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Daily Glean: Mpls Schools plan DOA, and we’re near tops in airfare

District to unveil new timeline — sometime. And what’s the best summer movie since “Raiders of the Lost Ark”?

To the surprise of almost no one, Minneapolis Public Schoolsplan to close four buildings really is “DOA,” according to the Strib’s Patrice Relerford. The scheme, announced late last month, was heading for a vote later this month. Superintendent Bill Green says a new timeline for making a decision on cutting costs will be introduced … soon.

Registering low on the shock scale, the PiPress’s John Welbes reports that airfares rose higher in the Twin Cities than all but one other airport in the country. Writes Welbes, “Average domestic airfares at Minneapolis-St. Paul jumped from $362.89 in the last quarter of 2007 to $435.03 in the same quarter of 2008, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics. That’s a 19.9 percent increase and it left Minneapolis-St. Paul as No. 5 out of 100 airports nationally on the highest average domestic airfare list.” Remind me again, why were we so upset about Delta buying up Northwest?

The Minnesota Independent’s Chris Steller reports that Team Franken is bringing in a handsomely pedigreed female attorney to support its case before the Minnesota Supreme Court. A woman will be a first in the long-running, all-boys fracas. Unlike Team Coleman’s Ben Ginsberg, the new attorney, Lisa Manheim, from Seattle, will have standing in Minnesota.

Demolitions of vacant houses have increased four times over in Minneapolis and 16 times over in St. Paul in the past two years, reports the Strib’s Chris Havens. Minneapolis has 60 more buildings on its to-whack list; St. Paul has 90. The potential for victory gardens in increasing.

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KSTP’s Susanna Song does a story on the “to booze or not to booze” debate at the soon-to-open TCF Bank Stadium on the U of M campus. The U is still insisting booze will be sold only to the swells in luxury boxes. But Iron Range legislator Dave Tomassoni isn’t happy. “The understanding was if they were going to serve alcohol, they were going to, to raise revenue.” Maybe if they charged the luxe crowd $50 a beer it’d even out revenue-wise?

On the subject of schools and superintendents … who says there’s a recession going on when you can make $1,000 a day as a consultant? This is the rate the Strib’s Bob Von Sternberg says former St. Paul Superintendent Meria Carstarphen has been pulling down in Austin, Texas, before taking over formally … at $275K annually.

One more school-related item. The Strib’s Dennis Brackin has a piece up with the embarrassing revelation that the U of M and Ole Miss are the only two BCS football programs that will lose scholarships because of poor academic performance. The official explanation is that new coach Tim Brewster had to slap together a team on the run after taking over from Glenn Mason … oh, and the five players tossed because of the 2007 sexual assault business also had something to do with bad grades. Other than that, things are great.

Over at City Pages, Bradley Campbell covers the resignation of the  Minnesota Daily’s editor-in-chief, who, if we’re following this right, violated the rules of his suspension by altering copy on the Daily’s website. Good thing he didn’t trying flipping over a car in Dinkytown.

If that “Wolverine” movie is predictable junk, the Strib’s Colin Covert sees only good things in the new “StarTrek” opening everywhere here and on Vulcan this week. Says Covert, “It’s engagingly acted, intelligently scripted and confidently directed. Put it alongside“Casino Royale” and “Batman Begins”as a fresh start that gets almost everything right.” The PiPress’s Chris Hewitt calls it the best summer movie since “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

Charlie “Shooter” Walters writes in the PiPress that a Brett Favre deal may cost the Vikings about $12 million over two years, with lots of incentives built in. Like how about he pays us fans for every fourth-quarter interception he throws?