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Dayton rips DFL for delay in tax cuts

Well … if you’re going to be that way about it … Bill Salisbury of the PiPress says:“Gov. Mark Dayton made his first public appearance at the Capitol in five weeks on Tuesday to blast his fellow DFLers in the Legislature for holding up tax cuts for Minnesotans while they squabble over whether to build a new Senate office building. The issue apparently was resolved about 90 minutes after Dayton’s verbal broadside when Senate Democratic-Farmer-Labor leaders announced they intend to pass the tax cuts the governor wants — without any office building strings attached.”

In Rachel Stassen-Berger’s Strib story, she says: “[Senate Majority Leader Tom] Bakk flatly denied that he was blocking progress on other issues for sake of the building, claiming such a thought never even occurred to him. Dayton made clear Tuesday he did not believe that. On Tuesday, asked if he was responsible for the current conundrum given that he accepted a tax bill that included the business taxes he now wants to dump, the Senate office building and did not include the tax cuts for middle income Minnesotans he now demands, Dayton’s answer was simple. ‘Sure,’ he said. He added: ‘And I’m doing everything to correct it now.’ “

If you decide to hike over to the Capitol Thursday … heads up … or maybe keep your head down. In an appeal to those committed to the full exercise of their precious Second Amendment rights, the AmmoLand website is saying: “After the humiliating defeat of every bit of gun control proposed last session, you’d think that the gun grabbers would learn. Unfortunately, you’d be wrong. We need you to make your voice heard at the State Capitol, this Thursday. … Civil rights opponent Ron Latz, chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee, introduced SF2639, a bill that would create de facto confiscation of firearms from persons accused of domestic violence.” Because … well, because … those people need their weapons.

This took long enough … Dave Chanen of the Strib says: “A former assistant golf coach at the University of Minnesota who sued the school alleging that it fired her after learning she was a lesbian was awarded nearly $360,000 Tuesday by a Hennepin County district judge. … In his 38-page order, Judge Thomas Sipkins wrote that [Katie] Brenny was intentionally subjected to disparate treatment based on her sexual orientation.”

500. The Duluth News Tribune says: “Almost 500 people were arrested in Minnesota for DWI over the St. Patrick’s Day weekend, according to a Department of Public Safety report. Additional DWI patrols were out over the weekend to watch for drunken drivers. According to the preliminary reports from Minnesota law enforcement agencies, 495 motorists were arrested for DWI. As of Monday morning there were 420 arrests, with an additional 75 coming between 9 a.m. Monday and 6 a.m. Tuesday.” Someone will argue that there was powerful cultural encouragement to get loaded.

Better news from St. Paddy’s Day … Jim Anderson of the Strib says: “St. Patrick’s Day proved lucky for a lively, brindle-colored boxer mix named Avery. And it proved fortunate, too, for the dog’s grateful owners, who — thanks to the protective powers of a microchip, social media and a kind stranger who went the extra mile — were tearfully reunited with their lost family member after nine long months that included one brutal winter.”

GOP Rep. Andrea Kieffer got some national publicity Tuesday. Talking Points Memo picked up on the recording of Kieffer speaking at a hearing on the Women’s Economic Security Act. Says Caitlin MacNeal: “Kieffer (R) last week said that legislation to address equal pay and sick leave does not actually help women in the workplace … ‘We heard several bills last week about women’s issues and I kept thinking to myself, these bills are putting us backwards in time,’ Kieffer said at a hearing on a bill to address the gender pay gap, according to an audio recording posted by the Alliance for a Better Minnesota. ‘We are losing the respect that we so dearly want in the workplace by bringing up all these special bills for women and almost making us look like whiners.’ “

One more example of why the best care costs what it does … MPR’s Elizabeth Baier says: “Crews have finished construction of Mayo Clinic’s Richard O. Jacobson Building in Rochester that will house one of the clinic’s two new proton beam cancer therapy centers. A second facility is also under construction in Phoenix.  … pencil beam scanning is a more precise form of radiation therapy that allows for greater control over the doses a patient receives. The treatment times are shorter and there are fewer side effects.”

First, Nye’s is deemed America’s Best Bar. Now this … Keane Amdahl of City Pages says: “The Travel Channel has named the 5-8 Club number one on its newest list of places to chow down in the United States. On a show called Chowdown Countdown, now in its second season, the Travel Channel breaks down its list of the best 101 places to eat across the country — and they’ve bestowed top honors to the 5-8 Club. Other eateries in the top 10 include Tony Luke’s in Philadelphia, Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack in Nashville, and Pink’s in Los Angeles.”

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Comments (4)

  1. Submitted by Dennis Tester on 03/19/2014 - 08:21 am.

    Given this tax bill

    and the stadium bill before it, it appears that Mark Dayton needs a remedial reading course.

  2. Submitted by Bill Gleason on 03/19/2014 - 09:42 am.

    In re: Brenny

    I have been following this case for some time. It is another example of the university behaving in a way that does not make me “#umnproud” – a hashtag that the administration is trying to make popular.

    For more information on this matter with links, please see:

    For the Record: Judge’s decision on Brenny vs. U Minnesota Regents

    A good reputation is an extremely important thing, and yet these kind of things are happening at our university.

    From my post:

    And what did the University of Minnesota have to say about losing this discrimination suit?

    In response to the ruling, university spokesman Chuck Tombarge said, “With due respect to the court, we are disappointed with the decision and will closely review the findings, conclusions and order, and determine the appropriate next steps.”

    Not “we are sorry.”

    Not “this never should have happened.”

    Not “we will be taking steps to see that this does not happen again.”

    In a word: despicable.

    William B. Gleason
    University of Minnesota faculty and alum
    not #umnproud lately ….

  3. Submitted by Dimitri Drekonja on 03/19/2014 - 09:48 am.

    “Pencil beam scanning” sounds so precise and high tech– but it’s worth pointing out that this technology has never been shown to be superior to conventional (and far cheaper) therapies with regard to efficacy and safety outcomes. And the conventional therapies don’t need 380 million dollar new facilities…

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