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And now, a choice serving from Bret Stephens

The New York Times columnist considers the 2022 Arizona U.S. Senate contest.

Bret Stephens occupies the moderate (non-Trump) Republican seat on the New York Times editorial page, which led to this hilarious comment in the latest transcripted exchange with liberal Gail Collins for the ongoing op-ed series called “The Conversation.”

Collins coaxed Stephens to admit that, if the Trumpy Republican Blake Masters is the nominee against moderate incumbent Democrat (and astronaut) Mark Kelly, in the 2022 Arizona Senate contest, Stephens would break party ranks and support Kelly.

To which Stephens replied:

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“Yes, reluctantly. As David Sedaris might put it, the choice between Democrats and most Republicans these days is like a choice between a day-old baloney sandwich with a sad little pickle on a stale roll versus a plate of rancid chicken served with a sprinkling of anthrax on a bed of broken glass.

I’ll take the sandwich.”

The full Collins-Stephens exchange is transcribed on the Times op-ed page here.