Docs back Minnesota House medical-marijuana bill over Senate’s

As expected … . Christopher Snowbeck’s PiPress story on the Minnesota Medical Assocation’s choice between the Senate and House pot bills says, “The Minnesota Medical Association says it prefers a bill for medical marijuana that’s scheduled for a vote Friday in the House, saying cannabis legislation passed by the Senate earlier this week is ‘overly broad in scope.’ The House bill from Rep. Carly Melin, DFL-Hibbing, would make marijuana available to certain patients from one state-regulated manufacturer.”

“Crystal clear”? The AP assures us, “An annual report card gives mixed grades to some of the most popular Twin Cities lakes. … water-quality grades for Lake Minnetonka for 2013 show a slight improvement from 2012, ranging from A’s for several bays to a D for Stubb’s Bay. In the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes, Lake Calhoun has gotten straight A’s since 2008. Lake Harriet got its second straight A-minus.”

It’s still amazing you have to legislate this kind of thing … . Says Tom Scheck for MPR, “A bill that aims to improve the working conditions of women is headed to Gov. Mark Dayton for his signature. Dayton’s spokesman says the governor will sign the bill. … The measure would require businesses to provide greater accommodations to pregnant and nursing mothers. It also requires large companies that contract with the state to certify that they provide similar pay to men and women in similar jobs.”

And she was not some ditsy teen … . Says Paul Walsh in the Strib, “‘Extreme’ distraction from a ringing cellphone is suspected of prompting a motorist to swerve on a rural Wright County road and fatally strike a college athlete out for a midday training run on the shoulder on a clear summer’s day. Linda L. Gullickson, 68, of Albertville, was charged by summons in Wright County District Court last week with criminal vehicular homicide in the death on Aug. 8 of Phillip G. LaVallee, 19, a running star at Monticello High School … .”

Not amused … . Stribber Rochelle Olson reports, “Law enforcement and rescue personnel are steaming over the latest Internet daredevil stunt, which marries two of Minnesota’s proudest pastimes — defying the cold and plunging into open water. On Wednesday night, a jumper’s embrace of the fad — informally called the cold-water challenge — resulted in a lot of wasted time, perilous duty and precious resources for rescuers, the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office said Thursday.”

Fisher folks! Be aware of a serious bait-dearth. Dan Gunderson of MPR says, “Bait dealers say regulations designed to prevent the spread of invasive species are making it more difficult for them to collect the bait anglers want. … DNR officials say it’s important to close infested lakes to bait collection when young zebra mussels called veligers are floating in the water. Veligers are too small to be easily seen and they could be transferred in the water with minnows.”

The GleanIf you ran with Hunter Thompson, someone had to stay sober … . Euan Kerr of MPR previews the opening of a film of Ralph Steadman’s life and work. “Steadman is best known in the United States for his decades illustrating the work of journalist Hunter S. Thompson, especially in Rolling Stone magazine and the book ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.’ But in other parts of the world, Steadman is recognized as one of the world’s greatest satirical artists in his own right. The film, ‘For No Good Reason,’ which opens this weekend in Minneapolis, explores Steadman’s extraordinary career.”

Here’s one to haggle out with other parents … . For the Forum News Service, Anna Burleson reports on a bullying incident — with video testimony from a couple little kids — that has gone viral. “Anna’s mother, Sarah Cymbaluk, posted a video to her Facebook page Wednesday night showing 8-year-old Anna in tears with her 7-year-old brother, Ben, by her side as the two described incidents of traumatic bullying on the school bus they ride in Fosston. In the video, Ben describes another child on the bus calling a high school girl a lesbian and telling her that she was going to kill herself, all while the bus driver sat idly by. When the bully turned his attention to Anna, the bus driver told her to ‘sit your (expletive) down’.” Here’s the video.

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