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Report: Archbishop Nienstedt being investigated by firm hired by archdiocese

Archbishop John NienstedtArchbishop John Nienstedt

At some point someone has to put an end to this … In Commonweal, Grant Gallico reports, “Archbishop John Nienstedt of St. Paul and Minneapolis is being investigated for ‘multiple allegations’ of inappropriate sexual conduct with seminarians, priests, and other men, according to the archbishop’s former top canon lawyer, Jennifer Haselberger. The investigation is being conducted by a law firm hired by the archdiocese. Nienstedt denies the allegations. The investigation was spurred by information the archdiocese received late last year, according to another person with knowledge of the investigation.” MPR has a story on the investigation as well. 

It’s been 38 years since the number of abortions performed in Minnesota was as low as it was in 2013. Christopher Snowbeck of the PiPress says, “There were 9,030 induced abortions among Minnesota residents in 2013, the lowest annual tally since 1975, according to a report released Tuesday. More than 800 nonresidents also underwent abortion procedures last year in Minnesota, bringing the statewide count to 9,903.”

But then … KSTP-TV’s story says, “Violent crime increased, but most property crimes decreased across the state in 2013, according to new data released Tuesday by the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. … According to the report, 2013 had a 1.2 percent increase in violent crime compared to 2012. There were 111 murders;  1,971 rapes; 3,661 robberies; and 6,725 aggravated assaults.”

Still culling reaction from the Supreme Court’s union-related ruling, Stribbers Baird Helgeson and Abby Simons get around to prominent GOP names. “Jeff Johnson, the GOP’s endorsed candidate for governor, said the [day-care] unionization effort was merely a way for Dayton and Democrats to ‘use the livelihoods of hundreds of small businesswomen throughout the state as collateral to pay back his union campaign contributors.’ GOP gubernatorial candidate Marty Seifert said the decision reaffirmed the right to care for family members or run a business ‘without heavy-handed government intrusion through mandatory public employee union membership.’ ”

The grain market is tough on songbirds. Says the AP: “Northern prairies saw some songbirds return in the 1990s as farmers shifted cropland into grasses. Crop prices were poor then, so idling land benefited farmers and birds. Helping songbirds, however, is harder when wheat’s topping $7 a bushel. The rebounding grain market the past few years has led farmers to withdraw land from the federal Conservation Reserve Program and plow it back into crops — slashing the birds’ habitat. Now, the birds that returned two decades ago are leaving again, raising concerns about the prairie’s long term health.”

According to the Strib’s Mark Brunswick, the Feds have bowed to pressure. “ … the federal government is reversing a plan to move a vital immigration office to the outskirts of Bloomington, three miles from the closest bus stop. In a rare case where it admitted to making a mistake, the General Services Administration will move other government services to the new building and keep its U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services offices at its current location near the Mall of America and near mass transit.”

Might be a little faster on foot … The AP says, “Police used a boat to catch a burglary suspect who made his getaway in a kayak in southern Minnesota. The 31-year-old man from Austin, Minn., was arrested Sunday as he tried to kayak away from a restaurant with allegedly stolen items. … Police got a fire department boat and, with a firefighter driving, were able to catch the kayaker. Authorities recovered cleaning supplies and lighters apparently taken from the restaurant.”

In Atlantic’s CityLab blog Sarah Goodyear shows some love for our Nice Ride bicycle operation. “Nice Ride has aimed from the beginning for an authentically Minnesotan identity rather than linking itself to a national or international bike-share brand, according to Joseph Duffy of Duffy and Partners, the design firm that helped create Nice Ride’s brand identity — on a pro bono basis. ‘It’s ownable,’ says Duffy, who is on Nice Ride’s board. ‘We thought it would be better for us to have something proprietary.’ “

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Comments (3)

  1. Submitted by Tom Anderson on 07/01/2014 - 07:02 pm.

    This certainly must stop

    When the Archbishop requests an investigation of himself and as of this date, there are still no charges, the constant headlining of non-stories certainly must come to an end.

    As an aside, it is probably too early to mention that the ACA has not dropped abortions to zero.

  2. Submitted by neil allen on 07/03/2014 - 02:57 am.

    Catholics love this stuff. They go in and see him, the top Catholic in the area, proven pedophile protector, gay hating closet gay guy, all in “God’s church”, and all of the followers think getting into heaven is easy. THIS GUY is getting in, and we’ve only seen a small part of the evil he has committed or concealed or condoned in the name of Christ.

    Wow, it’s easy to get into Catholic heaven. If God is that stupid.

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