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Saints beat the Vikings: What now?

ALSO: Good times for the Central Library and the pierogies; highs and lows in local hip-hop.

It was a close game — 31-28 in overtime — but this is neither a game of horseshoes nor hand grenades, and so the Vikings’ hopes of playing in the Super Bowl end, as do anything that connects the Vikings with the Super Bowl, with a fizzle rather than a bang. This has got to be a disappointment for the Red Wing fellow who has been refusing to shave his beard until the Vikes win the NFL championship, reported by the Associated Press; but, then, who knows? Perhaps he has grown to love his Civil War-era-looking neckbeard, and the Vikes’ loss is a relief.

For other Vikings fans, however, it was, in the words of KARE11’s Scott Seroka, “heartbreak; His story details glassy-eyed fans exiting Bunny’s Bar in St. Louis Park, one complaining, “You can’t live with that… a curse?  But it’ll be tough to sleep tonight, it’s hard to take.”

So what now? Well, two questions spring to mind: What of the new Vikings stadium that Zygi Wilf has been wanting, and what of Brett Favre? The first question is up in the air, although columnist Nick Coleman doesn’t seem hopeful that this loss will encourage the building of a new stadium. Actually, Coleman hasn’t been a fan of the new stadium, and seems positively gleeful on Twitter, saying “Damn! Can’t find that billion I had for a new Vikings stadium! Just saw it earlier today! Who took my stadium stash?

In related news, Indepedence Party gubernatorial candidate Joe Repya made a case for Minnesota owning a majority share in the Vikings, as reported by Paul Schmelzer of the Minnesota Independent; apparently, since leaving the GOP, Repya has become a socialist, at least as far as sports are concerned. But, then, he made his case before the Vikes lost in New Orleans, so perhaps he has changed his mind.

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As for Favre, well, you remember how at the start of the season he was unsure if he would play for the Vikings or retire? According to Thayer Evan of the New York Times, those halcyon days are back. Thayer quotes Favre: “In a situation like this, I really don’t want to make a decision right now based on what’s happened because I do know the year could not have gone any better aside from us not going to Miami.” The Associated Press quotes Vikings coach Brad Childress on the subject: “I told him go home and lick your wounds and I’ll do the same and we’ll catch up down the road.” Favre has a year left on his two-year contract with the Vikes, so we can probably expect a lot of indecision before the next season begins.

But if these are bad days for sports fans, they’re pretty good ones for tweed-wearing nerds with owl-like spectacles who probably were only vaguely aware there was a sporting event Sunday, preferring to spend it in downtown Minneapolis’ grand Central Library. Well, they should be thanking athletes and their supporters — thanks to them, the library will now be open on Mondays for the first time in three-plus years. According to the AP, the funds to open the library come from the Minnesota Twins ballpark sales tax. We at the Daily Glean are certain that nerds dropped their slide rulers in excitement, but expect that we’re wrong, as obviously our idea of what a nerd is comes from sometime back in the 1940s and hasn’t been updated since then.

And if today is a good one for nerds, tomorrow may be a great one for pierogis. Abby Simons of the Star Tribune tells the tale of artist Jeff Lohaus, who wants to create a 17-foot statue of the East European dumpling to be put on the corner of Central and Lowry avenues in Northeast Minneapolis. The statue would cost $100,000. Maybe the money can be raised through a tax on some appropriate sport … Bocce, perhaps.

While Northeast Minneapolis prepares to celebrate a dumpling, the Twin Cities hip-hop community was celebrating themselves this past Friday at the Twin Cities Hip Hop Awards at First Avenue. We’d like to report on who won, but it doesn’t seem to be posted online — at least, our Google-Fu has failed us on this. What has been making the rounds on the Internet is reports of a fight that broke out onstage during the event. Hip-hop artist Franz Diego posted a disgusted description of the event on his Facebook page: “Well, here comes a random guy onto the stage who grabs a mic and just starts yelling stuff … But then the Host got upset that the man was not leaving and started calling for security, yelling it out loud repeatedly, but still, it appeared as if he was joking, he did not change his demeanor or tone of voice, it just seemed like a joke … Next thing I know, they get closer and the host is swinging on the man and then all hell breaks loose people rush security and the stage, grab bottles and other objects and just start punching and kicking.” has video of the event, as does Minneapolis Metblogs.

Not a true showing of TC hip hop,” complains a commenter on Chris Riemenschneider’s blog, which is probably fair. As an example, the event happened the same night as the release part for a new CD by local hip-hop artist Dessa Darling, and it’s her CD Mayor R.T. Rybak will be sending to New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin as part of the settlement for the gentleman’s bet they had over Sunday’s football game. No fights broke out at Dessa’s show.