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Restrictive conditions for medical marijuana

Milwaukee Brewing to enter state; impound lot clean-up successful; year’s angel-credit allotment already gone; minimum-wage indexing a major snag; car-parking effort too creative; and more.

There’s something quaint about this … . Christopher Snowbeck of the PiPress says: “With more states giving patients the chance to use marijuana for medical purposes, lawmakers on Tuesday launched a debate over whether Minnesota should join the trend. … It would allow the Department of Health to issue medical marijuana ID cards to patients with conditions such as cancer, multiple sclerosis and HIV/AIDS who are prescribed the drug by a physician. The state would regulate dispensaries, and those who don’t live within 15 miles of a marijuana dispensary would be allowed to grow a limited amount of marijuana in their homes, supporters say.” Bureaucracies create bureaucracies.

In the Strib, Jeremy Olson says:The list of conditions appears more restrictive than in California, where patients can get marijuana for anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder — and critics suggest trickery by recreational users. ‘Those are conditions that people can … fake if they want to get a card that allows them to use medical marijuana,’ said Dr. Carrie Borchardt, a child psychiatrist and president of the Minnesota Psychiatric Society. ‘It’s really kind of a joke.’ ” And by contrast the current laws are … ?

Meanwhile … invaders from the east! Tom Daykin of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel says: “Milwaukee Brewing Co. is expanding its distribution to the Minneapolis-St. Paul area beginning Wednesday, the company announced. The brewer’s brands, including Louie’s Demise Amber Ale, Hop Happy IPA, Booyah Farmhouse Ale, Outboard Cream Ale, O-Gii Imperial Wit and Hop Freak Double IPA, will be sold in the Twin Cities as part of phased rollout in Minnesota. In the coming months, Milwaukee Brewing’s beers will be available in St. Cloud, Duluth, Brainerd and Bemidji, Minn.” Who will inspect the dispensaries for that stuff?

Eight up, one down. Jim Anderson of the Strib reports: “There are many reasons why the Minneapolis city impound lot west of downtown might be considered notorious, but as of last week, being a state Superfund site is no longer one of them. After nearly 30 years of city cleanup efforts and other improvements at the Colfax Avenue N. site, it was removed from the state list by a Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s Citizens’ Board vote. Eight other sites, however, were added to the list, bringing the total to 82 … .” It remains toxic for the very high level of profanity used there.

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It’s only March and the angel jing is gone … Nick Woltman of the PiPress says: “Minnesota’s Angel Tax Credit program has already allocated its $12.2 million in 2014 credits, according to the state’s Department of Employment and Economic Development. The tax credits — intended to spur investment in small businesses — were all allocated by Monday, said Jeff Nelson, the program’s coordinator. … The credits ran out in mid-May last year, and in Mid-July the year before that.”

You’ll never guess who thinks this raise in the minimum wage is anti-capitalist hooey … . PiPresser Joe Soucheray writes: “[I]t is rare to encounter such proficiency in a job that presumably pays minimum wage. Mostly you encounter sullen young people who have no spirit or verve. … I don’t understand why the government has the authority or the obligation — well, they do, to their unions — to instruct employers to pay more for such performance. If the employee succeeds, the employer will pay more. That’s how it has always worked, at least until the left got the idea that they could certainly build their base by having others pay more for less.” I kept waiting for the line about how at $9.50 an hour these overpaid dullard/slackers could at least help out with Joe’s property tax bill.

Meanwhile, Rachel Stassen-Berger of the Strib says “[L]egislative talks among Democrats over raising the state’s minimum wage Tuesday night included blunt words from the leaders of the House and Senate. Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk said Tuesday night that there is no way the Senate will accept an automatic inflator in a minimum wage bill, ‘period.’ ” The idea of including an automatic inflationary bump come 2017 has become a key sticking point in the negotiations between House and Senate.”

Yeah sure, right after we repeal gay marriage and hammer that Voter ID thing home … Catharine Richert at MPR reports: “When Republican operative Ben Golnik looks at a map of Minnesota, he sees opportunity. … ‘The Minnesotans that care about jobs and the economy like the Republican’s message,’ he said. ‘However, that message did not come out in 2012 because the focus was on the marriage amendment.’ ” Does he remember that the Voter ID “initiative” took a worse defeat than the GOP’s anti-gay marriage amendment?

Was he obstructing anything? Tim Harlow of the Strib writes: “[C]reative parking doesn’t pay. In fact, it will cost you, as a recent user of the car-sharing service Car2Go found out. The user backed the tiny Smart Fortwo Passion horizontally in an open space in between two legally parallel-parked vehicles and left the front wheels facing toward S. 7th Street across from Hennepin County Government Center. That broke two laws, said John Elder, a Minneapolis police spokesman.” I say, points for creativity.