Five dead, 28 injured on motorcycles — in one week

Good lord. Paul Walsh of the Strib reports on “A surge in deaths and injuries among motorcycle riders in Minnesota… . Two fatalities Thursday in the Twin Cities brought to five the number of riders killed in the past week, according to the state Department of Public Safety (DPS). Along with the riders killed, two of them since Wednesday in separate crashes in north Minneapolis, at least 28 others on motorcycles have been injured in crashes since May 29. … Four of the five riders killed in the past week were not wearing a helmet … .”

Uh, oh… bad new for the Archbishop. He’s lost Ol’ Sooch. In his PiPress column, Joe Soucheray writes, “ … Nienstedt has been absolutely worthless in meeting the crimes against humanity — the abuse of children — square in the face. He thought everything had been taken care of by his predecessor, Harry Flynn, who was a gregarious guy out in public, to the point where you could feel comfortable calling him ‘Arch,’ because maybe you saw him at the next table at The Lexington and you picked up his check.” And since I know you’re wondering… no, not a single word about the ruinous, socialist hellhole property tax rates in St. Paul.

And you thought it was what? The local Sierra Club chapter and the WAMM ladies who paid for this kind of stuff? Eric Roper of the Strib says, “Unions, law firms, development interests and sports teams supplied most of the funding for Mayor Betsy Hodges’ inaugural party this January. The donations were posted online by the IRS this May, despite promises from the campaign that the list of donors would be released following the event.”

A deep well of lack of closure… James Shiffer of the Strib writes, “The Minnesota missing persons list includes 147 names, dating back to June 14, 1963, the day Martin Franzel, then 77, took his usual early morning walk in Minneapolis and vanished without a trace. The most recent addition is Cody Christie, 20, who was last seen leaving a relative’s home in Hinckley on foot on May 12 of this year. The youngest were 2-year-old Aaron Anderson, last seen playing in his yard in Pine City on April 7, 1989, and 2-year-old Kyle Jansen, whose footprints were found leading down to the bank of the Maple River in Mankato on Dec. 22, 1991.”

Thank you, gentlemen. In the Strib Don Jacobson tells us, “Once a poster child for the collapse of the housing bubble, Hugo’s mostly vacant Generation Acres subdivision will finally be built out after being donated to Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity. Habitat received the 5-acre property this year as a gift from Joel and John Schwieters of J.L. Schwieters Construction in Hugo, who had purchased the development-ready lots out of bankruptcy in 2009. That land gift, worth more than $1 million, has been deemed the largest in the history of the local Habitat group.”

National Dems think they have a (slight) shot at John Kline. Corey Mitchell of the Strib writes, “The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has added former state Rep. Mike Obermueller’s campaign to its ‘Emerging Races’ list, the ground floor of a program designed to support promising U.S. House candidates from around the country. … But Obermueller’s 2014 congressional campaign has yet to generate the same enthusiasm among national Democrats as his 2012 bid.”

Cool… but technically illegal. Bob Collins of MPR posts video someone shot from a quadcopter high above Target Field the other night.

So much for maternal instinct… John Myers of the Duluth News Tribune reports, “Minnesota moose researchers the past two springs have tried to capture and place radio collars on newborn calves, only to have many of the moose mothers abandon their young. … The situation became so dire last month that officials nearly canceled the entire project.”

City Pages’ Aaron Rupar strolls a bit further down the threatening aisles of Target, where (for some perpetually frightened souls) mortal peril lurks on every shelf of garden gnomes, frozen pizza and Honey Boo Boo t-shirts. “Target’s policy, essentially, is not to have one. No guns or ammunition are sold in stores, but as far as carrying firearms is concerned, the company’s policy is to simply follow the pertinent state and federal laws. As a private company, Target could choose to ban firearms in stores, but for whatever reason company higher-ups have elected not to take that step. What this means is that in Minnesota, firearm permit holders can legally tote so-called ‘long guns’ such as rifles, shotguns, and BB guns down store aisles if they choose to do so.”

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  1. Submitted by Thomas Swift on 06/06/2014 - 01:48 pm.

    Two riders were killed in N. Minneapolis last week when they were “T-boned” by a car. Helmets are no protection against feckless drivers.

    My friend, Patrick Rix, was killed last night when he struck a construction barricade that was partially obstructing the road on the Dowling ramp to 94. Several other of my friends had managed to dodge it, but evidently Pat didn’t see it in time. Helmets are no protection against feckless workers.

    • Submitted by Pat Berg on 06/06/2014 - 04:03 pm.


      I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. Please accept my condolences.

    • Submitted by Ray Schoch on 06/06/2014 - 04:32 pm.

      Riders killed

      I’ll refrain from the most obvious comment, and instead offer my condolences. Feckless drivers, indeed, and “cone zones” are often have no warning. They should have.

    • Submitted by Robert Henderson on 06/08/2014 - 07:23 am.

      I will not refrain from commenting

      I am sorry for the loss of your riding friend.

      I don’t give a hoot if you wear a helmet or not, do as you like.

      But, please don’t post nonsense like helmets are no protection from drivers or other obstacles. That’s just not true. Helmets are absolutely protection against those things and many others.

      No guarantee, but a helmet along with the other protective gear you should wear gives you a chance to survive an accident or a screw up.

      I’ve been down, hit a deer at about 65. I can tell you from first hand experience, helmets, leathers, gloves and boots work.

      • Submitted by Thomas Swift on 06/08/2014 - 05:03 pm.

        You hit a deer. You did not get broadsided by a car or tossed into the air into a concrete center divider of a freeway. Helmets are absolutely helpful as long as you do not become airborne or hit something solid. My observation was directed at the incidents presented. I didn’t witness the events, but I’ve spoken to people who did. A helmet wouldn’t have helped any of the three I mentioned.

        20 years ago, sand dropped my bike >70 mph; no helmet. Not a scratch to anything other than my hands (no gloves). But that is because I rode dirt bikes as a kid and falling correctly became second nature, and I did not become airborne or hit anything other than the pavement.

        Leather and boots are absolutely necessary. The majority of non-fatal injuries occur to the lower extremities; feet and lower legs most often. No one gets on my bike with open top shoes. But how often do you see kids riding around on crotch rockets wearing a helmet, shorts, tank tops and tennis shoes? That is the direct result of mis-information.

        I too don’t give a hoot who wears a helmet and who does not, I object to using specious anecdotes to provide fodder to those that do. Riding bikes is inherently dangerous, but if people in cars were more attentive it would be much less so.

  2. Submitted by Tim Walker on 06/09/2014 - 07:12 am.

    I object to using specious anecdotes

    1. “I object to using specious anecdotes to provide fodder to those that do.”

    2. “Helmets are absolutely helpful as long as you do not become airborne …”

    Statement #2, is false.

    And your example of 20 years ago where you managed to survive dropping your motorcycle without going airborne is a specious anecdote attempting to prove statement #2, which, as I noted, is false.

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