Bachmann: Muslim infiltration is ‘truly breathless’

I tell you what, ma’am, why don’t you just give us the shorter list, the one of those who aren’t “deeply penetrated” by the Muslim Brotherhood? Kevin Diaz of the Strib writes about Our Favorite Congresswoman doubling down on her Muslim phobia: “Shrugging off criticism from GOP leaders in Congress, Minnesota Republican Michele Bachmann broadened her allegations Thursday of Islamic infiltration in the U.S. government, accusing Democrat Keith Ellison of associations with the Muslim Brotherhood. ‘He has a long record of being associated with [the Council on American–Islamic Relations] and with the Muslim Brotherhood,’ Bachmann told right-wing radio and TV show host Glenn Beck. Beck, in a supportive interview of Bachmann, accused McCain, the 2008 GOP presidential candidate, of ‘falling right in line with the Muslim Brotherhood bull crap.’ He also compared Ellison, the first Muslim in Congress, to a ‘Mafia hit man.’ Bachmann used the interview to expand on her campaign to root out Muslim Brotherhood infiltration in the government, which she said ‘truly is breathless.’ ” Why do I think she realized she needs to goose her fundraising?

Did you see the Los Angeles Times cartoon of Our Gal, Ms. Palin and Mr. Limbaugh?

Also from L.A., the Times editorializes about “Paranoia in the House”: “[T]he Republican Party as a whole needs to dissociate itself from the larger neo-McCarthyite worldview that informs Bachmann’s ravings. The letters to the inspectors general cited the Center for Security Policy, a group founded by Frank Gaffney, a radio host and former Reagan administration official. The group’s website offers a breathless video tutorial about the stealth ‘civilization jihad’ being pursued by the Muslim Brotherhood through the ‘penetration and subversion of this country’s civil society and governing institutions.’ Such delusions have consequences. On July 15, Clinton’s motorcade in Alexandria, Egypt, was pelted with shoes and tomatoes by protesters who accused the United States of having supported the election of President Mohamed Morsi, the candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood. A New York Times report traced that sentiment in part to a July 4 installment of Gaffney’s online radio program.”

At The Daily Beast, Caitlin Dickson writes: “On Thursday McCain’s argument was substantiated by Ed Rollins, Bachmann’s former presidential campaign chief, who wrote ‘Shame on you, Michele,’ in a op-ed. ‘I am fully aware that she sometimes has difficulty with her facts, but this is downright vicious and reaches the late Senator Joseph McCarthy level.’ Bachmann’s heavy-handed accusations have received significant backlash, and this certainly isn’t the first time she’s said something controversial. But it’s also not the first time she’s targeted another female. Let’s take a look at some of the other ladies Bachmann has taken a swipe at in the past. … Bachmann also suggested that Michelle Obama might run for office one day and her breast-feeding campaign was just a preview of the ‘nanny state’ legislation she’d try to push through if elected. ‘Can you imagine if Laura Bush was doing that, out trying to pass her legislation? I think the media would have been after her.’ ”

The GleanAt The Washington Post, Suzi Parker gets in the fray, saying: “Beck chimed in that ‘John McCain and all of the elephant media are falling right in line with the Muslim Brotherhood.’ And Bachmann agreed: ‘He went on the Senate floor, and he gave a spirited defense of Huma Abedin, who is a friend of his.’ … ganging up on Bachmann, though, only fuels her faithful supporters and those who think the Obama administration harbors a pro-Islamist agenda. Several conservative sites have launched campaigns in support of Bachmann’s call for an investigation, and one called her a ‘Romney VP prospect.’ She’s incredibly savvy at appealing to conspiracy theorists. … Since Obama was elected in 2008, she has sounded an alarm about the nonexistent threat of sharia law in the United States and supported the birther movement. … So far, her rhetoric has only helped her career. Last week, she announced via Twitter that she had raised $1.7 million in three months against her congressional opponent in November, Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party candidate Jim Graves. He has raised $400,000. Of that, $150,000 is his own money. Most of Bachmann’s contributions reportedly come from out of state. And with the coffers filling, don’t expect her to quiet down anytime soon.” Thank you.

Finally (for today), Jon Stewart took a swing at the beach ball on the tee. Christine Friar at The Huffington Post writes: “[O]n Thursday night’s ‘Daily Show,’ Jon Stewart wanted to test her logic. ‘This is Bachmann we’re talking about, I know it’s been thought out very reasonably,’ he joked. But nothing about Abedin and her life choices seemed to suggest to Stewart that she would be anything but a law-abiding citizen:

Oh my god, it’s the perfect cover! An America-hating, Muslim extremist gets a high-profile, stringent background-check job with a former First Lady, marries a pro-Israel Jewish guy and begins producing Muslim-Zionist terror baby armies. Has 9/11 taught us nothing, people?

So he fought Bachmann’s conspiracy theory with one of his own. And while it took Bachmann several degrees of separation to piece together a tie between Abedin and the Brotherhood, it seems that her own ties are a lot closer than she may realize.” Click the last link for “The Daily Show” video.

If one is good, two are better. The GOP has slapped Secretary of State Mark Ritchie with another lawsuit, this one over his retitling of its Voter ID amendment. Don Davis of the Forum papers says: “Paperwork filed with the Minnesota Supreme Court Thursday by Republican legislators and others supporting an amendment requiring Minnesotans to show photographic identification before voting asks that the title legislators approved be restored, replacing one Ritchie wrote. … Attorney General Lori Swanson, also a Democrat, is being sued on both the photo ID and marriage issues because she approved the title changes. … Sen. Scott Newman, R-Hutchinson, said, ‘The Minnesota Constitution provides the Legislature the exclusive authority to propose constitutional amendments to the people.’ ‘The secretary’s title is about as clear as mud.’ Newman said. ‘This is raw partisan politics at its worst. Minnesota deserves better.’ ”

Jim Buchta of the Strib has the June home sales numbers, and they are an improvement: “The Minnesota Association of Realtors said Thursday that statewide home sales were about 5 percent higher than last year. Because of a decline in foreclosure sales, the median price of those deals jumped 10.4 percent to almost $160,000. ‘We’re busier than we’ve been in two years,’ said Denise Green, a sales agent with Thunder Lake Realty in Remer, Minn. Nationally, sales in June were up 4.5 percent from last year but down 5.4 percent from May to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 4.37 million homes, the lowest number of sales since October, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR). The group’s chief economist, Lawrence Yun, said that the decline was the result of supply constraints. ‘Inventory continues to shrink, and that is limiting buying opportunities,’ he said. ‘This, in turn, is pushing up home prices in many markets.’ “

Always good for PR … . Mark Stodghill of the Duluth News Tribune reports: “Two Iron Range men have been charged with a hate crime in connection with a brawl that broke out in a downtown Hibbing parking lot early Sunday morning after the city’s Jubilee Street Dance. Two other men, including the alleged victim of the hate crime, also were charged with assault in the incident, which was caught on nearby surveillance cameras. Nicholas William Dulong, 21, of Chisholm and Jerry Dean Franks, 23, of Side Lake are charged with fourth-degree assault. The fourth-degree charge alleges an assault motivated by bias because of the victim’s race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation or disability. … Hibbing police Investigator Dale Wright interviewed [Domingus] Oatis. Oatis said he was walking toward his car when he was approached by Dulong and Franks, who began calling him the N-word several times. He said he punched Franks in the face and Franks punched him. Oatis said several others got involved and he removed his pocket knife from his pocket. He said he might have stabbed three men, but couldn’t remember everything that happened because of his head injury.”

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Comments (16)

  1. Submitted by Jim Camery on 07/20/2012 - 01:40 pm.

    Now why would she use that phrase?

    “Deeply penetrated”? Really now. A congresswoman’s life is a lonely existence.

  2. Submitted by Phil Dech on 07/20/2012 - 01:50 pm.

    r.e. Ritchie lawsuits

    Newman said, ‘This is raw partisan politics at its worst. Minnesota deserves better.’ Ha! The same could be said about the amendments themselves.

    • Submitted by Neal Krasnoff on 07/20/2012 - 02:29 pm.

      In other words

      you want to radically alter the foundation of American civil society and western civilization, and not prevent electoral fraud.

      Got it. Thanks.

      • Submitted by Matthew Levitt on 07/20/2012 - 02:37 pm.


        You mean radical like when women were allowed to vote? Yes, sounds good to me.

        And what fraud?

      • Submitted by Rachel Kahler on 07/20/2012 - 03:10 pm.

        It’s the SOS’s job to give titles

        And the people saying that the new titles are less clear than the originals are lying. They’re more clear and more descriptive. If you want to radically alter the foundation of American civil society and western civilization, start making stuff up and call it the truth. The GOP has been doing it for years, and it’s working. Unfortunately for them, many of us aren’t dumb enough to believe it.

        • Submitted by Neal Krasnoff on 07/20/2012 - 07:18 pm.

          Function of government

          Wrong, Miss Kahler.

          The Legislative branch writes the law, the Executive branch enforces the law.


      • Submitted by Logan Foreman on 07/20/2012 - 05:33 pm.

        Still no

        PROOF of electoral fraud. Got it – that is not your real goal. The most difficult five letter for you, Bachmann, and your ilk to deal with.

  3. Submitted by Paul Udstrand on 07/20/2012 - 02:13 pm.

    Republicans are funny

    It’s like they didn’t realize the dumping this whole thing in Richie’s lap. That’s what you get for not reading the constitution before you try to amend it.

  4. Submitted by Matthew Levitt on 07/20/2012 - 02:34 pm.

    Let’s examine all ties

    For instance, who has given money to the Catholic Church? Or has family members that have?

    Well, that sounds to me like a link with an orgazation that has covered up child abuse and child rape for decades.

    Let those without guilt continue this utter nonsense.

  5. Submitted by Rosalind Kohls on 07/20/2012 - 02:41 pm.

    Ritchie’s title

    “Changes to in-person and absentee voting and voter registration; provisonal ballots” doesn’t have even one word about showing photo ID when voting, the main reason for the amendment. State Sen. Scott Newman is correct. Ritchie’s title is as clear as mud.

    • Submitted by RB Holbrook on 07/20/2012 - 02:49 pm.

      Clear as mud

      Reading it over, Ritchie’s title is an accurate description of what the amendment would do. The main reason for the title is to summarize it for the voters, not lull them into voting for it.

      Besides, the “main reason for the amendment” is to disenfranchise Democratic constituencies and ensure permanent Republican dominance of state government. No one is fooled by the pious frauds talking about the “integrity of the ballot.”

  6. Submitted by Ray Schoch on 07/20/2012 - 03:54 pm.

    As far as I can tell…

    …the changes to the proposed amendments to the Minnesota Constitution creating hysteria on the right are not to the proposed amendments themselves, which, according to everything I’ve read, remain exactly as they were written by the legislature. Charges that somehow the Secretary of State and/or the Attorney-General have changed the amendments are baseless. All that’s been changed has been the title, which is clearly in the purview of the Secretary of State.

    Meanwhile, could we stop dignifying Michele Bachmann’s ravings, and those of her supporters, by calling them “conservative?” Mrs. Bachmann is many things, some of which are perhaps flattering, others less so, but “conservative” is not among them. McCarthyism was not “conservative.” It was totalitarian fear-mongering. It was also an ego run amok, which is, I believe, what we’re seeing in Mrs. Bachmann, who is a legend in her own mind, and – unfortunately – a dupe for neofascist extremists.

  7. Submitted by Brandt Hardin on 07/20/2012 - 05:42 pm.

    Home Grown Hate

    Bachmann is just the latest example of the homegrown fear-mongering our country has been subjected to in the decade following 9/11. These are NOT allegations to be played with in today’s society where dissidence is not being tolerated and minorities are being held without trial. As an elected official, Michelle should be leading by example not spewing her own form of politicized terrorism. You can read much more about living in this Orwellian society of fear and see my visual response to these measures on my artist’s blog at We must acknowledge this type of bigotry erodes our freedoms from the inside out for ALL races of Americans.

  8. Submitted by Robert Hoppe on 07/21/2012 - 12:13 pm.

    The sea level hasn’t been lowered yet, either.

    It’s comical to think an online radio program by Frank Gaffney and other commentary could explain the chaos in the Arab world.
    Maybe the Muslim world is more upset at Pres. Obama personally orchestrating drone attacks with the help of terrorist “baseball cards”. These attacks have increased substantially under Pres. Obama.

    What about the unauthorized war on Libya?

    Not closing Guantanamo as promised and having civil court trials?

    Killing, not capturing Osama Bin Laden.

    In spite of groveling during the Cairo speech, the Arab world respects power, not weakness. The USA is the great Satan and they object to our mere presence in the Mid-east.

    Also what did Frank Gaffney have to do with the protestors shouting “Monica…Monica…” at Hillary? Could it be that they don’t respect women?

  9. Submitted by Greg Olson on 07/21/2012 - 03:53 pm.

    Bachmann’s allegations

    One thing remains constant in the most turbulent of times and that is we are a government of the people. Bachmann is a reflection of the bigotry and ignorance that is pervasive in her district. As the Banksters and Corporations suck the marrow out of the middle class in her district she blows her little dog whistle, blaming Muslims, Obama, Liberals, regulation, immigrants, and minority voters for America’s problems. Her Fox News viewing constituents believe her nonsense and vote for her time and again. People that know better don’t join her opposition. Shame on them.

  10. Submitted by Jackson Cage on 07/23/2012 - 09:19 am.

    Here’s MY question…

    …is there anyone who hasn’t heard of and already decided on their position on the Marriage amendment? So who cares how its titled or worded?

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