Die, stolen iPhone! Minnesota is first state with cell phone ‘kill switch’

We’re the first … . The AP reports, “Minnesota enacted the nation’s first law Wednesday requiring smartphones and tablets sold in the state to have remote shut-off feature as a way to deter theft. The ‘kill switch’ bill was signed by Gov. Mark Dayton after lawmakers passed it last week. The measure takes full effect in July 2015, but advocates are hoping the wireless industry will make technology updates sooner.”

The governor also signed bills making it easier to expunge criminal convictions and harder for felons to get guns.  

The second guy arrested in that Mankato assault case says he’s completely innocent. Curt Brown of the Strib says, “When authorities asked [Trevor] Shelley if he had struck [Isaac] Kolstad, he ‘stated that he did not.’ Told that surveillance cameras in the area might have captured what happened, ‘Shelley maintained that he did not hit anyone.’ … Shelley allegedly told [a witness] at 3 a.m. that he ‘wound up and hit him as hard as he could.’

Dan Browning’s Strib piece on a Mayo cancer experiment is a fascinating read. “Stacy Erholtz was out of conventional treatment options for blood cancer last June when she underwent an experimental trial at the Mayo Clinic that injected her with enough measles vaccine to inoculate 10 million people. The 50-year-old Pequot Lakes mother is now part of medical history.”

Not exactly Walter White … . Tad Vezner of the PiPress says, “Two police officers patrolling a St. Paul public storage building were stunned when a door opened, revealing a full methamphetamine lab, bubbling beakers and a woman passed out in a chair. … Officers approached one unit and smelled a strong chemical odor from inside — before the door suddenly opened. [Matthew] Krause emerged and ‘appeared very surprised to see police’ … .”

In his MPR column, Bob Collins covers the official response from Target exec Jeff Jones to an employee complaint that ran in Gawker last week. This was the one that said, “Target has no original ideas, they are just reacting to what other companies are doing and jumping the bandwagon. They have a culture that makes decision via consensus, so it takes FOREVER to make a decision and implement even the smallest change.” To that Chief Marketing Director Jones replies, “While we would have preferred to have a conversation like this with the team member directly, speaking openly and honestly, and challenging norms is exactly what we need to be doing today and every day going forward.” And that private, direct, strictly in-house conversation would have been beneficial to the employee’s career, yes?

The GleanAn amusing story from Stribber Jeff Strickler on a long-time car salesman who now handles the negotiating for car buyers. “After spending five decades in the car business, Weinberg has launched Auto Buying Service, where he helps prospective car buyers save money — for free. Doesn’t that mean that sometimes he’s talking them out of buying the very things he used to try to talk them into buying? ‘Yes,’ he admitted, ‘but I’m playing for the other team now.’”  So I want that Mercedes, but I’ve only saved enough for a ‘78 Datsun … .

Still seeking “balance” … . Nick Crow of the Janesville Gazette tells us, “The Janesville School District made a mistake by showing the video ‘Kids React to Gay Marriage’ at Craig High School on April 11, Superintendent Karen Schulte said Tuesday. ‘Once I viewed the video, I felt like it was biased to one side of the (same-sex marriage) issue,’ Schulte said. ‘It’s not something we would typically do. When looking at controversial issues, we need to look at both sides.’” Which I assume means teaching “flat Earth” after those silly science teachers get through their biased “round Earth”propaganda.

A commentary responding to a response to a letter … from Will Shapira, about public funding of sports stadiums. In the Strib he says, “The author of the May 13 commentary “Stadium foes really should ‘get over it” neglected to mention that at critical junctures in the legislative journey of bills for Target Field and the Vikings stadium, a way somehow was found to do an end run on the law that requires a referendum on every proposed local tax increase. … good government trumps Big Sports any day … the Twins’ and Vikings’ financial contributions to community projects are merely business investments, the cost of doing business and being allowed to socialize their private profit at taxpayer expense.”

Lubricate your eyeballs, because there’s going to be some rolling as you watch this … .  City Pages’ Jessica Armbruster, noting the New York Times visit to Hennepin and Lagoon to interview Uptown fashionistas about their “look” writes, “There’s a enthusiastic student who opines that Uptown is ‘hipster central,’ a tattoo shop employee who only wears black, and a barista/pizza server who loves her green hat because she’s adverse to washing her hair and growing out a bad haircut (girl, we’ve all been there). They all feel that clothing is an extension of who they are (a common trope in fashion Q&As). The final interview subject is pretty interesting, however: a PhD candidate from Afghanistan who sees his love of fashion as a way of breaking through stereotypes.” And you there, wearing the torn and faded Harmon Killebrew t-shirt, cargo shorts and sandals with crew socks … ?

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  1. Submitted by Jackson Cage on 05/14/2014 - 04:50 pm.

    Two points…

    1.My guess is Target DID have a direct conversation with the guy. And when they were done, Target took those comments to the Committee, who then decided to wait to see how other companies responded to the same issue.

    2. I support the logic of the Janesville Scool system. Just because something’s a law doesn’t mean you shouldn’t present both sides. For instance, in Driver’s Ed they can discuss the pros of driving drunk, not just the cons.

  2. Submitted by Tom Anderson on 05/14/2014 - 08:05 pm.

    Seems like the state

    Wants people to purchase their phones and electronic devices from out of state. If the companies that make the devices don’t include “kill switches” will Best Buy stores just have empty shelves where the electronic used to be?

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