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Biden’s latest approval rating gives reason for hope against Trump comeback

Columnist Eric Black writes that Biden’s small comeback gives him hope that a small, sane majority will keep Trump out of the White House.

President Joe Biden
President Joe Biden
REUTERS/Leah Millis

I’d like to say I’m a recovering politics junkie, but there’s not that much evidence I’m recovering even as I edge toward retirement. 

For example, I still look, pretty much every day, at the constantly updated graphic that tracks the movement of President Joe Biden’s approval rating. 

The big picture is that after a brief and not-terribly-romantic honeymoon, with Biden’s approval around 55%, Biden never got above that level and fell steadily for two years, bottoming out at around 38 percent approval last July.

But Ol’ Joe has staged a small comeback. Not into positive territory but at least back to the 40s. Today, for the first time in a long time, Biden is a tiny titch less than 10 points underwater with an approval of 42.5 and a disapproval of 52.4. (I said it was a tiny titch. We’ll see if it keeps going up.)

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I try to keep in mind that Biden is the guy that beat Trump (although the gracious Mr. T has never acknowledged his defeat and last week completely lost his mind and called for overthrowing the Constitution). 

My gut tells me that Biden knows he shouldn’t seek a second term. I hope he won’t. The most important thing is to keep Trump out of the White House while some remnants of our democracy are still intact.

And the small comeback in Biden’s approval numbers, plus the midterm results, give me a ray of hope that, at least as long as Trump is in the picture, a small, sane majority of the country understands the importance of keeping him — and anyone who resembles him — out of the Oval Office.

Don’t check it every day (although I do), but for the full picture Biden’s approval ups and downs, feel free to click here.