Twin Cities have ‘best’ unemployment rate of any U.S. metro area

MinnPost file photo by Corey Anderson

Somebody’s doing something right. Adam Belz and Jackie Crosby at the Strib say, “The Twin Cities has the best unemployment rate of any large metropolitan area in the United States. Job growth across a mix of industries drove down May unemployment in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area to 4.0 percent, edging out Austin, Texas, and Columbus, Ohio, the U.S. Department of Labor reported Tuesday.” Milwaukee, where “it’s working,” is 29th with a 6.1% rate.

In a related vein … . Dee DePass of the Strib writes, “A jump in exports, domestic sales and factory ­hiring pushed a key Midwest manufacturing index to the highest level in three years, bolstering confidence that a recovery in manufacturing remains robust. Minnesota had the highest rating in the nine-state survey. Creighton University’s Mid-America Business Conditions Index rose to 60.6 in June from 60.5 in May. The solid report, released Tuesday, was a result of a surge in orders and hiring for factories pumping out appliances, machinery and other durable goods.”

Here’s MPR’s Madeleine Baran on the revelation of investigations into Archbishop Nienstedt’s behavior. “Nienstedt said the allegations involve events ‘alleged to have occurred at least a decade ago,’ before his arrival in the Twin Cities. They do not involve minors, he said, nor lay members of the church, and ‘they do not implicate any kind of illegal or criminal behavior.’ ‘These allegations,’ he said, ‘are absolutely and entirely false.’ … In his statement Tuesday, Nienstedt said he ordered Auxiliary Bishop Lee Piche to oversee an independent investigation. ‘It would be unfair to ignore these allegations simply because I know them to be false,’ Nienstedt said.”

The Washington Post runs a report from David Gibson at the Religion News Service. In it he writes, “In 2006, while bishop of the New Ulm diocese, he wrote a column warning the faithful against watching ‘Brokeback Mountain,’ the story of two gay cowboys struggling with their relationship in the conservative culture of the Mountain West. He decried the depiction of how ‘one man makes a pass at the other and within seconds the latter mounts the former in an act of wanton anal sex,’ and he said Hollywood’s trendmakers ‘have turned their backs on God and the standards of God in their quest to make evil look so attractive.’”

There are eight plaintiffs in Minnesota affected by Monday’s Supreme Court ruling on contraception. Bill Catlin at MPR cites for example:

“Plaintiffs: Feltl and Company, Inc., John C. Feltl and Mary Jo Feltl
Location: Minneapolis
Industry: Securities brokerage and investment banking
Excerpt from the complaint: The Feltls hold sincere religious beliefs based on the Roman Catholic Catechism which states ‘abortion willed as an end or as a means, is a ‘criminal practice’ and which states ‘direct sterilization’ and ‘contraception’ are morally unacceptable.”

Duluth and several other cities aren’t going to escape this latest round of cuts. Brady Slater of the Forum News Service says, “The Duluth mail processing center that was spared from a round of U.S. Postal Service closures in 2013 is on the chopping block again. Employees at the center were shown a video of Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe on Monday outlining plans to go ahead with 82 closures nationwide. Included in the closures were Duluth, St. Cloud, Mankato and Bemidji beginning in January 2015.”

You know there’s a lot more like this floating around. Probably enough to keep Bob or his estate in “new releases” into the next century. Jay Gabler of The Current writes, “In a remarkable discovery related to one of Minnesota’s greatest musicians, California record collector Jeff Gold — a former Warner Bros. executive who now runs a music memorabilia business called Recordmecca — has purchased a previously unknown trove of 149 acetate records pressed during the making of Bob Dylan’s albums Nashville Skyline (1969), Self Portrait (1970), and New Morning (1970). Gold announced the find on Recordmecca’s website, where he’s offering the first few acetates for sale at prices ranging from $1,750 (an Al Kooper mix of ‘Winterlude’) to $7,000 (a pair of acetates containing an alternate sequence of Nashville Skyline).”

I admit it, I’m geeking out over this thing. Likewise Bob Collins at MPR. “The Antonov 225, the only flying version of the giant cargo carrier ever built, landed at MSP Airport on Saturday and was to take off both Sunday night and last night, drawing dozens of watchers to the airport to see how such a huge plane flies. But, owing to a ‘paperwork problem,’ the plane won’t leave until [today]. … We may be seeing more of the plane. The Kiev Post reports that the freeze in relations between Ukraine and Russia will likely mean the cargo airline will fly more often to U.S. airports.” Collins has video links to looks inside the giant. As usual … the Russians are a little slack on amenities.

The Feds — aka “Big Gummint” — will cover most of the cost of flood damage to public property. Also at the Strib, Rachel Stassen-Berger and Bill McAuliffe report, “Hennepin County has taken a $14 million hit, said its emergency management director, Eric Waage. Carver County has estimated damage at $9.2 million, state Homeland Security and Emergency Management director Kris Eide said. Metro counties suffered the most damage, she said. Hennepin would need $4.03 million in damage to qualify for federal aid.”

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  1. Submitted by Tim Walker on 07/02/2014 - 07:48 am.

    Yeah, right …

    “In his statement Tuesday, Nienstedt said he ordered Auxiliary Bishop Lee Piche to oversee an independent investigation.”


    Yeah, right.

  2. Submitted by Mark Gisleson on 07/02/2014 - 08:56 am.

    It’s hard to take credit for a number

    as gamed as the unemployment rate. How many Twin Citians who don’t have a full-time job but want one weren’t counted? And how many of the new jobs involve flipping burgers, running a cash register or working on someone’s lawn?

    The economy’s only fixed for some. Both parties take turns lying about how well we’re doing because Wall Street pays them not to care.

    Yes, Minnesota’s doing better than most places, but that should never be reported on without an all-caps headline screaming, HIGHER TAXES LEAD TO MORE JOBS!

    Whatever success Minnesota’s economy is experiencing, that success is not the product of tax-cutting or welfare slashing.

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