Final Wisconsin recall tally: $81 million

The final tallies are in, and the winner, says Scott Bauer at the AP, is: “Republican supporters and Gov. Scott Walker spent more than twice as much as his recall election challenger Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and Democratic backers, a report on the race released Wednesday found. Of the $81 million spent on the June 5 recall, Walker and his allies spent $58.7 million while Barrett and Democrats put in $22 million, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign said. Total spending obliterated the previous record-high for a statewide office of $37.4 million in the 2010 governor’s race in which Walker also defeated Barrett. … While Walker got many small-dollar donations, he also got massive influxes of cash never before seen in Wisconsin state politics thanks to a law that allows recall targets to raise unlimited amounts.”

Another giant corporation standing up to Big Gummint meddling … Dave Peters at MPR reports: “CenturyLink says it will take $11 million in federal money to deploy broadband service in 14 Minnesota communities that now have less than adequate Internet access. So far, it’s not clear which communities would be affected, but the company, the nation’s third largest telecommunications firm, is promising an update soon. The federal government has taken a number of steps to make high-speed Internet access available to everyone on the theory that access is crucial in the economy of the 21st Century and that market incentives aren’t sufficient to reach the whole country. The stimulus program that is injecting more than $200 million into Minnesota has been the biggest such effort.”

In the realm of heavyweight endorsements … Tom Scheck at MPR says: “Republican Mike Parry’s campaign for Congress announced today that former Lt. Gov. Carol Molnau is backing Parry. The announcement comes less than three weeks before a GOP primary between Parry, a state Senator from Waseca, and former state Rep. Allen Quist. Molnau served as lt. governor from 2003-2011 under then Gov. Tim Pawlenty. In a statement she said Parry is the most qualified candidate in the race.” Apparently the courting of Tony Sutton’s endorsement is still “ongoing.”

Meanwhile, the AP is reporting that the GOP candidates down there in the 1st are not playing well with each other: “Republicans Mike Parry and Allen Quist are sharpening their attacks in an increasingly bitter primary fight in southern Minnesota’s 1st District. The New Ulm Journal reported Wednesday that Quist called Parry ‘an embarrassment to the Republican Party’ after Parry’s campaign focused on controversial statements Quist made in the 1990s. Parry adviser Ben Golnik told the newspaper that Quist’s comments on homosexuality and other social issues make him ‘unelectable.’ An email from Parry’s campaign told Quist to ‘man up’ and take responsibility for the statements. Quist told the newspaper that Parry’s campaign has gone ‘entirely negative.’ ” So, to re-cap, the race is a clash between “unelectable, entirely negative, embarrassments that are a little low on the ‘man’ thing.” Do I have that right?

The GleanBubba will do more than speak while he’s in town next month. Says Rachel Stassen-Berger in the Strib: “On Aug. 4, workers will install a 7-foot bronze statue of former Vice President Hubert Humphrey, a Democrat known as the “Happy Warrior,” and former President Bill Clinton, once dubbed the “Comeback Kid,” will be on hand for the occasion. Already at the site, at the intersection of John Ireland and Martin Luther King boulevards, waits a pedestal, a garden and walls etched with Humphrey quotes. … The evening of the statue dedication, Clinton will speak at the DFL’s Humphrey-Mondale dinner, a significant fundraiser for the DFL Party.”

We know she can run in heels … Among “The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful People” is … Our Favorite Congresswoman. Says the ultimate summer doldrums piece: “In terms of style, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) has come a long way. For a 2008 story on congressional wardrobes, she told The Hill, ‘I’m a bottom-feeder when it comes to clothes shopping,’ and described her strategy as going for ‘markdown, markdown, markdown, and then 80 percent off of that.’ But nothing about her presidential-campaign wardrobe looked bargain-basement. Not only did she hire Fox News Channel makeup artist Tamara Robertson for her 2012 bid, she also debuted a sleeker, trendier hairdo that inspired attention from the likes of the New York Daily News, which ran an article last year on women asking their hairdressers to replicate Bachmann’s look. She also made noise — literally — wearing a French manicure that clicked and clacked on the podiums of the GOP primary’s many debates.” To be ideologically correct, that’d be a “freedom manicure” …

The Forum papers are re-thinking their policy toward same-sex marriage announcements. Says Eric Burgess for the chain: “The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead is reviewing a publication policy in response to a controversy that arose online Monday evening. The newspaper received multiple negative comments on its official Facebook page and an online petition was started after it refused to print a Fargo couple’s same-sex wedding announcement. … The situation has created a storm of negative comments on the paper’s official Facebook page, and spawned an online petition on the website calling for the newspaper to allow same-sex announcements to be printed. The petition had more than 800 signatures by 11 p.m. on Monday.”

Also from the Forum folks, Helmut Schmidt writes: “Minnesota ranks fifth and North Dakota sixth in the U.S. in the latest rankings of child health and well-being, according to the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s 2012 KIDS COUNT Data Book. It’s an increase of four spots in the national rankings for North Dakota, which was 10th among the states in 2011. Meanwhile, Minnesota’s ranking this year, while high, is the state’s lowest ranking in a decade from the KIDS COUNT Data Book. In 2011, the state was ranked second in the nation. The state was ranked first in 2007.”

Exactly what St. Paul needs … Jon Collins at MPR writes: “Summit Brewing Company is opening what appears to be St. Paul’s first taproom. ‘This is definitely something we’re excited about, to bring more people in to experience our beer where it was made,’ said Summit Brewing Marketing Coordinator Carey Matthews. Starting out, the brewery’s rathskeller is only going to be open to the public on Fridays from 3-8 p.m. They’ll also open the patio above the bluffs, Matthews said. Summit’s brewery is west of downtown St. Paul, not far from the Mississippi River. Matthews said the limited hours allow the brewery to continue the practice of allowing community groups to use the rathskeller a couple times a week. The brewery will hire an additional six part-time workers to run the taproom and handle an additional tour.” Jobs creation!

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  1. Submitted by Tom Christensen on 07/25/2012 - 01:53 pm.

    Washington is not a beauty contest.

    Even if it were a beauty contest in Washington Bachmann’s beauty is totally overridden the minute she opens her mouth. Beauty and personality go hand in hand. If the personality isn’t there neither is the beauty. Bachmann is a big nothing. I want a smart representative. Beauty doesn’t even enter the decision process. Bachmann does not have anything even approaching appealing qualities.

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