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Post-convention, mining a key issue for DFL

Post-convention coverage … . From Christopher Magan at the PiPress: “While the [DFL] convention was primarily a coronation of incumbent candidates, it was not without controversy. Throughout the day Saturday, delegates were lobbied to either embrace or reject a proposal to include ‘responsible mining’ to the party platform. DFLers from the mineral rich Iron Range want party leaders to take a kinder position on mining, but many worry about the environmental impact. Dayton reaffirmed his position that he would not make a decision on mining until all the different impact studies were completed. Franken said he believed DFLers on the Iron Range wanted sustainable mining.”

The Strib editorializes in a glowy Norman Rockwell way about the healthy two-party democracy on display and says about the GOP: “Two years ago, the state GOP was depleted by debt and a growing reputation for extremism. But since 2012 the party has cut its debt in half to a manageable $1 million, toned down its harshest anti-government rhetoric, rebranded itself as the ‘Growth & Opportunity Party’ and put a version of its platform on accessible display via an online ‘Solutions Center.’ It lacks household names at the top of its ticket. But it has enough wherewithal and unity to change that come November.”

At MPR, Tom Scheck writes: “After losing every election for top statewide office since 2006, Republicans said they were looking for candidates at Saturday’s state GOP convention who can win. The look and feel of the convention was dramatically different from the last two gatherings. In those years, delegates focused on the political purity of the candidates — even if those candidates may not have had the best shot at victory.”

For what it’s worth … prior to the GOP meet-up, John Gilmore at Minnesota Conservatives endorsed Marty Seifert for Governor. “The issues also favor a Seifert/Myhra ticket: mining in the northeast of the state, the ridiculous light rail projects that are disfiguring our two major cities and environs, and the malignant Met Council. This is a ticket that can reach out and get independent and moderate democrat voters. Any republican who wants to win must be able to do so. Marty Seifert can bring the fight to Mark Dayton. Money alone can’t win races although this is heresy in some republican circles this cycle. But it’s true. A good candidate is fundamental.

Focusing on the mining issue, Baird Helgeson of the Strib says: “The Dayton administration could face a make-or-break decision point on the PolyMet project later this year, creating a sense of urgency for activists on both sides. The fight has pitted a strong and influential conservation-minded wing of the party against Iron Range DFLers, who strongly support the mining expansion.”

The AP ties it all up, saying: “Minnesota Democrats face a major challenge as they seek to keep Gov. Mark Dayton and U.S. Sen. Al Franken in office — getting their supporters to show up at the polls. Republicans face the challenges of uniting the party after a fractured state convention and a potentially divisive primary campaign ahead.”

And yet more on our Scottish nobility couple … . Dave Chanen of the Strib says: “Friends, who were unaware of the pair’s alleged crimes, have been left with a mixture of bewilderment, pain and pity. And they’re now drawn to the contradictions that were evident in the couple’s lifestyle. For instance, they say, among the Deephaven house’s sparse decorations was an electronic frame that rotated photos of the couple with others of media mogul Ted Turner, castles and polo players, leaving the impression that such associations were routine.” That sounds like something George “Seinfeld” Costanza would pull.

Also in the Strib, Pat Pheifer and Chris Havens talk … water. “The National Weather Service (NWS) said Sunday afternoon that some communities in the Twin Cities metro area could see up to an additional 3 inches of rain on top of the 2 to 5 inches that have already fallen. … there’s a chance of rain through Monday morning, but except for a shower here and there, the Twin Cities area should begin to dry out by Monday afternoon.”

Related … . At MPR, Peter Cox says: “The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is advising people to avoid swimming or skiing in Lake Minnetonka and two other nearby lakes, after heavy rains forced the city of Mound to release untreated sewage into the storm water sewer system Sunday morning. The MPCA gave Mound permission to release the sewage in order to keep waste water from backing up into the basements of around 1,000 homes in the city.” Remember that on your next fishing jaunt.

Also appetizing … . Raya Zimmerman of the PiPress covered the Grand Old Day hot dog eating contest. It wasn’t pretty. “Near the end of the two-minute mark, it looked as though yet another tie would ensue, but then [Steve] Hendry’s bodily rejection began. Hendry said he was left with about a hot dog and a half stuffed in his cheeks before he lost his payload. The final bell rang just in time for [Yasir] Salem to be announced the winner. Then, as if on queue [sic], Salem also hurled. George Shea, chairman of the Major League Eating group, said it’s the first time he had seen professional competitors vomit.”

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  1. Submitted by Peter Doughty on 06/02/2014 - 08:14 am.

    untreated sewage release

    Maybe composting toilets aren’t such a terrible idea after all.

  2. Submitted by Richard O'Neil on 06/02/2014 - 01:52 pm.

    “…the first time he had seen professional competitors vomit.”

    I wonder. What brand of hot dogs produced this result?

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