Supreme Court voids $1 million award in Tubby Smith case

Bullet … dodged. Abby Simons’ Strib story says: “The Minnesota Supreme Court has overturned a $1 million jury award to would-be University of Minnesota assistant basketball coach Jimmy Williams over a rescinded job offer, ruling that Williams was not entitled to protections from ‘negligent misrepresentation.’ The 3-2, two-part ruling reverses the jury award and a Minnesota Court of Appeals decision that upheld the award last fall for Williams. … ‘We believe that the manner in which [the U] treated Williams regarding his prospective employment with the University was unfair and disappointing,’ Justice Christopher Dietzen wrote. ‘We do not condone their conduct. But the question we must decide is whether appellants owed Williams a duty of care and, therefore, whether appellants’ conduct is actionable.’ “

Very interesting map from Dave Peters at MPR on where Minnesotans feel the most need for conceal-carry handgun permits: “The number of valid handgun permits in Minnesota has passed 100,000. That’s about 19 permits for every 1,000 Minnesota residents. But permits to carry handguns are far from evenly distributed and, in fact, show up in a fascinating pattern. The highest rate of permit holders is in Cook County in the far northeast corner of the state. The county has only about 5,000 residents but more than 250 of them have permits to carry handguns. It works out to about 52 permits for every 1,000 residents. … William Conger, [a] Cook resident … boiled it down to one word: ‘Machismo.’ ‘Lack of contact with a variety of people leading to fear of non-white people. People in northern MN are less prone to live with lots of other people and think of themselves more as ‘lone wolves.’ This is a field ripe for study.’ “

Remember the Bucklin family airplane tragedy in Wyoming? An AP story today says: “A flight instructor had warned a Minnesota man of the dangers of flying his single-engine airplane over the mountains of northwestern Wyoming just weeks before the crash that killed the pilot and three of his sons two years ago, a new federal report says. … ‘The (instructor) reported that he advised (Bucklin) about the potential hazards of a flight in that airplane in that area at that time of year,’ the NTSB report states. ‘The (instructor) reported that he specifically cautioned the pilot that since the airplane was not turbocharged or pressurized, and was not equipped for flight into known icing, there was a consequent need for the pilot to plan and operate any flights accordingly, in order to provide sufficient safety margins and escape options.’ The report states that Bucklin told the instructor that he had flown into Jackson several times and knew the risks. ‘The (instructor) reported that the pilot gave him the impression that the pilot would conduct the upcoming flight in compliance with the (instructor’s) suggestions,’ it states.”

As you might expect … outside groups are pouring money into the 8th District congressional race. The AP says: “Outside groups are spending significant amounts to sway voters for Democrats Tarryl Clark and Rick Nolan before Tuesday’s primary in northeastern Minnesota. The political arm of Washington-based Emily’s List reported sinking $85,000 into TV ads for Clark on Tuesday. Emily’s List helps women candidates who support abortion rights. The group has spent nearly $170,000 on the race since late July, including mailings supporting Clark and opposing Nolan and Republican Rep. Chip Cravaack.”

Every parent’s nightmare … . Paul Walsh of the Strib says: “Distracted driving among teenage boys trying to catch the eye of a girl who passed by on an interstate near Hudson, Wis., last week is being blamed for the schoolmates’ vehicle crashing and killing three of them, authorities said Wednesday. … The teens were returning to New Richmond from shopping in Woodbury, when the boys ‘saw a girl driving in the right-hand lane,’ said [State Patrol Sgt. Brian] Erickson, citing an account from [passenger Thomas] Wanless [who was slightly hurt]. ‘They wanted to get her attention … ‘Hey, see us.’  They were trying to ‘put their phone number on a piece of paper and show it out the window to the girl’ whom they did not know, the sergeant added. In an attempt to find paper, [Jordan] Johnson unfastened his seat belt in the back seat while [Zachary] Zajec searched the center console, Erickson said.”

The GleanThe latest home sales numbers are very positive. The Strib’s Jim Buchta says: “There’s more evidence that the housing market is in the midst of a slow, but sustained recovery. New data shows that prices in the Twin Cities and across the country are being lifted by strong sales and fewer foreclosures. Data from CoreLogic, which tracks repeat sales of the same properties, shows that across the country prices were up 2.5 percent from a year ago and 6 percent from the previous quarter. The quarterly increase was the biggest since 2005. During June alone the CoreLogic Home Price Index (HPI) nationwide was up 2.5 percent, the fourth consecutive year-over-year increase. In the Twin Cities prices were up 3 percent compared with last year and 1.2 percent from May.”

Accretive Health’s Minnesota experience cost has cost them $14.6 million … so far. Melanie Evans at writes: “Accretive Health may have swiftly settled a lawsuit with Minnesota’s attorney general, but it cost the company, a new securities filing shows. ‘Due to lost operating margin and stranded personnel costs arising from the Minnesota litigation and resulting contract terminations and associated legal defense and crisis management costs which together aggregated $14.6 million, the company had a net loss of $0.6 million as compared with a net income of $8.6 million in the second quarter of 2011,’ the filing said.” So how aggressive are they going to be with their ongoing and future clients to make up that hit?

Stephen Colbert has managed to put T-Paw’s Wikipedia page off limits. Aaron Rupar at City Pages writes: “On last night’s show, Colbert was riffing on a Fox News segment pointing out that the day before she was named John McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin’s Wikipedia page was edited 68 times. ‘That’s impressive, considering that once she was on the ticket, she didn’t edit herself once,’ Colbert quipped. But then something dawned upon the Comedy Central host: The number of times a Wikipedia profile has been edited predicts the chances of someone being named a presidential running mate! Here’s Colbert’s ensuing rant:

So, nation, let your voice be heard in this historic decision. Go on Wikipedia, and make as many edits as you want to your favorite vice presidential contender. Now, I like friend of the show Tim Pawlenty, so to up his chances I’m going to get on the old Wikipedia to pump up his edit count. Let’s see here… [typing] T-Paw was born in St. Paul, Minnesota… let’s edit that to the Minnesota town of St. Paul is where born Tim Pawlenty was… Let’s see… he was the son of Eugene Joseph Pawlenty and let’s say Mrs. Butterworth… intending to become a dentist, Pawlenty started his career in Santa’s workshop.’ ”

Finally … a story of indisputable relevance. Jess Fleming of the PiPress sets out in search of … the best bacon: “I spent a recent morning frying six pounds of mostly locally produced bacon for 13 newsroom colleagues to taste and rate. The testers’ reactions were varied — one person’s bacon of dreams was ‘bland’ or ‘meh’ to another. It was tough work, but the testers chose a winner — by one vote. Von Hanson’s double-smoked bacon took the prize. It was also the bacon that left the least amount of fat in the pan.”

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