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Campaign manager: Bachmann knew of alleged list theft

So you’re saying she did know … ? Kevin Diaz of the Strib says: “The Iowa campaign manager for Michele Bachmann's 2012 presidential campaign has testified in a sworn affidavit that the Minnesota Republican acknowledged to another staffer last year that she knew of the alleged theft of a home school organization's e-mail list by her campaign's state chair. The affidavit by Iowa political consultant Eric Woolson contradicts official accounts given by Bachmann's campaign over the past year that suggested the list was taken inadvertently and mistakenly used in fundraising.” What would The Lord say about this kind of behavior?

Here’s a sad story with the kind of angles that make for fascinating feature stories. Paul Walsh of the Strib writes: “Eric Larss Peterson, a master of the viola who performed live and on an album as a member of a Twin Cities chamber ensemble, has died. Peterson, whose talents landed him a prestigious position with the Toledo Symphony Orchestra, was found dead over the weekend near the Mississippi River in Minneapolis. He was 42 and lived most of his life in Minneapolis. … After graduating in 1987, he studied music at the University of Southern California but had to return to Minneapolis when ‘mental illness reared its ugly head,’ said his mother, Becky Peterson.”

At MPR, Marianne Combs adds: “According to his family, Peterson was homeless and was at the hospital the day before his body was found.”

I think I won’t rush out to be the next guy to suggest this to his wife. Kim Ode of the Strib says: “Some of you may be surprised to learn that not only is there a pinup community in the Twin Cities, but there is ‘a larger pinup community,’ according to Dawnfelice Warneke. … Some of the photos submitted for possible inclusion in the [MnUps] magazine were taken primarily as a funny, sexy gift for their groom-to-be, Warneke said. Some are for the women themselves. ... The photos can be a surprise for a husband, posted to Facebook, used to enhance a performer’s résumé, or taken with MnUps in mind.” But dear, you’d look so cute as a Swiss milkmaid …

As expected … Medicaid expansion has received House approval. The AP story says: “More than 35,000 low-income Minnesota residents moved closer Monday to becoming eligible for a subsidized health insurance program, part of a state buy-in to the controversial new federal health care law. The Democratic-led state House voted 71-56 to approve an expansion of the state's Medical Assistance program and take advantage of a federal promise to send billions to cover the full cost of the new enrollees for a few years.”

Another good month for tax revenues, unless you’re one of those who regards “revenue” as a dirty word. The AP says: “Minnesota's government has scooped up $140 million more in taxes for January than finance officials had been counting on. But the rosy revenue numbers reflected in a report Monday, Feb. 11, could have downside to them. The Department of Minnesota Management and Budget says that the extra collections probably signal a race to beat new federal tax rates. The biggest portion of the additional money came via the individual income tax.”

In Bill Hudson’s WCCO-TV story on Xcel Energy’s 10.7% rate increase, he says: “ ‘We’re extending the life of our plants by 20 years. They were built in the 1970s so they need a substantial amount of investment to make sure they are safe and provide a long term reliable source of energy,’ said Xcel’s Chris Clark, V.P. of rates and regulatory affairs. Clark explains the company’s 10.7 percent rate hike will add roughly $8 per month to the average residential customer’s electric bill. The interim rate hike will generate some $285 million to pay for infrastructure improvements, including an upgrade of Xcel’s 50-year-old transmission and distribution system. Another $40 million will be spent on an increased property tax liability.”

Paul Huttner at MPR looks at snow totals to date and says: “This weekend's storm is the last big dump in what's been a fairly productive winter so far in the northern half of Minnesota. International Falls has tallied 61.5" of snowfall so far this winter. That's +11.3" vs. average, and a full +32.3" vas last winter! There is now 24" of snow at "The Falls" and snow depth in northern Minnesota is running at or above seasonal averages in many areas. … there is now a good 4" to 6"+ of water in the snow in western and northern Minnesota. That is like 5" of rain....hopefully slowly ‘time released’ as we melt into spring in the next 4-8 weeks. Any additional storms will add to that total.”

Another exercise of Second Amendment freedoms … Mary Lynn Smith of the Strib reports: “A young boy was fatally shot and two people were wounded Monday night in a chaotic and apparently random spurt of gunfire near the Rainbow Foods store in Oakdale, Oakdale Mayor Carmen Sarrack confirmed. Police scanner reports and witnesses said that an armed man on foot apparently was firing randomly at vehicles in the area of Hadley Avenue N. and 7th Street N., near the Rainbow Foods at 7053 10th St. N., when the victims were hit. Sarrack said the boy who was killed was 9 or 10 years old.”

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