Bachmann pushes ‘PerryCare’ label


Twenty-five years ago, Jessica McClure fell down a well in Texas. Perhaps in tribute, Michele Bachmann recorded a web video against “PerryCare” that sounds like it was recorded in a well. Bachmann’s riff — with echoes of “ObamaCare” and “RomneyCare” — is meant to bumper-sticker Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s ultimately aborted 2007 HPV vaccine mandate. Some question the congresswoman doubling down on a controversy that’s ensnared her, but at least she was looking right at the camera. Worth noting: The lefty site ThinkProgress used the term  “PerryCare” 10 days ago, though not in the same way.

You know all those stories about how ObamaCare is helping people? You don’t? Oh, OK — here’s one from the Des Moines Register. OK, she’s an Iowan, but the accident that started a medical crisis exceeding the old insurance caps occurred in the BWCA.

The Day of the Long Knives: Unnamed Pawlenty for President staffers are apparently carving up campaign manager Nick Ayers, a wonderboy who was earlier the subject of laudatory coverage. This is at least the second hit piece the rightie Daily Caller has done on Ayers; the mega-sin here, aside from seeking laudatory coverage for himself, is leaving Eagan’s humble T-Paw half a million bucks worth of debt. But there’s a D.C. fundraiser for him Tuesday.

The BWCA fire has, in the words of one commander, been “taking a nap” for two days. The Strib’s Baird Helgeson says a 500-person crew is ready to resume what has been a $2.2 million fight against a 150-square-mile blaze. The fire is completely uncontained, the PiPress’ Dave Orrick and Dennis Lien note. Silver lining: The fire will help moose, MPR’s Elizabeth Dunbar reports. “As soon as I heard there was a fire up there, I thought — woo-hoo!” confesses one biologist who says moose like to eat new growth. More big MPR photos here.

Finance & Commerce’s Burl Gilyard has an interesting story on Minneapolis’s “shadow” condo rental market. Apartment developments are booming right now, including luxury apartments, especially in Minneapolis, thanks to an official vacancy rate under 3 percent. However, existing developers are skeptical the market is that tight because of possibly unlicensed apartments. There’s some incentive for condo owners to hide their rentals — a $76 city fee, for example. There are 8,500 Twin Cities units on the drawing board currently.

The Business Journal ranks Minnesota’s most affluent cities: Dellwood was No. 1 (and 67th in the nation), followed by North Oaks; both north of St. Paul, and Orono, Deephaven and Tonka Bay out by Lake Minnetonka. No shock — Edina was tops among cities over 10,000 population, then Mendota Heights, Chanhassen, Eden Prairie and Plymouth. All but Plymouth are in the top 1,000 of 14,214 nationally. The Journal used a 12-point formula based on the 2010 Census. You can find the national list, including Minnesota, here.

Nort spews: As the Lynx prep for their first playoff game tonight, Maya Moore has been named WNBA Rookie of the Year and Cheryl Reeve Coach of the Year. The Lynx have the league’s best regular-season record. The Business Journal features the Minnesota’s highest-paid athletes, as well as most overpaid and underpaid. Schadenfreude alert, Twolves fans: Christian Laettner might be going to jail.

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  1. Submitted by Thomas Swift on 09/16/2011 - 04:34 pm.


    Since Global Warming caused the BWCA fire, and since the fire will help save teh moose, am I a helper to the creatures of Mother’s Forest Floor every time I settle into the leathery luxury of my Caddi?

  2. Submitted by Greg Kapphahn on 09/17/2011 - 09:37 am.

    Whether or not the boundary waters fire helps or hurts nature depends on how much you loved the existing ecosystem, primarily dense pine forest and how disappointed you’ll be that, due to global climate change, what’s likely to grow up in it’s place after the fire is oak savannah.

    Oak savannah is beautiful in it’s own right, but it’s a very different, far more open, far less remote-seeming environment than dense pine forest.

    But I’m sure the folks in Texas won’t mind losing their former ecosystems – the “piny woods” of East Texas and vast grasslands to massive wildfires as long as folks driving big gas guzzlers keep their oil money rolling in.

    After all, what’s the death of an entire tourist industry and a few million less cattle being produced and a few thousand bankrupt ranchers as a new desert comes to “life” in comparison to a few billion dollars of oil money padding the pockets of the already fabulously wealthy?

    Indeed, the WHOLE WORLD could become a desert as far as our nation’s wealthiest citizens and corporations are concerned, as long as the money keeps rolling in.

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