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Minneapolis City Council members vote to get tough with

It remains to be seen if there are any teeth behind the bark, but Paul Walsh and Masako Hirsch of the Strib say: “Minneapolis City Council members passed a resolution Thursday that calls for a popular website to halt running ads that fuel the sex trade at the expense of young people. The resolution targets Village Voice Media, which operates Minneapolis police report that all 20 child sex-trafficking cases they have investigated so far this year involve juvenile victims being prostituted on this website. Village Voice Media, which also owns the Twin Cities-based weekly City Pages, says it has cooperated with investigators, but has resisted pressure to shut down its adult section of ads.”

It’s “abortion card” time up in the 8th District. Tom Scheck at MPR reports: “A group is sending out campaign literature in Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District that takes issue with some of DFLer Rick Nolan’s votes on abortion. Women Vote!, the political arm of Emily’s List, says in the mailing that Democrat Tarryl Clark will protect abortion rights for women. It raises Nolan’s voting record on abortion during his tenure in Congress in the 1970s. ‘As a member of Congress, Rick Nolan failed to protect a woman’s right to choose, voting repeatedly in favor of limiting access to abortions for some low-income women,’ the mailing says. This is the first action Emily’s List has taken on behalf of Clark. The group, which works to elect female candidates who support legalized abortion, endorsed Clark’s candidacy last year.”

The city of Oak Park Heights still hasn’t signed off on the St. Croix mega-bridge. At the PiPress, Mary Divine writes: “The clock is ticking for the city of Oak Park Heights, which has until the end of the month to sign off on plans for the new St. Croix River bridge. With the deadline approaching, Minnesota Department of Transportation officials came to the Oak Park Heights City Council meeting this week to plead their case and present a laundry list of concessions that could save the city millions of dollars. … council members are still concerned about an estimated $3 million in utility work — or ‘betterments’ — that would be the city’s responsibility. The water, sanitary and storm water lines, which were installed in 1968, should be replaced when Minnesota 36 is torn up, city officials say.”

Yeah, hookers are kind of a credibility killer … The PiPress has a story about a Red Wing man of the cloth: “A Red Wing pastor has resigned from his church after he was charged with engaging in prostitution last week in St. Paul. Gary Elg, 60, was cited shortly after noon July 24 for allegedly making a money-for-sex deal with an undercover police officer at an undisclosed hotel or motel, according to a criminal complaint and information from a police spokesman. The location was kept confidential for ‘officer safety reasons,’ and because the establishment was cooperating with law enforcement, said police spokesman Sgt. Paul Paulos. Several other men were arrested the same day in an undercover sting. Elg has been First Presbyterian Church’s only pastor for 23 years. According to a letter mailed to the church’s 350 members, Elg called for a special meeting July 26 and submitted his resignation.”

Rachel Marcus at American Public Media says that with Tea Partier Ted Cruz’ win in Texas, the well-endowed Club for Growth Action is turning its focus to Wisconsin: “After being the top spender in the GOP U.S. Senate primary and runoff in Texas — in which tea party-favorite Ted Cruz beat establishment favorite, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst — super PAC Club for Growth Action shifts its focus to the GOP Senate primary in Wisconsin. The conservative super PAC released “Change” Wednesday, an ad that criticizes Wisconsin hedge fund manager Eric Hovde and former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson, both Republicans. Club for Growth Action supports former U.S. Rep. Mark Neumann in the Republican primary. The ad attacks Hovde for supporting the bailout and Thompson for tax hikes. Supporting Neumann, the ad says he is ranked ‘Wisconsin’s most conservative congressman in decades.’ Club for Growth Action … is already the second-highest outside spender in the Wisconsin race for U.S. Senate, with $748,000, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.” It’s saying something when Eric Hovde is insufficiently conservative.

After almost two years, what’s another 10 days? The AP reports: “A company Minnesota Republicans used to shield 2010 recount costs has received an extension to formally register a campaign account and report its finances. Count Them All Properly missed an end-of-July deadline to submit paperwork, but got 10 more days to comply. The corporation was ordered to disclose information after an investigation into the state GOP’s muddled finances. The shell company owes $3,100 in fees and penalties assessed by state campaign regulators. Campaign board executive director Gary Goldsmith also says that state GOP officials have approached him about possibly establishing a payment plan to make good on nearly $27,000 in penalties levied against the party.” How about this for a fund-raiser? A $50-a-head seminar on “Advanced Accounting for Job Creators”?

The usually more modulated Scott Johnson of of the conservative Power Line blog levels both barrels at Mark Ritchie in his latest post: “The guy is a rank demagogue of the leftover left that has had great success in Minnesota. Ritchie looks like he takes the late German Führer as his forensic model, though he lacks his warmth. … Knowing Ritchie’s point of view on the proposed amendments, the legislature exercised its authority to title them itself. The conflict in this case results from the Ritchie ratchet. In Ritchie’s view, the amendment process should only be used to move the state left. It’s almost funny. The Minnesota Supreme Court has the last word. It will probably be heard from in the case within the next 30 days. I’ve read the briefs and think that the legislature has the better of the argument.” It’s always telling when they go to … Hitler.

Remember ex-Twin Delmon Young’s bizarre scuffle with some tourists outside a New York hotel? Jennifer Peltz of the AP writes: “Young is trying to work out a deal with prosecutors in his hate-crime harassment case, his lawyer said Thursday. Young appeared briefly in a Manhattan court Thursday for an update on the misdemeanor case. He’s accused of yelling anti-Jewish epithets at a group of tourists, tussling with them and tackling one to the ground in April, when the Tigers were in town to play the New York Yankees.”

Seven tons is a lot of lettuce … The AP says: “A Wisconsin company that makes packaged salads is recalling nearly seven tons of products because they contain onions that are the subject of a separate recall. Milwaukee-based Garden Fresh Foods makes packaged pasta salads and chicken salads. The company is recalling 13,600 pounds of products that contain onions possibly contaminated by the bacterium Listeria.”

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    Gotta luv that Tea Party..

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    Emily’s Lost

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