Springsteen to play the X in November

Geezers, rejoice! First Bob, now the Boss. Reed Fischer at City Pages writes: “While Bruce Springsteen might have dealt with London officials cutting his mic during a performance with Paul McCartney earlier this month, you can bet that this new batch of North American gigs will go a long as they need to go. Just announced today, the Boss is extending his tour until early December — and this includes a stop in St. Paul. For those who are impatient about waiting until November 11 to see Bruce at the Xcel Energy Center, here’s a thought: Read David Remnick’s 15,000 words on the man that were recently featured in the New Yorker.”

Excuse me … “taxpayer money”? George Hesselberg at The Wisconsin State Journal tells us: “One of Wisconsin’s most famous lakes got a tint job two weeks ago when the village of Lake Delton dyed the artificial body of water of the same name from green to blue, a cosmetic alteration that consumed 500 gallons of dye and $29,108 in taxpayer dollars. The 267-acre lake, famous as the home of a water ski show and for its dramatic draining during a flood in 2008, was ‘injected’ with dye on July 12 by Aquatic Engineering of La Crosse. … Tom Diehl, general manager of the Tommy Bartlett Show, a water-ski-based entertainment that has been a staple at Lake Delton for 60 years, also is a member of the Lake Delton village Board. He was one of four trustees who approved the dye job as an emergency measure July 9, said village clerk-treasurer Kay Mackesey. Diehl said there is ‘no conflict whatsoever’ in his participating in the vote, as ‘we’ve had lots of complaints from resort owners and people who use the lake about the pea-green color of the water this summer.’ ”

Leave town early or stay put … . Paul Walsh at the Strib warns anyone with a car:  “In the north metro, eastbound Interstate 694 will shut down starting at 10 p.m. as crews switch that traffic onto the newly finished westbound lanes in Arden Hills, transportation officials announced. The shift will remain until 5 a.m. Monday between Interstate 35W and Lexington Avenue, allowing workers to start building the new eastbound lanes. … In the south metro, both directions of Interstate 494 between Hwy. 100 and I-35W will be closed during the same times for removal of the Xerxes Avenue overpass, which will then be replaced.”

A U of M forest ecologist says we’ve reached the point where climate change can be seen and felt. Says Lee Frelich in an MPR commentary: “We have had warm winters and summer heat waves before. Warm and cool periods, dry and wet periods have always occurred and will continue to come and go. However, as time goes on they are superimposed on a systematic rise in temperature caused by the accumulation of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere. … Last week I visited friends at Lake Vermilion in northern Minnesota. In the boreal forest around the lake I saw red pines with browning crowns, a lack of balsam fir and black spruce regeneration, and rapidly expanding red maple, basswood and ironwood, tree species from the temperate deciduous forest to the south. I had not expected to see these changes so soon. But I realized they were happening faster than expected because of a warming climate’s enhancement of natural extremes, combined with the chronic effects of slightly warmer temperatures all the time and other changes in the environment.”

The GleanAnd … Eric Cantor is the latest to have Michele Bachmann’s back. Tim Mak at Politico writes: “Cantor (R-Va.) Friday defended Rep. Michele Bachmann’s questioning of a top Hillary Clinton aide’s loyalty to the United States, saying the Minnesota lawmaker’s ‘concern was about the security of the country.’ Asked by CBS host Charlie Rose whether Bachmann was ‘out of line,’ Cantor declined to criticize the congresswoman. ‘I think that if you read some of the reports that have covered the story, I think that her concern was about the security of the country. So it’s about all I know,’ the House’s No. 2 Republican told CBS’s ‘This Morning.’ Cantor’s comments are in stark contrast to Speaker John Boehner’s swift and strong denunciations of Bachmann’s conduct.” You gotta know Boehner loves that guy.

If you’re wondering what great conservative minds are thinking about Mitt Romney’s gaffe-a-minute tour of Britain … Paul Mirengoff at Power Line writes: “The first is a genuine gaffe. Romney said that the logistical problems encountered in connection with the London Olympic games were “disconcerting.” Romney was only echoing what the Brits themselves had been moaning about for weeks. … It doesn’t matter. A national leader shouldn’t publicly bad-mouth the work of a close ally. Romney isn’t running for commentator-in-chief, although that’s how the current president sees himself. … The non-gaffe is the statement by an unnamed Romney adviser to the Daily Telegraph that President Obama does not fully understand the ‘Anglo-Saxon heritage’ of the U.S. and its ‘shared history’ with the UK. Since Romney didn’t make the statement, any gaffe was not his. But there was no gaffe. The U.S. does have a British heritage, and Obama plainly is not fully comfortable with it. … More substantively, as a Romney adviser told the Telegraph, ‘Obama is a left-winger; he doesn’t value the NATO alliance as much, he’s very comfortable with American decline and the traditional alliances don’t mean as much to him.’ All true and all part of the message the Romney campaign should be delivering. Romney himself shouldn’t criticize Obama while overseas, and he didn’t. But unnamed advisers are free to do so.” So why not just send unnamed advisers on your fundraising tour?

Finally, it appears GOP congressional candidate Allen Quist has intelligence at least as good as the NSA. Says Josh Moniz in the New Ulm Journal: “Quist promoted his platform at a town hall meeting on Thursday in Mankato. … He outlined cutting the U.S. government’s total spending by $200 billion for each of those [five] years. He said he recognized the cuts would come at the expense of deep cuts to highly held budgets. He said he would be willing to make deeps cuts into the military because there is significant overspending in the U.S. military budget, citing items like host military bases in several other countries. The large cuts could be made without an expense to the military capability of the U.S. He also emphasized shifting the funding to finance high-technology projects like anti-hacking protections and preventing other nations from interfering with radio frequencies. At this point, Quist made the confusing statement that Chinese operatives had hacked the U.S. drone that crashed in Iran last December. No official report could be found to support Quist’s claim. Quist said he heard his story from several sources and had presumed it to be public knowledge.” I’m guessing Sean Hannity is one of the sources.

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Comments (5)

  1. Submitted by James Hamilton on 07/27/2012 - 02:59 pm.

    Are they really going to go after Obama on his

    relationship with NATO or his work on foreign affairs? Are they afraid the economy is going to turn around before the election?

  2. Submitted by Tom Christensen on 07/27/2012 - 03:20 pm.

    Cantor’s not a surprise

    There will be more speak evil, do nothing politicians siding with Bachmann because they don’t have anything to help the country move forward. Their only goal is to create “fear and anger” as Rush Limbaugh instructed them to do several months ago. There is no moral core in the republican party operatives right now. Jon Kyl, senator from Arizona, got caught by the media in a bald faced lie. His response, “You can’t assume everything I say is factual”. The republicans that could be counted on, for talking common sense, are exiting congress. Not even they can stand the atmosphere in Washington right now. There is a lot of rhetoric and virtually none that is based in fact. Eric Cantor, Michele Bachmann, Mitch McConnell, Trent Franks, Jon Kyl, Joe Wilson, etc. etc, are not working to move America forward. They are working their own selfish agenda. Expect nothing but “fear and anger” from the republicans as they do not have a moral compass that will work for everyone, only their self centered goals. Compromise has left the republican lexicon.

  3. Submitted by Sally Sorensen on 07/27/2012 - 04:37 pm.

    Iranian drone landing story based on Christian Science Monitor

    Bluestem Prairie headed to Nexis after reading the cray-cray Quist comment about Chinese hackers landing an American drone, and while Chinese involvement was only speculation by one cybersecurity expert, the Christian Science Monitor did break the story of the downed Sentinel drone. The Iranian engineers appear to have exploited a known flaw in the drone’s GPS–although American military sources couldn’t confirm or wholly deny the Iranian claims (duh). Read the post via this link: http://shar.es/vm7lp

  4. Submitted by Beryl John-Knudson on 07/27/2012 - 10:50 pm.

    Mitt mutt but…

    “Did you name your dog after Romney?”

    “No, I wouldn’t do that to Mitt.”

    “Maybe Romney would be flattered, could be?”

    “I’m talking about my dog…wouldn’t do that to him”

    • Submitted by Robert Owen on 07/30/2012 - 07:30 am.

      Nice comment, Beryl. Another example of the “civil, thought-provoking and high-quality public discussion” Minnpost expects from people who leave comments.

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