Disturbing police recordings of Waseca teen released

Eerie … Stribbers Pam Louwagie and Jennifer Brooks say, “John LaDue was composed and calm as he told Waseca police of his plans to kill his family and set off a massacre at the local school. Audio recordings of the 17-year-old’s interviews the night of his arrest were released publicly Tuesday afternoon as part of thousands of pages of court exhibits in his juvenile case. … he said … ‘I think I’m just really mentally ill and no one’s noticed and I’ve been trying to hide it.’ “

Likewise … Jean Hopfensperger of the Strib reports, “The Rev. Jerome Kern, who has been accused of child sex abuse by at least 20 individuals, testified that no one in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis ever asked him how many boys he had abused or reported him to police, according to a court deposition released Tuesday. ‘I thought it was appropriate to wrestle, to hug, you know, someone,’ Kern said. ‘I never thought of anything as sexual. And I thought it was legitimate recreation.’ ”

Some vivid imagery in Tom Cherveny’s West Central Tribune story on that double murder in Granite Falls last fall. “Shot five times at close range, Christopher Panitzke told a 911 dispatcher that he was dying. … The statements, which have not been made public until this point, also reveal that the shootings occurred at virtually point-blank range. Panitzke and [Kara] Monson were asleep when [Andy] Dikken allegedly came into the bedroom of Monson’s home. ‘… Dikken woke them up by turning on the lights, lifting the sheets, stating ‘Kara, Chris’ and then shooting them,’ according to the recently filed motion.”

Have you followed the tale of the police chief of little Campbell, Wisconsin, vs. the Tea Party? In the latest development Mark McPherson of WKBT-TV in La Crosse reports, “The Town of Campbell is moving forward with an investigation into their embattled police chief. The board went into closed session for about an hour Tuesday before voting unanimously to hire an independent investigator. Chief Tim Kelemen has been on leave since mid-June, accused of signing up a local [Tea Party] activist for online websites including insurance, dating and porn sites.” Sorry, I shouldn’t laugh.

Burn diesel in your rig? A piece in the Minnesota Farm Guide reminds you, “Diesel drivers will see a new fuel at the pump on the first of July as Minnesota rolls out the nation’s first required 10 percent biodiesel blend. Known as B10, this higher blend will be sold at filling stations during Minnesota’s summer months. In September, the biodiesel falls back to the current and cold capable B5 blend. In 2015, B10 will be available between April and September, annually.”

Speaking of fuel … . An AP story by Matt Brown says, “Disclosures from railroads about volatile oil shipments from the Northern Plains show dozens of the trains passing weekly through Illinois and the Midwest and up to 19 a week reaching Washington state on the West Coast. … They offer the most detailed insights to date on the increasing volumes of crude being moved across North America by rail in the wake of a domestic shale oil boom. The disclosures from railroads also underscore an unsettling fact: Many of those shipments pass through highly urbanized areas where the consequences of an accident would be most severe.”

The GleanYeah, maybe you want to reconsider that Middle Ages religions major … In the Minnesota Daily Anne Millerbernd writes, “Some of the highest-paid University of Minnesota graduates are those who earned a degree in health, engineering and business programs. Recent graduates in those programs have earned a post-graduate median wage of more than $60,000, according to a new tool set up by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development last month. The database gives a comprehensive and new picture of what University alumni do after graduating. …”

Not quite “Transformers Eight: Computer Graphics Doomsday,” but still … Hollywood in Minnesota. Chris Hewitt of the PiPress says, “A troubled veteran is the leading character in ‘The Blood Stripe,’ a movie scheduled to shoot in the state this summer, including locations at the Mall of America and in northern Minnesota. Writer/director/producer Remy Auberjonois references both ‘The Odyssey’ and Joseph Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness’ (the basis for the film ‘Apocalypse Now’) in his description of ‘Blood Stripe’. … Also featuring songs by area musician Mason Jennings. …”

It’ll be something we can all take out of town visitors to see: Frederick Melo at the PiPress tells us, “A Pohlad company will redevelop Midway Stadium on Energy Park Drive. The St. Paul Port Authority has partnered with United Properties to tear down and eventually replace the current home of the St. Paul Saints, which will likely be replaced by a 190,000-square-foot office-warehouse building.”

In the style of the burglar who had to check his Facebook page … . Emily Welker of the Forum News Service says, “Two junior hockey players are charged with creating and disseminating child pornography after allegedly videorecording sex with a 15-year-old girl at a Moorhead motel after a game in February, then sending the video around to other people. Thomas Ryan Carey of Moorhead and Brandon Nicholas Smith of Nebraska, both 19, were charged Monday in Clay County District Court. …”

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  1. Submitted by Terry Hayes on 06/25/2014 - 11:11 am.

    We Need to Talk About Kevin

    John LaDue’s parents need to read the book and see the movie.
    The dad was on the news last night and he seemed quite clueless.

  2. Submitted by jason myron on 06/25/2014 - 12:51 pm.

    Yeah, the dad clearly doesn’t get it.

    he made that evident last week when he said he thought the entire thing was overblown.

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