St. Paul to Minneapolis in … an hour-plus? LRT, or oxcart?

As you know, MPR has a keen interest in the Central Corridor/Green Line LRT … . Laura Yuen reports, “Test trains along the route connecting St. Paul and Minneapolis have been taking an hour or longer to travel from one end to the other, exceeding initial projections of 40 minutes. Met Council officials say they’re working hard to shave off those extra minutes in the weeks leading up to the June 14 launch.” Simple … fewer stops.

At least one big money donor still sees traction in fighting Obamacare. The AP says, “An outside political group’s new television promotes Minnesota Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Honour as having the toughest stance against the nation’s new health care law. … Compete Minnesota, a well-funded group airing it, aims to lift up Honour in a crowded GOP field by focusing on an important issue for the party’s primary voters.” I.e. … The Base.

If not new stadium construction, it is at least stadium re-construction … . Says Eric Roper in the Strib, “The $97 million overhaul of downtown Minneapolis’ Target Center will feature lots of glass, a metallic-looking facade and better connections to downtown and Target Field, based on renderings released Tuesday.” Work will start next spring, or “Shoulder Winter” as we now think of April, May and June.

So much for navigating down the Mississippi in Minneapolis: the PiPress’s Dave Orrick reports Minnesota’s congressional delegation expects the Upper St. Anthony Falls shipping lock to be closed within a year. The reason: to block invasive carp, who might otherwise breach the lock’s dam.

He is a what … ? Tim Harlow and Joy Powell at the Strib tell us, “Authorities partly closed a downtown Minneapolis freeway briefly Tuesday morning as they made a ‘high-risk’ traffic stop to detain a motorist who allegedly brandished a gun at another driver. Turns out the driver was an agent for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms … The State Patrol took the man into custody but released him after officers learned he was an ATF agent who was carrying proper credentials.”

In the Faribault Daily News, Jaci Smith writes, “Another victim of former Shattuck-St. Mary’s school teacher and dorm parent Lynn Seibel has filed suit, alleging the school knew of the abuse several of its students suffered there and did nothing about it. … in the fall of 2000, Seth Hedderick, also employed by Shattuck although no longer at the school, encountered naked students in the hall of the dorm who told him they couldn’t have clothes on because it was a ‘naked dance party’ that Seibel had orchestrated. Hedderick reported the incident to headmaster Gregory Kieffer, who did nothing in response.”

The community is rallying to help the family of the so-called “miracle baby.” In the Strib, Mary Lynn Smith says, “Owners of the Cedar Riverside Plaza apartments met with community members Tuesday evening to talk about measures to keep small children from opening the patio doors and education measures to help parents keep their children safe. Members of the Somali American community also agreed to set up a fund for the family, which is distraught over the Sunday accident.”

Look who’s back in the news … . Stribber Randy Furst reports, “Patricia Kerr Karasov, a former Hennepin County district judge who was suspended without pay in 2011 and who later retired from the bench, sued a group of law enforcement agencies and others on Tuesday, claiming her driver’s license records were searched in violation of state law. … Karasov was censured and suspended without pay in 2011 by the Minnesota Supreme Court over questions about the validity of decisions she made in cases while living outside her judicial district … .”

Would you like that Super-Sized? WCCO-TV reports, “An assistant manager at a Lakeville McDonald’s has been charged with criminal sexual conduct after allegedly touching two employees — one of whom was under 18 — in inappropriate ways. According to the criminal complaint, Marco Antonio Arevalo-Santiago, 27, allegedly engaged in inappropriate conduct on four occasions with an underage male employee. The victim claims that in his first encounter, Arevalo-Santiago rubbed his pants pocket for about 20 seconds while asking about the length of his ‘French fry’.”

The Chicago Blackhawks again ended the Minnesota Wild’s season, this time one round later than last year, with a 2-1 overtime win to take the series 4-2. If you really want to dwell on the lamentations of the faithful, see here, here and here. At least the Twins won in a walk-off.

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  1. Submitted by Greg Price on 05/14/2014 - 07:33 am.

    Road Rage

    Apparently ATF agents have Second Amendment rights too!!

    • Submitted by Rachel Weisman on 05/14/2014 - 10:00 am.

      Is this what the 2nd amendment means to you?

      “allegedly brandished a gun at another driver”. To be clear, brandish means to threaten. This behavior is not compatible with any understanding of the 2nd A.

    • Submitted by Greg Price on 05/14/2014 - 10:56 am.

      Apparently ATF agents have Second Amendment rights too!!

      S-A-R-C-A-S-M !!!

      google the term…

  2. Submitted by Robert Owen on 05/14/2014 - 10:14 am.

    Rights plus more

    If the ATF agent really brandished his gun at another driver (who apparently was not arrested by the ATF or State Patrol) and the agent didn’t get arrested for it he has some super duper Second Amendment rights.

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