Tom Emmer reportedly ready to concede this morning


If it’s true, KSTP’s Tom Hauser gets the No. 1 Dog Award for being first with the news that Tom Emmer will concede the governor’s race to Mark Dayton at 10:30 a.m. today. This, after the Supreme Court essentially deprived him of any rational means to contest the election in court. Reports Hauser: “Three Republican Party sources confirm that Emmer made the decision Tuesday afternoon. Emmer told me in a one-on-one interview on Friday, he wouldn’t continue the fight if it looked like there would be no valid basis.”

In the Strib, Rachel Stassen-Berger writes: “[A] poll released Tuesday shows that two-thirds of Minnesotans believe Dayton has won the race and that Emmer should concede. Super-majorities of Democrats and independents said the game is over for Emmer, according to the Public Policy Polling survey conducted over the weekend. A plurality — but not a majority — of Republicans polled said Emmer should continue his fight.” By all means. I mean there’s still a chance ACORN rigged this one, too.

Elizabeth Dunbar at MPR is among those filings reports on the state’s congressional delegation’s attitude toward the tax cut deal cut in D.C.: “Rep. Betty McCollum, a St. Paul Democrat, called the plan ‘irresponsible’ and said she would oppose it. Rep. Keith Ellison, a Minneapolis Democrat, issued a joint statement with Rep. Raul Grijalva of Arizona, urging members of Congress to pass a middle class tax cut ‘with no strings attached.’ The deal reached Monday extends income tax cuts to all Americans, including the wealthy, for two years. McCollum and Ellison oppose extending the tax cuts to the wealthy. ‘This is a deal that will continue to explode the deficit, while the rich get richer and struggling middle class families get crumbs,’ McCollum said in a written statement.” MinnPost’s Derek Wallbank reports here.

Outgoing 8th District Congressman Jim Oberstar is quoted saying “he hasn’t decided how to vote. ‘There are a lot of questions I will need to have addressed before I can decide if I will support a tax cut for millionaires that will cost more than the stimulus package, which Republicans opposed so bitterly.’

Speaking of bogus ballots, that Apple Valley couple that put the question of whether they should have an abortion to a public vote, tossed out 1.6 million “fradulent” mostly “no” votes and decided to have the baby. Jessica Fleming of the PiPress writes: “[Husband] Pete Arnold told CNN a few weeks ago that the couple never intended to have an abortion. But Alisha Arnold wrote afterward she believes in abortion rights and had been conflicted about giving birth. The differing views on the subject were part of the reason for starting the website. Alisha Arnold wrote: ‘So although my feelings about this pregnancy and Baby ‘Wiggles’ have changed during the time that the website has been up and I don’t believe I could go through with an abortion now, it doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in a woman’s right to make that decision.’ ”  So here’s my dilemma: Should I renounce Satan or not? You decide.

What’s the point of all that apocalyptic thinking if not to make a bigger buck? Strib columnist Jon Tevlin turns in a piece on a Superior, Wis., jeweler/messianic elder pushing baubles and bling at “50% off” in the context of the day of reckoning being nigh. Writes Tevlin: “Falter began airing a commercial for LTD [jewelry] recently that begins with ominous music and an earthly landscape besieged by fire and lightning. Falter faces the camera and delivers his message: Did you know the Bible predicts the day of the Lord, followed by the return of Jesus Christ to Jerusalem? As I read the daily news and look around the world, I believe we’re really close to that day. Nonetheless, here and now, if you want jewelry, I have access to millions. Diamonds and gemstones, gold, silver, watches and clocks, and I’m selling everything at 50 percent off, giving you unbelievable savings. Falter says he came up with the idea after an inspiring trip to Israel that convinced him he needed to be more vocal about his faith.” … And big discounts over Jared and Kay.

Elsewhere in the fine, but curious state to our east, a Sheboygan wife, 57, made a court appearance after biting off a chunk of her husband’s tongue. He, by the way, is 79. The Sheboygan Press fills in details missing from other reports: “Assistant District Attorney Jim Haasch had requested the evaluation, calling her behavior ‘very bizarre to say the least.’ He said Karen Lueders had experienced ‘very manic episodes’ of late. Karen Lueders did not speak during the court appearance, but she leaned over to a reporter as she was escorted out in handcuffs, saying, ‘I love you, it’s too bad you don’t listen.’ While leaving the courtroom she continued in the same singsong voice, saying, ‘I love you. Karen Lueders.’ According to authorities: A criminal complaint said Karen Lueders was ‘still carrying a New Year’s horn in her hand and singing Christmas carols’ outside her house as the first police officers arrived on scene. They had been summoned by a 911 call from her husband. As officers asked what kind of help was needed, Karen Lueders blew the horn in an officer’s ear. She also threw a coffee cup at police.” But since we’re talking Wisconsin, where do they get off calling this “bizarre”?

Phil Mackey, on the ESPN 1500 blog, offers optimism that the Twins can sign pitcher Carl Pavano. He also reports, “At one point on Tuesday, the Baltimore Orioles were reportedly on the verge of acquiring shortstop Jason Bartlett from the Tampa Bay Rays for outfielder Nolan Reimold, but that deaal has apparently fallen through.  If the Orioles don’t land Bartlett, it’s possible they could turn their attention to [Twins] shortstop J.J. Hardy.

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  1. Submitted by Greg Kapphahn on 12/08/2010 - 07:49 am.

    Wow! Sore loserdom arrives early in the morning on MinnPost!

    If I’d known you guys were the ones who were secretly able to pull the strings which decided who the next governor would be, I wouldn’t have bothered to contribute to my own political party or even vote!

    But somehow, I think there were a few other people involved…

    The voting citizens of the State of Minnesota, might even have had something to do with this result, perhaps. (snark intended)

  2. Submitted by Joseph Skar on 12/08/2010 - 07:54 am.

    I thought the headline would have been, We Won or Two for Two.

  3. Submitted by Ray Schoch on 12/08/2010 - 08:32 am.

    If I remember correctly – and I may not – Mr. Swift “[couldn’t] wait for Tom Emmer to be sworn in as Governor,” or something pretty close to that. If Emmer concedes this morning, Emmer and Mr. Swift (and several other MinnPost regulars) will be sorely disappointed.

    Not to worry, folks. If the past decade across the nation is any guide, we can expect Republicans in the legislature to begin pushing culture war buttons as soon as they’ve redecorated their new offices, and perhaps even before they’ve begun to cut state funding for all those frivolous lefty programs.

    For us ordinary citizens, Dayton’s win poses a conundrum, since there’s a distinct possibility that internecine political warfare between the Democratic Governor and the Republican legislature over the budget deficit and those lefty programs will end up in paralysis, which might serve ideological ends, but not the public interest. In that context, it seems possible that Mark Dayton might decide that pragmatism is more valuable than orthodoxy, and end up being the Minnesota equivalent – at least when it comes to “compromise” that his supporters find odious – of Mr. Obama. On with the show!!

  4. Submitted by Jackson Cage on 12/08/2010 - 09:16 am.

    Tom Hauser and KSTP got the scoop on news from the Republican party? Wow, it’s almost like they had some sort of, ya know, close inside connection or something.

  5. Submitted by Brian Simon on 12/08/2010 - 09:23 am.

    “it seems possible that Mark Dayton might decide that pragmatism is more valuable than orthodoxy, and end up being the Minnesota equivalent – at least when it comes to “compromise” that his supporters find odious – of Mr. Obama.”

    Perhaps. But remember that President Obama is still dealing with a Dem controlled Congress, believe it or not, while Dayton will face a Repub controlled Lege, for at least the first 2 years.

  6. Submitted by Paul Udstrand on 12/08/2010 - 10:04 am.

    OK, I was wrong. Emmer is displaying a level of integrity this morning that I didn’t think he possessed. A cynic could say that he doesn’t have much choice, and in truth he doesn’t. Nevertheless credit where credit is due.

    His supporters here on Minnpost on the other hand, not so much. Minnpost did not put Dayton in the Governors mansion, the people of MN voted him into that office.

    As for Hauser’s scoop, it has long been apparent that KSTP is the favorite of the GOP. I’m not impressed.

  7. Submitted by Beryl John-Knudson on 12/08/2010 - 11:12 am.

    Looking at the family picture from Emmer’s morning press conference, and yet, not to intrude on family privacy, but…the short fellow with the cool headgear standing in front of his mother, looks like he could just be contemplating a future in the political arena, maybe?

    Let’s hope we leave the very young all the possibilities for a better world than we’ve been viewing lately; locally, nationally, globally…leave them a viable legacy.

  8. Submitted by Hillary Drake on 12/08/2010 - 01:49 pm.

    Bob Collins wrote a post about that jeweler on News Cut last week –

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