Scott Walker to Minnesota delegates: ‘The key to our success is the truth’

Talking to Minnesota’s GOP delegates, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker explained what the fight is all about this year. Baird Helgeson of the Strib writes: “Walker told Minnesota delegates to the Republican National Convention that the race for president is going to be a nasty one. ‘The key to our success is the truth,’ the Republican governor said Tuesday at a breakfast reception for Minnesota’s RNC delegation. ‘If you retell the truth over and over and over, the truth will prevail.’ But, Walker warned: ‘The more you tell the truth, the closer to victory you get, the more vicious they will be.’ He said when things get nasty, Republicans must resist the urge to punch back and live by a higher ideal — the one Republicans are espousing during this campaign. ‘That’s what we believe, that’s who we are,’ he said.” … Apparently without irony.

Bill Salisbury of the PiPress also attended. He files a story on one GOP heartthrob talking up another: “Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker believes Minnesota will join Wisconsin and Iowa as battleground states in the presidential election this fall. Most political prognosticators say Minnesota ‘leans Democratic,’ while the two neighboring states are up for grabs. But Walker, casually attired in sneakers, blue jeans and a Harley-Davidson T-shirt, told the Minnesota delegation to the Republican National Convention during a breakfast meeting … that Mitt Romney’s choice of Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate will boost the ticket’s appeal in the North Star State. He described Ryan as a courageous, brilliant and decent guy, but said what’s most important about the choice is ‘what it says about Mitt Romney.’ ” That Mitt likes really “dreamy” guys?

So it seems one of the alleged presidential assassination-minded terrorists — homegrown, right-wing, white-male variety — busted in that Army base plot a couple of days ago spent some time in St. Paul. At Gawker, John Cook writes: “Isaac Aguigui, the Army private and alleged ringleader of a plot to assassinate Barack Obama and ‘take over’ Ft. Stewart in Georgia, apparently served as a page at the 2008 Republican National Convention in Minnesota. … [The post includes] a 2008 Reuters photo with the caption: ‘Republican National Convention page Isaac Aguigui watches from the edge of the floor at the start of the first session of the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota September 1, 2008.’ “

A bit more on the Minnesota State football coach child porn case, from Steve Karnowski of the AP: “Experts who reviewed authorities’ descriptions of Hoffner’s videos said to determine the innocent from the nefarious, detectives will try to uncover whether the videos were kept secret or if other adult family members knew of them. While debating whether to file charges, they said, officials often consider whether there are multiple pictures or videos and whether the children are acting naturally for their age. … Cordelia Anderson, a Minneapolis-based consultant on the prevention of child sexual abuse and exploitation, said one of the things investigators likely will look at is whether Hoffner was directing the children. The description of the videos offered by authorities state a man’s voice can be heard, but does not include what is being said. The described actions don’t sound like those of children between the ages of 5- and 9-years-old who were in front of their parents, she said.”

The AP also has a story about supporters (and opponents) of the GOP’s gay marriage amendment targeting heavily Catholic Latino voters: “Latinos are overwhelmingly Catholic, and Minnesota’s Catholic hierarchy has made passage of the ban a top political priority. But opponents of the ban, which would put an existing statutory ban into the state constitution, say the Latino community’s overall acceptance of gay unions is growing just as it is in the larger population. Minnesota Public Radio News reported Tuesday, Aug. 28, that hundreds of congregants who attend Spanish-language Masses at St. Stephen’s Catholic Church in Minneapolis hear a marriage prayer distributed by the local archdiocese. ‘Grant to us all the gift of courage to proclaim and defend your plan for marriage, which is the union of one man and one woman in a lifelong, exclusive relationship of loving trust, compassion, and generosity, open to the conception of children,’ the prayer reads in part.”

The GleanAt least no gunfire was exchanged. Mara Gottfried of the PiPress reports: “A dispute between neighbors in St. Paul escalated to a woman hitting and biting another woman, police said. … The victim reported that her child ran home to say the 25-year-old suspect, Keyanna Leann Hunt, had pushed another of the victim’s children off a bike, [police spokesman Sgt. Paul] Paulos said. The victim went to Hunt’s door and knocked, and ‘loud words were exchanged,’ Paulos said. Hunt grabbed the woman’s hair and began to rip it out and hit her repeatedly, Paulos said. She held onto the victim as she tried to get away, ripping her shirt off her, he said. Hunt also bit the woman on the chest, wrist and finger and near her eye, Paulos said.”

At The Winona Daily News, Amy Pearson reports on the resignation of a teacher accused of slapping a student: “The special-education teacher at Winona Senior High School charged with slapping a student has resigned. Winona Area Public Schools Board members Tuesday morning accepted the resignation of Theresa Kersting, approving an agreement that places Kersting on paid administrative leave through 2012 and bars her from seeking reemployment with the district. … Court records show that the 50-year-old pleaded guilty earlier this month to misdemeanor assault and was placed on one year of unsupervised probation. … According to a criminal complaint, a classroom aide told Winona Senior High School principal Kelly Halvorsen last spring that Kersting had slapped a 19-year-old male special-education student in early April after he grabbed Kersting’s glasses and threw them on the floor. Halvorsen subsequently contacted the Winona Police Department … . According to a police report, the boy is not verbal and was not able to give an account of the incident.

Lest they mess up the TV image, Minnesota’s Ron Paul-loaded GOP convention delegation will be parked well away from Mitt Romney. Bill Salisbury (again) of the PiPress says: “Dominated by Ron Paul supporters, the 40 Minnesota delegates are seated in a far corner of the Tampa Bay Forum Arena. ‘We knew they were going to put us in the back of the room,’ said Marianne Stebbins, Minnesota delegation chairwoman and state Paulite leader. ‘The culture of the RNC has been, ‘We don’t need the liberty people or the tea party people. We’ve got this handled, thank you very much. Sit back there and don’t say anything.’ ”

Envy isn’t going to take it lying down. Eric Roper of the Strib says: “City officials hoping to revoke the liquor license held by Envy nightclub — blamed for contributing to late-night crime downtown — are now preparing for battle. That’s because the owners of Envy, located on 4th Street and 1st Avenue, missed a city-imposed deadline to surrender their license or face City Council action. The other club targeted by the city, Bootleggers, voluntarily gave up their license last week.  Since Envy has not responded to the city, the case will be referred to the City Attorney to arrange for a hearing before an administrative law judge.”

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Comments (7)

  1. Submitted by Thomas Swift on 08/28/2012 - 04:00 pm.


    “..alleged presidential assassination-minded terrorists — homegrown, right-wing, white-male variety”

    I’m sure that was written without any irony, and I’m sure that’s the spin given in leftist drum circles. Unfortunately, it’s not what folks breathing fresh air are learning:

    “Isaac Aguigui, a home-schooled Cashmere native, is alleged to be the founder and leader of the anarchist militia group.”

    I aver that you still have the racist and sexist angles to use, but anarchy isn’t in the GOP platform…sorry.

    • Submitted by Steve Sundberg on 08/28/2012 - 04:32 pm.

      Anarchy not in the GOP platform

      … but home-schooling sure has its GOP supporters.

    • Submitted by Phil Dech on 08/28/2012 - 05:26 pm.

      That’s Cashmere, Washington, USA,

      not Kashmir, the disputed area between India and Pakistan. Awkward, I agree…

      • Submitted by Thomas Swift on 08/29/2012 - 08:23 am.

        Thank you Phil.

        I’m pretty sure everyone took it for granted this issue didn’t have anything to do with Kashmir, but thank you for the clarification, just in case.

        *face palm*

    • Submitted by chuck holtman on 08/28/2012 - 07:37 pm.

      Quite wrong, Anarchy is the entire GOP platform

      Our own bastion of all that is GOP, Mr Tester, has stated clearly that no person should be subject to a law to which he does not agree. That is as concise a definition of anarchy as one could state. The GOP platform is to eliminate government. Government (aside from its current state of profound corruption and fecklessness) is the means by which all citizens together reconcile the competing interests of all in the interest of the greatest freedom of each. To eliminate government is to introduce anarchy. An anarchy that quickly will consolidate (is consolidating) all power in a very small group of folks, but anarchy nonetheless.

  2. Submitted by Rosalind Kohls on 08/28/2012 - 03:42 pm.


    Without seeing the videos and based on the description of their content that I read in the newspaper, my first impression was that they were juvenile, not erotic. I thought maybe kids had made the recordings, not an adult. The girls, especially, acted as if their “butts” were hilarious, not sexy. Also, by turning over the cellphone to the repairman, the football coach acted as if he had a clean conscience. If he meant the pictures to be porn, he wouldn’t have done that. He would have hidden the phone. We will find out more as the investigation proceeds, but so far, it doesn’t sound much like porn to me.

  3. Submitted by Tom Christensen on 08/28/2012 - 04:38 pm.

    There goes Bachmann’s mode of operation

    Scott Walker has changed the meaning of what the GOP says and what they do. He is saying the key to the GOP success is the truth. What they do is repeat and repeat and repeat fiction in the hope that it will become the truth in voters’ minds. Typically you can use the antonym of what the GOP says and you have the real meaning of what they are trying to accomplish. This is going to destroy Michele Bachmann’s mode of operation if she follows Scott Walker’s suggestion. The GOP says there isn’t a war on women, but there very clearly is and it is run by predominantly white, rich guys. Women don’t even get to be heard in committee meetings about women’s issues run by mostly white, rich guys. The GOP says they are working for freedom but nearly every one of their social engineering projects is designed to take someone’s freedom away. Voters, the choice is yours in November.

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