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Legislators have medical-marijuana deal cops don’t hate

marijuana plantsCreative Commons/Guilhem Vellut

The AP says there’s a “new compromise” on getting medical marijuana to the suffering that “is unopposed by law enforcement.” It would be small-scale clinical trials, not involving smoking. That’s a pretty big come-down from what advocates wanted, but the bill does guarantee the med-mal will be available even if the feds don’t approve the trial. 

Tom Scheck at MPR saw this coming earlier in the day: “Police and prosecutors say they’re open to a compromise on medical marijuana but remain firmly opposed to efforts to allow patients to smoke it. Law enforcement groups told the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday that they might not oppose marijuana extracts like oils or pills for treatment, but they don’t want to see the creation of 55 marijuana dispensaries, as allowed in the bill.”

Homeless … Edina? Mary Jane Smetanka of the Strib says, “A seemingly unlikely location — Edina — has been chosen as the place to build the first apartment building for homeless young people in the western suburbs. Local churches are working with Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative of St. Paul to convert a TCF Bank building near Southdale into a 39-unit apartment building with space for counselors who would help homeless youths finish school and find jobs.” I hope they get food chits for The Galleria.

Does the U really need another sports-spending initiative? Also in the Strib, Amelia Rayno says, “The University of Minnesota already has big goals for athletic venue upgrades. This spring, it’s looking to add one more building to its to-do list: Mariucci Arena. The university is considering an $8 million renovation of Mariucci that could potentially include a smaller ice sheet, better sight lines and increased seating.” How about wider nets?

Shocking …Mike Creger of The Forum News Service says, “Ships are still being escorted with ice breakers on Superior, so the clump of those seen coming into Duluth on Wednesday will likely be repeated in coming days. Nine upbound ships were just north of Whitefish Bay on Wednesday afternoon, headed to ports west.” One expert says he wouldn’t be surprised if there was ice on Superior in June. 

This sort of thing will only grow as the year’s go by …The AP says, “One of the most popular songs of all time, Bob Dylan’s ‘Like a Rolling Stone,’ is going to auction this summer. Sotheby’s is offering a working draft of the finished song in Dylan’s own hand for an estimated $1 million to $2 million. … The draft is written in pencil on four sheets of hotel letterhead stationery with revisions, additions, notes and doodles: a hat, a bird, an animal with antlers.” It’s not exactly The Gettysburg Address. But it’s up there.

Fascinating New Yorker piece on how China recruits U.S. spies. The elusive local angle? The spy profiled is a University of Minnesota engineering grad.

Protect the beasts who serve …Paul Walsh of the Strib says, “Protective vests are being donated to the four-legged protectors of citizens and visitors in Hennepin County. The eight vests, designed to counter gunfire and stabbing attempts, are being issued for dogs on the roster with the Sheriff’s Office. The donation is from the nonprofit Vested Interest in K-9s of Massachusetts.”

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  1. Submitted by Steve Hoffman on 05/01/2014 - 02:41 pm.

    Marijuana studies

    Study after study has shown that marijuana is effective in treating many conditions, and is NOT harmful per se. Are the naysayers holding out for some miraculous new study that will somehow contradict all the others?

  2. Submitted by Greg Kapphahn on 05/01/2014 - 03:41 pm.

    Without Completely Criminalized Marijuana

    Our law enforcement personnel, especially those in certain areas, would lose a primary reason d’etre,

    but, sadly, so many of our law enforcement folks have been providing, for such a long time, information in the DARE program which sounds as if “refer madness” were a documentary rather than the farce it is, that they seem to have come to believe it themselves.

    The opposition to medical marijuana on the part of our law enforcement folks is not based on any more reality than Tony Cornish’s belief that our state would be safer if ALL citizens were packing heat. Their opinions on this subject are too clouded by their own miseducation and mixed motivations.

  3. Submitted by Joe Schweigert on 05/01/2014 - 06:50 pm.

    Here’s to hoping

    Hopefully this new “deal” on medical marijuana is merely a (very) quick stepping stone to a real and meaningful piece of legislation.

    It seems as though our law enforcement agencies have very entrenched and prejudiced members who simply refuse to acknowledge the vast amount of opposing evidence, not only from clinical studies but real world examples.

    California has had a medical marijuana law on the books for over a decade. Where’s your smoking gun? (no pun intended)

    Here’s what doesn’t work: your scared-straight DARE program that has wasted money and time having ZERO impact on drug use in teenagers.

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