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Brodkorb attorney Villaume resigns over leaked ‘affairs’ list

GOP’s role in gay-marriage reversal; Fair’s Newspaper Museum may go; wheelchair church-vandal; third teen arrested in death; another Minneapolis police incident; Pillsbury A Mill tunnel; and more.

What’s his hourly rate for releasing secret lists? Rachel Stassen-Berger of the Strib writes: “Ex-Senate employee Michael Brodkorb said the public release last month of a list of legislators who allegedly had affairs caused him and one of his attorneys to part ways. Phil Villaume, who had a leading role in Brodkorb’s year-old suit against the Minnesota Senate, withdrew from the case on Thursday, according to a public notice. Greg Walsh, who has represented Brodkorb since the start of the case, is now Brodkorb’s only attorney. … Brodkorb also said on Thursday that the list that was publicly available was ‘a list,’ suggesting that he has other evidence, perhaps other names, he has submitted to prove his case. … He added: ‘One particular piece has gotten some attention, but in no way shape or form does it represent the full collection of evidence that’s gone on.’ ” Somebody better not have naked pictures …

City Pages’ Andy Mannix has a piece in Time explaining for a national audience how important the state GOP was in getting gay marriage passed: “Though they couldn’t have known it at the time, when state lawmakers passed a Republican-initiated ballot referendum for a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage two years ago, they set off a series of events that led to this landmark day for gay rights. ‘There is absolutely no doubt that without the amendment campaign, we wouldn’t be where we are today with marriage equality of the law in the state of Minnesota,” says Sen. Branden Peterson, a Republican who voted in favor of the putting the amendment on the ballot, and later flipped to co-author the same-sex marriage bill. ‘I say that with 100-percent confidence.’ … The gay marriage ban was narrowly defeated and the vote proved devastating for Republicans. Mobilized by their opposition to the gay marriage ban and a presidential election, Democratic voters turned out in droves, particularly in crucial suburban districts. … An amendment born of the party’s control of government led directly to its loss of it.” And voters resented Voter ID even more …

Isn’t there something redundant about “newspaper museum”? Tad Vezner of the PiPress says: “A plan to revamp Heritage Square at the Minnesota State Fair will likely result in uprooting the Minnesota Newspaper Museum from the old-timey space. State Fair officials contacted the foundation in charge of the museum last week, informing them of their potential plans for the square: creating a transportation hub and dropoff/pickup point for buses, as well as constructing a new vendor area to replace the old structures there. ‘Heritage Square as it stands today will not exist,’ State Fair deputy general manager Jim Sinclair said Thursday.”

KMSP-TV’s Leah Beno has the story of the wheelchair-using church vandal. ” ‘It’s me,’ said Lonny Roseland, who lives less than half a mile from the Pilgrims United Church of Christ. ‘The main reason: I am definitely against gay marriage, of course. Although, I know I can’t change it.’ Making no excuses, Roseland admitted he’s the man seen in the surveillance video, telling FOX 9 News he began to target the church as the legalization of same-sex marriage became closer to reality. ‘Show me in the Bible where gay persons can get married in the eyes of Yahweh,’ Roseland said. ‘If they were Atheists, I would not have had a problem with them — but they call themselves the United Church of Christ. They consider themselves a religious organization.’ … Roseland said if he was going to be given a title, he should be dubbed the ‘Right-wing Early-bird Vandal,’ but police have another title — suspect with charges pending.” They might want to restrict his FoxNews privileges.

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The GleanA third teenager has been arrested in the killing of a 79-year-old woman in Willmar. In the Strib, Paul Walsh and Jenna Ross report: “The 19- and 16-year-old suspects, both from Willmar, were arrested about 10 p.m. Wednesday. A 17-year-old boy from Willmar was arrested about 1:15 p.m. Thursday. … Brok Nathaniel Junkermeier, 19, is suspected of second-degree murder and first-degree burglary. The 16-year-old is suspected of aiding and abetting second-degree murder and first-degree burglary. A statement from the Sheriff’s Office said only that the 17-year-old was arrested in connection with Warwick’s death.”

How many more of these does it take before we admit there’s a cultural problem? Matt McKinney of the Strib says: “Three Minneapolis police officers were cited in Apple Valley and charged with assault late last year after a bar fight in which the officers, who are white, chased down a group of black men and knocked one of them to the ground, calling him a ‘fat (racial expletive),’ according to police records obtained by the Star Tribune Thursday. The officers, William C. Woodis, Christopher J. Bennett, and Andrew R. Allen, pursued the men even after the men had left the bar, according to a witness. A security camera video showed the officers run out of the bar after the departing black men, catch them in the parking lot and start fighting, according to the Apple Valley police. The fight then moved out of view of the camera. The video was not immediately available.”

What to do with a big tunnel under Southeast Main Street? In the Strib, Don Jacobson says: “As impressive as the historic Pillsbury A Mill is above ground, a big part of its history remains unseen below — a massive water tunnel with high, vaulted ceilings running 500 feet just beneath SE. Main Street. … The city last year received $285,000 in grants from the state’s Legacy Amendment and the St. Anthony Falls Heritage Board to complete a historic and structural analysis of [James J.] Hill’s water system, and is working with the A Mill’s prospective new owner — apartment developer Dominium — to assess the tunnel’s potential. The Plymouth-based developer is expected to close on a purchase of the bank-owned A Mill next month with plans to convert it into the Pillsbury Lofts — 251 units of affordable live-work artists studio apartments.”

This sounds like a Paulie Walnuts scam from “The Sopranos”. The PiPress story says: “A former University of Minnesota hospital employee was sentenced Thursday in U.S. District Court for stealing prosthetics and then selling them online. According to the U.S. attorney’s office in Minneapolis, Judge Ann D. Montgomery sentenced Peter Stasica, 52, of Coon Rapids to two years of probation and ordered him to pay more than $88,000 in restitution and perform 100 hours of community service. In an April plea agreement, Stasica admitted that from February to August 2011, he stole the prosthetics and related supplies from the University of Minnesota Medical Center-Fairview and sold them on eBay. … He also admitted that, under false pretenses, he solicited prosthetics from patients who were not using them.”

Finally … just for fun, John Hinderaker at Power Line on “Our Poll On Why Conservatives Don’t Do Better: What Does It Show?”: “If conservatives are a majority, why can’t we win? Polls consistently show that conservatives outnumber liberals by 1 1/2 to 1 or 2 to 1, yet liberals dominate government. Why? The specific context of my post was a Rasmussen survey showing that by nearly two to one, voters prefer Michele Bachmann’s approach to the financial crisis of 2008-09 to that of George W. Bush and Barack Obama. … half of all respondents fingered the news media and academia as more than making up for the predominance of conservatives in our population. …” Every time I read one of these I think one day Hinderaker’s going to whip back the curtain and yell, “Hey! It’s a bit. What, you don’t know a joke? But I had you goin’, didn’t I?”