort of, does its best to tell the two candidates’ stories straight and neutral. As I often note, Trump has made it hard bordering on impossible to play the old “neutral,” “objective” role. But they try.

“The Choice,” smart as ever, airs tonight on PBS stations everywhere. If you’re an undecided voter (or should I say the undecided voter), you should watch it. Believe it or not, Election Day is just six Tuesdays away. And may God, or whatever you believe can bless something, bless the United States of America.