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Man charged in road rage shooting is issued gun permit

Wisconsin’s pro-Obama ads slow down; Koch group’s robocalls; a possible Red River Valley blizzard; farmland boom may ease tax burden; Sansevere chats up Bachmann; and more.

Those Second Amendment rights really are sacred … and sacrosanct. Nicole Norfleet and Paul Walsh at the Strib report: “Despite knowing about a string of recent road-rage incidents involving a 71-year-old man, the Isanti County sheriff said Wednesday that he was legally obligated to issue a permit to carry a gun to the man who is now charged with shooting a motorcyclist in the face after [a] cat-and-mouse highway incident over the weekend. Joseph D. Kadlec, 71, of Cambridge, Minn., was charged Tuesday with three felonies in the shooting outside the Isanti Police Department parking lot on Saturday. Authorities say Kadlec has been involved in at least five other road rage incidents since 2008. ‘The reason he was issued a permit is because there was no indication in the required background check that indicated [Kadlec] was a danger to himself or others or was not allowed, by statute, to be issued a permit,’ Sheriff Russ Monson said.” So, the obvious question is: At what point does he become a threat to others?

The Obama campaign seems to be confident about Wisconsin, perhaps even Florida. In The New York Times, Jeremy Peters writes: “The pro-Obama “super PAC” that has spent millions of dollars attacking Mitt Romney in ads is pulling commercials from Florida and Wisconsin, part of what the group says is a realignment of its advertising campaign. The cancellations by Priorities USA Action, coupled with new purchases of television time in other key swing states, indicate where Democratic strategists think the presidential race may and may not be competitive with a month left to Election Day. President Obama was always polling strongly in Wisconsin, so the need for him to have a strong television presence advertising there was less crucial.”

Meanwhile, the Koch brothers are running a new robocall next door to us. John Celock of the Huffington Post writes: “With polls showing President Barack Obama leading in Wisconsin, the home state of Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan, Americans for Prosperity has released a new robocall advertising a Thursday rally in Madison. The call features Luke Hilgemann, the Wisconsin state director of the Koch-funded super PAC, telling voters that Obama has failed Wisconsin with tax hikes, budget deficits and ‘green energy scams.’ He then implores Badger State residents to join up with Americans for Prosperity and attend the super PAC’s rally on Thursday at a Veterans of Foreign Wars post in Madison.” By “green energy scams,” I assume they’re talking about Solyndra and high-speed rail?

A blizzard!? At MPR, Paul Huttner posts: “Winter Storm Watch for Red River Valley — likely upgraded to warning today. Rain then snow in NW MN “Fire Zone” today & Thursday 6″ to 12″ possible by Thursday night Gusty NW winds to 45+ mph near blizzard conditions Thursday.”

The GleanPaul Douglas says: “Rain Changing To (Heavy) Snow Up North. The NAM model shows a cold rain changing over to snow, heavy at times, over the Red River Valley Thursday, gradually tapering to flurries on Friday. Near-blizzard conditions are possible north of Grand Forks late Thursday into Friday morning. … 10.4″ snow predicted for Grand Forks, North Dakota Thursday.”

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The boom/bubble in farmland prices may well mean smaller property tax increases for Minnesota homeowners. Curtis Gilbert at MPR says: “Thanks to the agricultural boom, in many rural counties farms make up an increasing share of the tax base. That is one reason many Minnesota homeowners will see smaller property tax bills next year. The tax break isn’t coming because of a change in state policy or newfound efficiency in local governments. Instead, tax bills are falling because the property tax burden is shifting onto farms and businesses. … Property tax officials throughout the seven-county Twin Cities metro area report a similar trend, and they also expect the tax burden to shift from homeowners to people who own other types of property. The effect on homeowners will be the same: they’ll pay less in property taxes; other land owners will pay more.”

The hottest political ad war is up in the 8th District. Mark Zdechlik of MPR reports: “Former DFL Congressman Rick Nolan put out a new TV ad Wednesday accusing Republican Congressman Chip Cravaack of ‘desperate and misleading’ campaign tactics regarding Medicare. Cravaack released an ad earlier this week accusing Nolan of believing that ‘cutting $700 billion from Medicare won’t have an impact on seniors.’ Nolan supports the Obama administration’s plan to cut growth in Medicare spending by about that much. But Cravaack voted for Republican Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget plan, which includes the same spending cuts.” But apparently “the persuadables” don’t know that.

PiPress sports columnist Bob Sansevere chats up … Our Favorite Congresswoman … morning TV interview style. Says the 6th District’s hard-working Rep. Michele Bachmann:

I wanted to grow up to be a ballerina. But that was not going to happen for a short, pudgy Norwegian. Then I wanted to be a movie star like Marilyn Monroe. That wasn’t going to happen. I didn’t have her looks or body. Then I wanted to be a commercial airline pilot. I had horrible sight. I loved flying, so I thought about being a stewardess. They called it that back then. Then I became a federal tax lawyer. My favorite occupation is being a wife and mom. Nothing compares to being a wife and mom.

To this day, my favorite movie remains ‘Saving Private Ryan.’ It’s really hard to watch the first 20 minutes of that movie. I cry every time I see it. He stands in front of the gravestone of his captain and says to his wife, ‘Tell me I lived a good life.’ I watch that and there is nothing that rings the bell of freedom and the price you pay like that movie. It’s a reminder we can’t take for granted what we have.

I adore Jon Voight. I think Jon Voight is extremely talented. I really like the actress Kristen Wiig. She’s played me on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ but that’s not why. She is hilarious.”

I’m sure Ms. Wiig returns the compliment.