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Minnesota tax cuts? Gov: Maybe in 2015

Tax cuts, he says? Tim Pugmire of MPR writes: “DFL Gov. Mark Dayton is defending Minnesota’s recent income tax increase on top earners as lawmakers in neighboring Wisconsin consider a plan to cut income taxes. He also suggested that Minnesota could be looking at its own tax cuts in the coming years. The majority of the proposed cut in Wisconsin would benefit those earning more than $100,000 a year. Dayton told reporters today that he didn’t know specifics of the Wisconsin proposal. He said that while Minnesota’s taxes are higher than many other states, its economic performance is also better than most, including Wisconsin. … Dayton said a tax cut could be up for consideration as soon as next session, but more likely in 2015.”

Ramsey County has been busy selling bonds … Frederick Melo’s PiPress story says: “Designs for a new Ramsey County building at Boys Totem Town, improvements to the county’s computer-aided emergency dispatch system and a high-speed broadband project to boost telecommunications in county buildings got a $22.7 million shot in the arm this week. With little fanfare, the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday approved $22.7 million in tax-exempt bonds, or borrowing, to support a series of capital improvement projects. Of that sum, $3.5 million supports the county’s general capital improvement program, which includes money for the purchase and clean-up of 430 acres of land at the Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant in Arden Hills. The bonds ‘mature’ through the year 2023, and must be paid back at amounts ranging from $350,000 to $450,000 per year through the 2033.”

It’s appropriate, I guess. A Swede has designed the 2013 State Fair poster. John Brewer of the PiPress writes: “Artist Marie Olofsdotter might be from Sweden, but she’s all about the North Star State when it comes to the 2013 Commemorative Art for the Minnesota State Fair. Researching vintage State Fair artwork for inspiration, from 19th century posters to work in the 1930s, the Minneapolis artist said she was drawn to the image of women featured in the works. In her final piece, she chose to focus on a brown-eyed woman with a basket overflowing with corn, grains, tomatoes, apples and squash as a way of bringing the focus of the fair back to the land. She calls the final piece ‘juicy and inspired.’ ‘I could eat it for lunch.’ ” After it’s been deep-fried, of course.

Well, they’ll soon find how expensive this principled stand will be. The AP reports: “The Republican-controlled budget committee has rejected a federally funded expansion of Wisconsin’s BadgerCare Medicaid program. The Joint Finance Committee voted 12-4 Tuesday along party lines to go along with Gov. Scott Walker’s budget proposal and reject the expansion. Democrats argue rejecting the expansion doesn’t make sense because it will cost the state about $150 million more to provide coverage to nearly 85,000 fewer people. Walker’s plan lowers Medicaid eligibility to those earning 100 percent of poverty, not the current 200 percent.”

Another party-line action over in CheddarHeadLand … According to the AP: “The Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism could no longer be housed at the University of Wisconsin under a provision added to the state budget. The Republican-controlled Joint Finance Committee voted Wednesday on the prohibition. No UW employees would be allowed to work at the center, either. The center is housed at UW-Madison and collaborates with the School of Journalism and Mass Communications as well as Wisconsin Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Television. Republican Rep. John Nygren says state facilities shouldn’t be provided for the center. He says it can get that elsewhere.” Like, you know, FoxNews.

The GleanTough sledding for Teach for America … Janice Bitters of the Minnesota Daily writes: “Crystal Brakke, executive director for TFA’s Twin Cities region, said demand for TFA teachers in Minnesota is high, but the organization has had a few setbacks recently. Last month, the Minnesota Board of Teaching denied a group variance waiver for TFA that would have allowed the organization to receive state permission for the members in Comstock to teach in Minnesota classrooms all at once before receiving their full teaching licenses. Without the waiver, TFA will need to get individual permission for each member to teach in the state. Brakke said this would ‘put an additional level of work on every individual school’ that hires a TFA member.”

On their own dime, it says … According to the AP: “Gov. Mark Dayton’s adult sons are among the Minnesota business owners joining him on a trade mission to Scandinavia and Germany next week. The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development announced the delegation Wednesday. Eric and Andrew Dayton are paying their own way which is standard practice for business leaders who go on state trade missions. Dayton’s sons co-own a Scandinavian restaurant in Minneapolis. Dayton says they are traveling to Europe separately and briefly joining the larger group in Stockholm.”

Research out of the U of M says gastric-bypass surgery aids in reducing the consequences of diabetes. Maura Lerner’s Strib story says: “Weight-loss surgery can dramatically improve the ability to control diabetes in mildly to moderately obese patients, according to a major study by University of Minnesota researchers. The study, one of the largest of its kind, found that diabetics who had gastric-bypass surgery not only lost weight but also doubled their chances of achieving healthy levels of cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure a year later. But the study also served as a reminder that the surgery can be risky. More than a third of the patients reported ‘serious adverse events,’ including one patient who suffered brain damage from complications of the operation.” Oh, that …

Five attacks in 26 years. Doug Smith of the Strib reports: “A 190-pound black bear attacked a woman outside her home in Aitkin County in  northern Minnesota, the Department of Natural Resources reported today. The unidentified woman sustained non-life threatening injuries, and a DNR conservation officer shot and killed the animal after it ran toward him. The DNR plans to release more details at a news conference this afternoon. The DNR said this is the fifth time the agency has documented a bear attack on a person resulting in injuries since 1987. Still, attacks by black bears in Minnesota are extremely rare.”

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  1. Submitted by Ron Gotzman on 06/05/2013 - 03:24 pm.

    tax cuts????

    We have read the past several days in MN Post that we need to spend more!! Although this was the “education session,” it was still not enough money for the education unions. Also, we are still “falling behind” the rate of spending of the previous decade. Mn is still only the 4th highest income tax State in the nation. With tax cuts, how can we “race to the top” when it comes to high taxes when the Govenor is entertaining the idea of a tax cut?

  2. Submitted by Greg Kapphahn on 06/05/2013 - 06:44 pm.

    As We Have Already Seen in Wisconsin

    and soon will see even more,…

    “conservatives” such as Scott Walker, his Republican friends, and those holding their leashes, are driven to pursue, indeed, can only conceive of policies which pursue the creation of a world which they will detest living in.

    Each time our Republicans develop a revulsion to a particular group of “undesirable” other people, or particular societal outcomes, the solutions they come up with are guaranteed to make that problem worse – to ensure that there are even MORE of those people and even MORE of the same outcomes.

    They can’t conceive of any other approaches, however, nor will they allow to enter their awareness anything that would contradict those approaches nor the evidence that will steadily mount that those approaches are not working. Their own solution to their failure is even more and more draconian versions of the same approaches – approaches in which they are unthinking ‘true believers.”

    When this type of “conservative” takes over a state, the effect on the general population is best described in the old Hollies song “King Midas in Reverse” (except for a very few people to whom the income that should have gone to the general population flows).

    Given the continuing opportunity, Gov. Walker and his friends will ensure that we not only have a Mississippi at the other end of the great river that has it’s headwaters here in Minnesota, but, increasingly, a Mississippi-equivalent just across the St. Croix.

  3. Submitted by Matt Haas on 06/05/2013 - 09:54 pm.

    I wish

    It’d be nice if I could just revel in what is sure to be a disaster of epic proportion for the conservatives to the east. Sadly, I was born, raised, and can count my entire family as residents of what was once a shining beacon of forward thinking in our country. What’s coming for my home will be tragic, and all I can feel is sadness for a place I once seriously entertained hopes of returning to to raise my kids. As it stands, I cannot in good conscious subject them, or myself to the poisonous atmosphere that is growing stronger there. With the toxic legislation pouring from Madison, and the frac sand debacle that is literally rippiing my hometown apart, its likely I can never go home again. Words can’t express the loss I feel for the rending of my roots.

  4. Submitted by Joe Musich on 06/05/2013 - 11:10 pm.

    As far as tfA …

    goes remember they are asking to put untrained or only partially trained people into classrooms. Let’s change the perspective and start asking the reasons districts cannot pay for teachers who have been trained. Really what’s up with that ?

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